Facebook Pixel Helper Doesn’t Work? – How To Fix This Error

Hey, this is Giorgio and this is gonna be a short video for you guys It’s about the Facebook pixel Helper and a couple of days ago. I noticed that the Facebook pixel helper wasn’t working properly so I went over to a couple of sites that I Knew for sure that they were using the Facebook pixel Yeah that it was installed properly, but it just didn’t pop up appear. So I thought well maybe Something is wrong with with my laptop or with my settings But I just visited the Chrome Web Store and I saw that multiple people were having The same problem. No longer working. It was great while work but now it’s not working. So I was not the only one but In this video. I’m going to show you how to solve this problem. So if you have this problem as well Here’s the solution. So I head over to the three dots on top and scroll down to help and This says about Google Chrome, so I click on it And now it says that Google Chrome is updated but if the Facebook pixel Helper isn’t isn’t working then It probably says that you have to update it So you click on update and yeah, it will update it will just restart your browser And yeah, then this will appear that your your Google Chrome is completely updated So I head back over to my side and I see that the Facebook pixel helper is installed properly right now And it’s it’s working. It’s working. So don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I see you in the next one

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