– Should we show this off yet or no? Isn’t she so pretty? I love when she ahh! Oh isn’t this just sweet. (gentle music) (laughing) (laughing) we’re gonna go go on an adventure. Gonna go go on an adventure. Gonna go of on an adventure, gonna go. What are you doing back here, gathering up things?
– Rummaging through – all our crap. – [Jared] Oh no, not the rummaging. – We have a huge day. – [Jared] Yes we do.
– At Mom and Dad’s, – I think we’re gonna do
like 10 or 13 recipes, Dutch oven meals. I’ll see you tonight for fire. – [Jared] Yes. – Lots of work. So I won’t see you much today. – Which is why I’m here
to say goodbye to you, but I will see you a little bit later. – Okay. I love you.
– Have fun with your family. – That was a wimpy kiss I know, but – Well you just put your lipstick on. I know the business. I’ve been married to you. – Oh I hear the kids. – Quick, hide. Okay drive safe. We’ll see you later, I’ll
see you this afternoon. Me and the boys are gonna do something fun for a video while we’re gone, okay? And it involves you,
but not directly, okay? It’s gonna be fun Ellie.
– What? – [Ellie] Tell me about it. – I’m not gonna tell you, it’s a surprise. (laughing) Should we show this off yet or no? – Yeah let’s do it now, come here. – Nah. So we’ve had a lot of people
ask us about the Pacifica and where the heck did it go. A lot of you know that
we worked with Chrysler in promoting their new
Pacifica and we loved it. We loved working with Chrysler, we loved the Pacifica. It is by far my favorite
mini van of all time and I mean that sincerely. – Oh absolutely. – After the year was done, we had the option of buying the van and what it came down to was during the wintertime, we wanted a vehicle that
had all-wheel drive, just to be a little bit
more safe while driving, and so instead of driving that, we bought this one instead. – It was the hardest decision. – It really was. – And that was the only thing that was the only thing was just we wanted four-wheel
drive for the snow. Because last year, the
van was good in the snow, but we have a canyon
that we go through a lot and it was kind of hard
to get through that. – Yeah, so we still
recommend the Pacifica. It is my favorite mini van, but we just wanted to tell
you what happened with it. – Jared ended up finding
an awesome used car with really low miles, so that’s what we are with right now. We really want to upgrade our blue one and have a van, and then an SUV, so we’d have, like the van
would be our run around car. – Yeah. – So that’s our end goal, to go back to it – To go back to it.
– Sometime. – So that’s where we’re at right now. Some people had questions and we figured we’d answer them for you.
– And here are your answers. – Before I head out, I want to show you guys a little gift basket that
Jared and I put together for our builder and his wife, because we’ve been in
the house for a year, I really wanted to get them something and it never happened. And I felt really bad. But now that it’s coming
up on the year mark, I’m going to give them to them. I found them a little basket. They each have an awesome
pair of dun winter socks. These are some old-fashioned
cinnamon drops. We have a little house for them and it’s a little house to store garlic in and I thought this was fitting, because they built us a house, so I bought them a teeny house. She has the little lipstick in here and the main thing that
we wanted to give them, this was just kind of cutesy, but what I wanted to give
them was a gift card, and this is to a really
nice restaurant in town, so that is for them that we are gonna deliver today. – Are you stuck back there? Yeah you’re stuck? Calvin’s in jail, he put himself there. We’ll get him in just a second. But I have to show you, look who’s back from the groomers. Isn’t she so pretty, I love what she ahh! I love when we get Penny groomed and we groom Penny, because her fur is just so soft. And this time, because it’s Halloween, they got her this bandana that’s all Halloween and festive
and everything and I love it. And it reminds me of
when we had my dog Sam as a kid, because every
time we would take him to the groomers, they
would always give him this really nice blue or red handkerchief. And our dog Peaches, which
was like a mini poodle, she would always get bows in her ears. And so it’s just takes me back to my childhood. And I love that we’re going through the experiences in life that bring me back to my childhood, the wonderful times that I had growing up. And I get to experience
that for myself again and with the kids. (laughs) It’s just fun to revisit those memories and have them with our
kids for the first time. (sweet music) Hello my love.
– Hello. – You are gonna love
what me and the boys did. I can’t tell you right now,
– I can’t wait. but you’ll find out soon, okay? – Do you want to know what we got? – [Jared] Don’t tell her, it’s a secret.
– Daddy says to be quiet. – Everyone’s gonna know about it. – [Jared] Sooner or later. – I, we made, I, we all made cobbler, cobbler,
– oh mmm. – Lasagna, – [Jared] Get it. – Bread,
– Stop. – Scones,
– Don’t stop. – Breakfast. – [Jared] Keep going. Breakfast, you made it? – Ahhh!
