Features and Specifications of the VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

– Hey guys, Ryan here. Over 15 years go, Rode sparked the on-camera
microphone revolution with the release of the
original Rode VideoMic in 2004. Since then we’ve seen everyone
from up and coming vloggers to professional film
makers using our VideoMics to create amazing content
that sounds fantastic. Today we’re continuing this story of innovation by turning
the category on its head once again. Introducing a ground breaking new addition to the VideoMic family, the VideoMic NTG. The VideoMic NTG is a hybrid microphone that brings the broadcast quality sound of the NTG Shotgun Microphone range to a compact, flexible, VideoMic package, making it an incredible sounding, supremely versatile microphone, unlike anything else on the market. This impressive lineage
can be seen straight away with the Annular Line Tube Technology that has been carrier over
from our newly released, professional shotgun microphone, the NTG5. This revolutionary design delivers unmatched acoustic transparency, a highly directional pickup pattern, and a natural uncolored off-axis sound. It gives a performance that’s comparable to some of the most
expensive shotgun microphones on the market. We’re actually using the
VideoMic NTG right now to record my voice and as you can hear it has an incredibly natural sound with plenty of character. The body of the VideoMic NTG is made from aerospace grade aluminium,
which makes it extremely robust and incredibly lightweight, enabling you to use the mic on camera or even on a boom pole for hours at a time without fatigue. A sliding mount rail enables
you to position the microphone in the perfect spot
when using it on-camera and the integrated cable management system helps you keep your setup neat and tidy. Another striking feature
of the VideoMic NTG is the infinitely
variable gain control knob on the rear of the microphone. Rode first pioneered this
feature over a decade ago with the release of the NT2000 microphone which featured a variable pad. And now this feature has been passed down to the VideoMic NTG, providing
you with precision control over your microphone’s output level, ranging from microphone level all the way up to headphone level. This is incredibly handy
because it allows you to achieve the perfect gain
structure for any camera or recording device, resulting in lower preamp
noise and ultimately a cleaner and clearer recording. Along with the variable gain control knob, you can see that the VideoMic NTG includes a lot of the classic VideoMic features, making the VideoMic NTG
incredibly flexible. You have a switchable high-pass filter, for both 75 and 150 hertz to eliminate low end rumble
from your recordings. You also have a -20 decibel
pad to help avoid clipping or distortion when
recording high SPL audio. There is a high frequency shelf boos to bring some shine to your recordings which has also been shaped to counteract to dulling effects of
using foam windshields and furries on your microphone. This means that you can
re-introduce that presence into your audio even
when recording outdoors in windy environments. Speaking of windshields, the VideoMic NTG is also compatible with the new WS11 Fur Windshield, which has been crafted
specifically for this microphone. The hugely popular safety channel feature from the VideoMic Pro+
has also been passed along to the VideoMic NTG. This feature essentially turns your camera into a two channel recorder by recording a separate
channel, 20 decibels lower than the original audio
on the right channel. Now this right channel
then acts as a backup in case there’s distortion
or clipping on the recording, it’s an absolute life
saver for those situations where your audio clips momentarily. The VideoMic NTG also uses an
auto-power on and off feature which will switch your microphone on when your camera’s turned on and will also switch the microphone off when your camera is switched off, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn the microphone on and missing a take or forgetting
to turn the microphone off at the end of the day and
draining down your battery. There’s also no need to
place your microphone into any kind of standby mode to activate the automatic powering. The microphone will just turn on as soon as plug in power is
detected from your camera. Of course there’s also a power button if you prefer to manually power
on or off your microphone. The VideoMic NTG comes
equipped with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion
battery for over 30 hours of continuous shooting. This can of course be charged continuously while shooting using
the supplied USB-C cable which can be important
for those longer shoots. Now we’re not even done
yet with the features on the VideoMic NTG. There’s also a new audio
clipping warning light which offers a simple
visual reference to tell you that the incoming audio
is a little bit too hot and that you need to engage the pad. This is especially useful
if you find yourself in a situation where you
can’t monitor your audio with headphones plugged into your camera. Another handy feature of the VideoMic NTG is the audio detect feature for using both TRS or TRRS inputs. So the microphone is
compatible, out of the box, with both cameras and mobile devices. The VideoMic NTG will intelligently detect what type of device input is being used and change its output to match. With all of these features at hand, the VideoMic NTG is an
incredibly versatile microphone, that works great on-camera,
with a smartphone, on a boom pole, or even on a pistol grip
for location recording, but it has one more amazing feature that makes the VideoMic NTG more flexible than any other on-camera
microphone on the market. (upbeat music) The VideoMic NTG is also a
fully featured USB microphone. This allows you to seamlessly
connect to computers, tablets and even
smartphones and you even use the 3.5mm output for monitoring
audio over headphones. That’s right, the VideoMic NTG can be used to record your voiceovers,
podcasts, livestreams, and even business meetings
directly to your computer or tablet, via the included USB-C cable. It could even be used as
a standalone headphone amp for your device by connecting
a set of headphones to the 3.5mm output. With the powerful, variable
gain knob being used to control the computer’s output level. This gives you amazingly clear microphone and headphone audio while
playing video games, streaming, Skyping, whatever
you’re doing on your computer. Never before has a microphone
packed in so many features. Once again, Rode has
reinvented what the VideoMic is capable of. A feat made possible only
with the precise manufacturing capabilities here at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia,
and of course our drive to consistently innovate. There is simply nothing
else like the VideoMic NTG out there. Let us know what you think
about the VideoMic NTG in the comments below and don’t forget to
follow our social channels for more news and more product information from Rode Microphones. Happy filming. (tranquil music)

