Feather Camera Crane Set Up Instructions

My name is Canyon Florey. I’m the designer of the Feather Camera Crane: a portable, lightweight adventure jib created for easy use in remote
places. Let’s go over the set up. Unwrap the bag and remove the tower and the
jib handle. Mount the tower to your tripod fluid head. Unzip the sleeve and remove the carbon fiber
boom. Extend the boom and remove the last two sections.
Insert the boom into the tower. Pop the zinc coated pin, and click the black
diamond carabiner to the control cable. Reattach the back section of the boom and
lock past the line. Insert the jib handle and pop the pin. The mounting screws secure in a track and
are compatible with 1/4 20 or 3/8 screws. It works great to use a ball head for more
creative options. So I attach your camera, and hang your counter
weight bag. Fill the bag with rocks, water bottles, snow
or sand until the system is balanced. You can also use standard weight plates as
counterbalance. You’ll find that the camera is self-leveling
as it goes up and down. You can also make adjustments to the front
head for versatile camera mounting, and visibility of the LCD screen. Attach the extension plate for larger cameras. Use the adjustment strap to change your composition,
and you can tilt your fluid head to bring in additional cool movements to your shot” The Feather Camera Crane offers smooth motion
to increase your production value.

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  1. Great quick set-up vid, Canyon.  Looking forward to getting this up and running and sharing 'Elvis of Cambodia' footage with everyone once we receive our shipment to Cambodia!  

  2. How possible is it to mount a monitor to back? It would be nice to have that option to better view the shot.

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