FAQs for Panasonic HC-V700 HD Camcorder

FAQs for Panasonic HC-V700 HD Camcorder.
Does this camcorder have built in memory? No, it does not. If that is a requirement
of yours then we suggest you purchase the HC-V700M which does.
Does this unit come with editing software? Yes, it comes with HD Writer AE 4.1.
How long can I record on a full charge? Yes, with the included battery you should
be able to record for about 45 minutes in 1080/60p.
Is the software compatible with Mac? HD Writer AE 4.1 is not available for Mac.
iMovie’11 supported. For details about iMovie’11, please contact
Apple Inc. iMovie’11 is not compatible with 1080/60p.
1080/60p scenes cannot be imported to a Mac. What speed SD card do I need?
We recommend at least a class 4 SD card anything less will be slow.
Faster speeds are even better. How do I know when my camcorder is fully charged?
The status indicator will flash red at aninterval of 2 seconds (approximately 1 second on, 1
second off), indicating that charging has begun. It will
turn off when the charging is completed.

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