100 Replies to “Features and Specifications of the VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone”

  1. I just bought a Rode Video mic Go..and now i am feeling so bad..this looks really useful and handy for creators like us.👍🏻..high pass filter on a video mic..2channel rec..these r best features.

  2. Looks good but what about wind getting into the USB port, 3.5mm jack socket and LED holes ? The fur windcover only covers the phase tube – but in reality a lot of wind noise is caused through other sockets, switches and lam,p openings – I hope Rode will have a solution to that as well. Any thoughts ?

  3. Next version, micro SD for cameras with no jack or remote positioning or Boom pole with no cables. 👍🏽😁
    Also, pkg it with a dead cat! Please.

  4. That, is an absolutely awesome product! Well done a lot of creators will love it, including me! Would love to test it out and share it to my audience! 🙂

  5. Hi Ryan and RØDE team, wow another great mic! love to road test it as a Disabled filmmaker and reporter. Could you get in touch ?

  6. Damn I was thinking of getting the Røde Procaster as my new mic, but might just combine both and get this for my camera and pc???? Good idea?

  7. Wow, this is a revolutionary product. Since it has "NTG" on it, I assume it comes with lifetime warranty. Many pros will buy this for attenuated track capacity alone.

  8. Guys, do you think this mic have compression levels or not?
    I am quite sold to buy Apogee Hypemic because of its amazing sound with compression +1, but this mic seems to be another amazing pick for sure.
    Anyone knows if it has compressions? Any advice at all?
    Thanks for your input in advance it will definitely help.

  9. Has a 30hr battery life but can be charged while shooting for "those longer shoots." WHO TF IS SHOOTING FOR MORE THAN 30 HOURS?!?

  10. I was checking all of the boxes that the Deity V Mic D3 Pro has already had UNTIL you got to the USB mic feature. Very cool.

  11. Having the capability for a USB Mic is cool, but for a budget setup that only has one mic. I don't think a shotgun mic would work for multiple people

  12. Was expecting better audio in a video from a microphone maker. It sounds like it was recorded with a mic…not natural at all.

  13. How can you possibly say "unlike anything ion the market"… it's is almost to the tee an exact clone of the Deity D3 Pro. I'm Australian and I love your mics but you need to be honest, less bullshit, more quality.

  14. wow is a very nice microphone I bought the rode wireless go a month ago I have it super now I want to try this microphone lol rode has the best microphone 🤣🙌 @wilymatico 😇

  15. If you wanna send me one to review… I would like that very much. As it’s a USB mic, I wanna test it with GarageBand iOS and see how much I can push it.

  16. Does this mic pick up static interference from nearby wifi routers? I had the Rode VideoMic GO and that was a huge issue. I had to return as I couldn't use it because of that 🙁

  17. I know he says the high frequency shelf boost helps shine to counteract windshields dulling affect, but can someone explain it even more? Is it like boosting high pitch noises, including the higher frequencies of a voice?

  18. Just purchased this and was looking at a fur windscreen. I cannot find the Ws 11 so does the Ws6 work for this mic?

  19. First I bought rode videomicro and then rode nt usb rode video mic pro+ and rode wireless go ..
    this one definitely on the list
    I love all the features that offer especially usb

  20. Just have to say that the quality from this mic is incredible for the price, we hooked it up to a camera for a test and it sounds like we recorded with an external sound device.

  21. Hi, great mic. I get mine today. I use the ntg on a Sony a7iii. What gain on the mic and the cam do you recomend? Mic 1 and cam 6? What is the best standard settings? Marco

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