Fantasy Looks Retouching Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorial Editing

Hi Everyone, welcome back & let’s get started!! Duplicate & resizing image Ctrl+T to resize it Ctrl+J to duplicate use the Reduce Noise filter to get smooth on the image use Unsharp Mask filter to make it look sharper make selection to remove the background by using Pen tool (P) I’ll speed it up to save your time. add a Mask to the layer adjust the Edge setting to refine the edge pieces on the model create a new layer & clip to layer below. select Mixer Brush tool (B) you can refer to these settings make sure Sample All Layers is checked. ok. we will smooth the skin on the model just paint it on her skin. do the same thing to other parts of the skin. create a new Layer & clip to layer below. go to Fill (Shift+f5) with 50% gray. use Soft Light blend mode. use the Burn tool (O) for the shadows & Dodge tool for the Highlights make a Group all these layers press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge visible select the Smudge tool. use the Hair brush or you can download it from link in the description. set Strenght for stroke about 80-95%. & start to edit the hair create a different direction will make it look beautiful 🙂 You’ll be easy to do this by using a Pen tablet. but it’s ok, I also use a mouse 😀 after a few minutes later… we not done yet, but I’ll add a background first. Ctrl+T to resize it. put it under the model use Gaussian blur filter to get blurry on the moon. create a new Group & rename it as Hair brush create a new layer I’ll pick some color samples from the hair. create a new layer. select the Hair Brush & set the bush size. start with a dark color first. use the Pen tool (P) to make stroke. make sure Simulate Pressure is checked. do the same thing on the other part of hair choose a lighter color than before & don’t forget to resize the Brush size. and after a few tens of minutes processing.. create a new group & rename it as make up. create a new layer & start to painting by using Brush tool (B). pick a color from the hair. experiment using the Soft Light or Overlay blend mode Now. create a Group of these layers (make up, hair brush, model) create a new layer & Fill with 50% gray. use the Burn tool (O) for the shadows & Dodge tool for the Highlights Ctrl+i to invert Create a new Solid color & use Soft Light blend mode

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  1. hey man wanted to say that i liked ur work and in same time i wanted to ask u is ther any way to draw hair with the mouse ? cuz i do not have any tab and it really makes me mad with the mouse i alway's have bad result

  2. why don't you use voice for more clearer instruction. i guess that would be helpful for newer people like me to get all these more easily 🙂

  3. Hello there! I really liked the tutorial. It's great except the hair part. It didn't come out like yours. Could you pls be precise? Thank you! Hugs!

  4. Who in the world disliked this? xD It's so good! I enjoy (trying) to make covers for myself and friends and I wanna see if I can do better than my current ones.

  5. I learned so much things from you. thank you. you are king of ps and manipulation I have ever seen before

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