Fashion Photoshoot Behind the Scenes (badass non-binary model)

Hey love. I’m Gia Goodrich and welcome back to my YouTube channel that’s all about helping you think like a photographer. Today you’re gonna be on set with us while we make some amazing images that kinda have a nineties, Delia, retro feel that I’m super excited about. (upbeat techno music) Yes. (upbeat techno music) Today I’m super excited because I’m with the amazing Piper Kittersong who is a brilliant model, amazing student, and gender influencer. We’re gonna make some amazing images and you can come along. (upbeat techno music) Oh that’s cool, yeah yeah yeah. Do some like, huh, huh, huh, yeah. Yeah yeah yeah good, oh great yes. Perfect. And that expression is great, looking different places. The thing that’s cool is that your glasses will kind of reflect differently.
Yeah. Depending on where you have ’em. Yes great, that’s fabulous. Good. So you’re kind of moving with different… (music drowns out speech) The key light today is a beauty dish which is an amazing, amazing light modifier because inside of here there’s a little white dish and so the light hits the dish and then reflects around in a circle. This bad boy is a six foot umbrella. And the light is facing into that and then reflecting out. And its gonna create great fill for us so that the shadows that the beauty dish creates is just gonna be filled in more so the contrast is a little less. The last element operating today are these two background lights and, I use strip banks which are really great because it spreads and creates a nice even wall of light. So these are angled towards the background to illuminate the background. They are also creating a little bit of what’s called spill. Its also making sure that the background stays white. Otherwise those lights that are the main source of light would be fading into a little bit of a gray which is also beautiful, but today we want this to be a little bit, hotter, punchier, whiter. Love that and then lets do some with the glasses up. Yes that’s great. Good. (laughs) (upbeat techno music) And I’m joined today by the amazing Destiny Taylor. Who is an amazing make up artist one of my favorite people in the world, who is awesome. And I’m so glad you’re here. So right now when I have a moment Piper is in there changing I am going through and just making sure all the images are backed up. So I have two copies. Love it, okay. I love your blan-ket. (upbeat techno music) (giving directions during photo shoot) Good, and different expressions. Uh, look at that. And I’m thinking like have you ever seen those dolls that are kind of like they’re limbs kind of joint up so like yeah lets try that. Like you’re an interpretive dancer just like. (upbeat techno music) Toy soldier but its like toy soldier that’s falling over. Okay You can fall sideways can things happen sideways or you can go like to the back diagonal. (upbeat techno music) So good, that’s a wrap and I love these images. Piper you were amazing and we had so much fun getting weird, getting crazy, getting nineties- orific. If you liked it please give it a thumbs up. Comment, subscribe do all the amazing things that make me so happy and grateful. And I will see you next week for a brand new video. Bye. (heavy dance music) (camera flash) Try to be fast. Dipper friends, sisters not twins. I just love them so much. Get it together. (“Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson) Okay. Perfect. We did that video.

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