Explore the New RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Lens with Jon Lorentz

Hi, I’m Jon Lorentz with Canon USA,
and in the next few minutes I want to introduce a lens for the
full-frame, mirrorless Canon EOS R system. It’s the Canon RF24-105mm
F4 to 7.1 IS STM zoom lens. It’s a standard zoom lens emphasizing
compact size, light weight, and affordability. It’s an ideal
starting point for many photographers entering the world
of mirrorless, full-frame cameras. And, it will be offered in kit form with the EOS R and EOS RP
cameras, as well as individually. Among its highlights are coverage from a very wide 24mm perspective
through a portrait-length 105mm, handled by a large zoom ring on
the lens. This versatile zoom range makes it a great, lightweight
travel companion, handling many different subjects with one
lens. Focus is handled by Canon’s STM focus motor, which
is both quiet and an excellent match for video with its inherent
smoothness in focus transitions. And close-focusing is
impressive: zoomed to the 105mm position, it can focus
close enough to fill the frame with a business card. And, if
you switch over to manual focus, you can get even closer, with a
special Center Focus Macro setting, at the 24mm zoom position. At all focus distances with autofocus, optical performance and
sharpness are excellent. Its design takes
advantage of the structure of the Canon RF lens mount, with a
large rear element contributing to smaller overall design along
with strong optical performance. And, there’s Optical Image
Stabilization, giving up to 5 stops of shake-correction for
still images, along with smooth and stable video recording. And,
it provides automatic detection and stabilization for deliberate panning. A combination manual focus ring and Control Ring is
at the front of the lens. A sliding selection switch on the
side of the lens barrel dictates which function is active,
when the ring is rotated. Manual focus can be chosen in
the camera’s menu, when the RF24-105mm lens is attached to the
camera. Full compatibility with EOS R and RP cameras will
require a free firmware upgrade to the camera. A lightweight,
compact, standard zoom has been a strong demand from
EOS R-series customers, and the RF24-105mm F4 to 7.1
IS STM is Canon’s answer. For Canon USA, I’m Jon Lorentz. ♪♪♪

18 Replies to “Explore the New RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Lens with Jon Lorentz”

  1. Canon
    RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Center Focus Macro
    RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM
    RF1.4X: FF FoV 140-700mm F6.3-9.94 Brightness IS USM (EOS R Series )
    RF2.0X: FF FoV 200-1000mm F9.0-14.2 Brightness IS USM (EOS R Series)
    Great News: EOS R Series will be updated to be able to AF up to at least F14, and possibly F16!


    1.75x 3.84k UHD 1:1 straight-read cine-video 480Mbps EOS R+Ra
    FF FoV 175-875mm F4.5-7.1 Brightness IS USM (No RF Extender)
    FF FoV 245-1225mm F6.3-9.94 Brightness IS USM (RF1.4X Extender)
    FF FoV 350-1750mm F9.0-14.2 Brightness IS USM (RF2.0X Extender)

    1.63x 3.84k UHD 1:1 straight-read cine-video 120Mbps EOS RP
    FF FoV 163-815mm F4.5-7.1 Brightness IS USM (No RF Extender)
    FF FoV 228-1141mm F6.3-9.94 Brightness IS USM (RF1.4X Extender)
    FF FoV 325-1630mm F9.0-14.2 Brightness IS USM (RF2.0X Extender)
    EOS R5 (+IBIS) …
    7 other RF Lenses …

    I was hoping especially for an RF0.71X Focal-Reducer Extender instead !!!

  2. F7.1 what am I missing. If I buy an adapter with my Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5 it's smaller and lighter than this, and way faster!

  3. The price is right, Bob! I am a little concerned about the F4-7.1 ability in low light situations. I reserve my judgement on that issue. So should everyone else. Not all of us are professionals earning a living doing photography/videography. I am looking forward to the reviews of this and many other products not from the fly bye content creators but from those who have actually purchased this lens and use it on a daily basis. After all, the price is right, Bob!!!!!!!

  4. I just got the RP CAMERA and I’m looking into a good lens for vlogging (wide lens) but also a good photo zoom… now I think this is it…. just have to save money for it

  5. Interesting entry point level RF lense. Looking for some lense like this. Thanks for dropping this to the market.

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