FiLMiC Pro Tutorial – Filming with iPhone & Android Camera Apps!

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  1. Can I change the frame rate in pinnacle studio? For example: From 30 to 24 fps.
    Sorry for the bad English. I'm 13 and from Germany and I'm learning it at school 😊

  2. Just a quick comment, if you are in the US, then 24fps not 30 is considered the more cinematic based upon what we've been used to see in movies for generations now – but yes 25 in UK and AUS , not sure about NZ

  3. Can you help me understand what's going on with the color change in my vids. Most recent here: I'm facing window in daylight with a light ring using an iPhone 6. See the dramatic color change 1:29 to 1:46 and this happens every time I put something close to the iPhone. I watched your vid above and wondered if this App would solve the problem. BTW it's interesting that the lip color on the white paper in my vid is correct but the color everywhere else is out of whack. Hope you can help. If this is the wrong place to ask this question please let me know. Thanks. Carol

  4. Your videos are my favourites TBH i now know how to edit,film….. ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR AMAZING CHANNEL AND VIDEOS Thank You Justin 😁😁🙂

  5. Hi There! I just bought filmic pro and Iphone 7. I see another layout of your starting screen. Without appature for instance and with a colour bar on the left side. Is this an older version or are you having a newer version???

  6. Tripods……………Use DJI handle stand. really good price and value. It has a 1/4" x 20 thread on underside all ready to fit a quick release plate for putting onto your existing tripods (your sure to have one)

  7. the google app store link is broken, here's the updated link!

  8. Hi Justin, do you have much possibilities with the FiLMiC Pro from IOS than the FiLMiC from Android ? About the Phone, what do you advice to choose between a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an Iphone 7 ? The S8 is better in low light. You can connect a mini-jack and a memory card. Furthermore, it cost less with a bigger screen. I want to use Beastgrip Pro and to broadcast web-video.

  9. Can you focus on the front facing camera? It won't give me the focus option like it does for regular facing camera

  10. What sites or software should I use if my filmic pro iphone footage plays well on a Mac but will play video without the sound on a Windows PC?

  11. I have a question not specific to this video. Why is exposure done with a reticle and not a slider? The exposure effects the entire frame so why have to find a spot that will translate into the exposure that we want. A slider would be much easier and faster. What am I missing? For focus it makes sense because we want a particular spot to be in focus, as the priority.

  12. What's Up Justin! Two Primal Video Tutorials in One Day…Brother I'm Full. Looks like Filmic Pro isn't the answer for my old and clunky Note III, there's the issue of 30 fps being the highest frame rate with this app, due to some Samsung rule. But there is hope for a brighter FiLMiC Pro Day, just not Today. Be well, stay encouraged, and an Encourager!

  13. I watched this video and bought Filmic pro and Filmic remote – but I cannot mirror my iPhone and iPad 🙁
    I have the latest iOS updates on both :((

  14. 2:42 .. but that's the problem I have 30fps on my Pixel 2, I'm in the UK so I get flickering LEDs etc – I need 25fps my Pixel only has 30fps. Is the only way round this to change the shutter speed. At moment my PIxel 2 is usually useless with most lights. FIlmic Pro tell me it won't support 25p so not sure how you've done this I'm confused.

  15. Wow, that was such a great explanation and really simplified the use of this app for us beginners. Thank you.

    One double-barrelled query with the focus lock (step 3) where you focused on your hand. Would this be the method used to have a person stay in focus, but to "blur out" the background? And if this is the technique for blurring background keeping someone in foreground clear, would this work if tracking person in foreground when they are moving (e.g. walking). Thank you.

  16. JUSTIN, what do you think about the quality of the image the different apps produce. Some footage I've seen doesn't seem as good as the native app produces and someti mes stabilization is not as good either.

  17. Thank you Justin, Filmic Pro is an amazing app for your phome.
    I use it with an iPhone 7+ and have gotten incredible results for something that is always with you.
    Take care, Pete

  18. Hi Justin. Thanks for your videos. Quick question! I have an iphone 6 which I use for shooting my videos. Now I've realized that my iPad pro does 4K videos! Where sould I install ficlmic pro? in my phone 6 or in the iPad??? Thanks!

  19. Is it better to buy both FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote App, if I were to be filming on my iPhone X? How can I use FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote together on my iPhone X?

  20. Hey Justin, I am a semi pro athlete and currently film my sporting footage on an iPhone 6s. I was wondering what app would best allow me to rewind, slow down, cut paste, notes, on game footage?

  21. HELP: using filmic pro on the galaxy S9+ doesnt allow all of the features of the phone. We cant use the telephoto lens or shoot footage above 30 fps. I have reached out to samsung and filmic pro to no avail. Justin, can you please help with outreach in hopes that samsung will allow these features to be utilized on the far superior camera app? I know it would mean so much to so many people. Thanks

  22. Anyone have a thought on which is better for use with an iPhone: Filmic Pro or LumaFusion?

  23. If you could purchase only Filmic Pro or LumaFusion, which one would you buy to create video on iPhone?

  24. Hey I just got filmic pro for my iPhone X. I have a boya bym1 and bymm1. I am using a cheap lightning splitter to get a 3.5mm audio port. The stock voice recorder and camera DO work with both however they don’t show up in filmic pro specifically. Any ideas?

  25. At 1:36 I saw the option to change the aspect ratio. Does that actually change the ratio of the shot, or just add a crop-guide overlay? (I'm trying to find an Android app that lets you film in 1:1, like Clip on IOS does.) Thanks! 🙂

  26. The settings that apply in the US versus Australia…I'll be visiting Australia for a month in March but returning to the states so I am thinking that I will film using the US settings. Correct?

    At the lower setting for FPS, why is there even a difference of one FPS (24vrs25 FPS) between the two countries? And if 30 is the US standard and 25 the Australian…why?

    I'm over seventy, slow witted but trying my hand at film making for the first time with my iPhone XR and a gimbal. I'm editing in FCPX, Audacity and Affinity. My gimbal has Filmic incorporated in the firmware. It's a brave new world for ne.

  27. I record alone. Any suggestions on how to set everything the best I can before I'm in frame?…When recording without any apps, my lights often wash me out because I have a more brown skintone.

  28. I can't find alot of these setting on my pixel xl. ie all top settings on the top of the screen including the arrow you pressed is not availalbe and the menus are missing so many. I am using v 6.5.1

  29. My mobile is Redmond note 6 pro
    But filmic pro is unable to download
    But whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaayyyy?,😣

  30. Audio Encoding a Note 9 user, i cant access the PCM option, why?..its AAC by default, why?..i need to use uncompressed files

  31. Hey Justin, I am not a video guy, I have just a little knowledge of take still picture. Would you take me about the aperture setting which will affect the video quality or some kind of effect?

  32. It’s ashamed that currently there’s no free camera apps that are free. Hopefully in the future it’ll be different

  33. How come nobody talks about the audio part of the software, all you have to do is turn it down to 44.1 and select AIFF, This cuts your memory consumption in half!

  34. Can you PLEASE!!!!! Do a video on how to control the input on your external microphone for Android device.

    I watched your video and purchase the Boya m1 mic. This mic is always distorted and too loud on my Google Pixel phone. The input is always peeking and clipping.

    You suggested filmic pro as an app to control the input gain from my external mic. This app has absolutely NOTHING to fix this problem.
    Is it something that I'm doing wrong?

  35. I know this is an older video but I wanted to ask before I downloaded this app; along the top of your cell phone screen in that last sequence of video it showed what appeared to be a magnifying-glass icon. Is this some sort of Zoom feature that's included in this app? Just curious.

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