– All of it? – [Jared] You made all of the breakfast? – We’ve been cooking all day. – Oh I can’t wait. Wait, is any of this edible, can we eat this? Everyone in Ellie’s family
had like old Geo Prism, or Toyota Corollas, like the early 90s, like ’93, ’94, ’95, those were the years. I thought I’d give you an idea what the model is, and over the years, we
finally upgraded our cars and we all have some nice cars and I just noticed all of
them are here right now, all the newer ones and there’s a trend there, and I don’t know if this
is intentional or what, but it’s pretty coincidental and pretty hilarious. I think we all have a
favorite color of vehicle. (laughs) What the heck? Oh my gosh, this is so crazy. Except you old blue, old faithful. So today we are at Grandma
and Grandpa’s house and we are taking pictures for the family cookbook that we’re making. I’m really excited about it. We’ve got everyone here and it’s just fun to have
all of these scenes set up. Got all the grandkids, most of the grandkids. There’s gonna be a few photo shoots, but this is photo shoot number one, so it’s like milestone. – Hulla hulla. – Hulla hulla, hi.
– Hello. (burps) – Oh excuse you. (laughing) And so we’re just
jumping on the trampoline to pass the time until the next shot. Yeah, is that what we’re doing? (chill guitar music) Look, when was the last time you guys were all together? – It’s been awhile. – It’s been awhile, huh?
– A long time. – When was the last time? I guess I didn’t realize that it has – [Jared] This is the
Griffiths right here. – We went to the lake in June. – Yeah. – [Jared] Yeah. – June, that wasn’t too long ago, – We made that big pizza. – [Ellie] Five months ago. – [Jared] Oh Calvin. Who’s kid is that?
– No no no no no. – [Jared] Geez. Seriously. – What’s happening Woody? – Are you hungry? He’s hungry. – [Jared] He’s hungry? Well I’m sorry, there’s no food here. – [Grandpa] Either that
or he hates gloves. – Calvin’s like no
sentimental moments allowed. We were reminiscing about the last time you were all together, and I’m gonna destroy it all. Okay everyone get your legs together, we’ve gotta create the shade. – [Woman] No that’s actually great. – Perfect.
– Okay okay. – [Photographer] So we’re
wanting a picture of a – [Jared] What we do to block shade. (Jared laughs) – Do you want to look
through those really fast? – They’re not hovering
over the photographer. They’re creating shade for
the photographer, I promise. (lively guitar music) I don’t want to move her very far. – How about we put her with it? – Okay. – [Jared] What? What? Yeah. Those look so good. Go share. Okay sing me a song first. Sing me a song. ♫ Yeah Oh beautiful. – [Jared] Yum. Oh isn’t this just sweet. Grandma passing out hot chocolate to all the grandkids. Isn’t that sweet? – Yes, all of our nerves are calmed down. – [Jared] Good. – It’s been a day full of time, food, fun. – [Jared] Mmm-mmm. (laughing) – Your cup. (laughing) – Did you totally get that? – [Jared] I totally did. (Jared laughs) Ready, oh my gosh, oh no! – Ha ha, I want to do it again. – [Jared] Hey that wasn’t very nice, it knocked me right over. – And that was quite a day, I hope I was even able to capture a little bit of that. I really enjoyed being with my family. We had a lot of fun. It is time for bed. – It was, it was an adventure, it was really cool. And that’s just part, one small part of the whole process of this cookbook. – It’s exciting, we’re learning a lot. A huge credit to Jared. We’ve only done a few sessions for the cookbook and it’s
usually not been with kids, because they don’t need to be there and it’s overwhelming. But today we did, because we wanted to do a few photos with the kids, we wanted to do a campfire, and while we were in the middle of our hectic craziness, Jared was so cute. He brought out his guitar, he stayed with the kids, he played games with them and it was really cute for
me to listen and hear him and I went out by the
fire for just a minute, and I watched him and I wanted to film, but I decided not to, but he was so cute, I love you. – Well I think the funnest part for everyone is I grabbed all of the kids, all of the grandkids and I put them all on the
trampoline and we had like a – Fight.
– Trampoline. – Not a fight, – Oh. – it was a contest, a trampoline trick contest. All of the kids lined up on the edge of the trampoline and each one went one at a time and they all waited patiently. And I was like this
announcer for this contest and it was just so fun to see the kids listen and be patient and go one at a time all together, so. – And do their cool trick. – [Jared] Yeah. – Okay, we’ll see you tomorrow. – [Jared] Thank you for watching. – Bye. – Bye, you’re upside down. What are we gonna do upside down? No (mumbling). – Make the ugliest face you can make. (laughs)

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