First Looks: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | BEST CAMERA EVER?!

Samsung is going big this year with the upcoming launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series. As the name suggests,
the S20 is what the Korean tech giant hopes to be the beginning of a new era
for its flagship smartphones and as we’ve learned at the Samsung Unpacked
event earlier this week there will be three variants for the Samsung Galaxy S20.
The base S20, the S20+ and the S20 ULTRA Geek Culture managed to get
a first look at the Galaxy S20 series. So let’s check out what’s new! Probably the biggest upgrade
for the S20 series is the camera. So if you have
used the Samsung Galaxy flagship phone before you know that it comes with
really great cameras and S20 is no different the base S20 and S20+
both come with a 64 megapixel camera with up to three times hybrid optical
zoom and up to 30 times digital zoom what takes the cake here is the cameras
on the S20 ULTRA, which has a main camera that sports a whopping 108 megapixels,
this means we’ll be able to zoom in quite a lot on the images you take
without having to compromise on quality. So you might be wondering why is Samsung
opting for such a high pixel count on its main camera. Well if your photographer or
somebody who just likes to snap pictures all day this might be a perfect alternative for a DSLR without having to carry the bulk around. Furthermore the S20 ULTRA
comes with a telephoto lens of up to a 100 times digital zoom, this
makes it great for capturing images that are really really far away or
spying on other people while the S20 series is clearly great
for photography, it’s also pretty great at video recording and is capable of
recording footage of up to 8K at 30 frames per second. but that’s not all for
the S20s camera it also comes with a “Single Take” mode which allows you to
snap up to 14 different images, videos and gifs with the single press of the
shutter while it’s not the most groundbreaking feature “Single Take” is
quite the time-saver as it minimizes the need to switch between different shooting modes
especially if you want something quick and snappy. Aside from the camera the display is also another improvement that Samsung has made on the
S20 series. These new models come with the option to toggle between 60Hz and a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Coupled with a
beautiful AMOLED Infinity-O curved display. This makes the animations on the
operating system feel a lot smoother and fluid and it does make it feel a lot
faster as you use it. Coupled that with a new Exynos 990 chipset
and up to 12GB of RAM, you have yourself a powerful device. Storage wise the S20 series comes with the base 128GB with up to 512GB for the
S20 ULTRA and up to an additional 1TB of expandable
storage and if that’s not all, The S20 series comes with 5G variants with the S20 Ultra already a native 5G device. While it isn’t immediately significant,
it’s a great way to future-proof yourself as carriers still look to
expand their 5G networks especially since you are paying a premium for a new
smartphone. They’re definitely not losing out in the coming years. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series releases in Singapore. If you want to find out a more detailed breakdown of the pricing, specs and user
experience of the galaxy S20 series you can find it out on the link in the
description below

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