Fisheye lens for Sony mirrorless cameras by Altura Photo | Altura Photo 6.5mm f/2.0 Wide Angle Lens

So if you’re currently shooting with a
Sony camera stick around Altura Photo has just introduced a brand new
circular fisheye the 6.5 milliliter f/2 is going to be a fun and exciting lens
for your Sony mirrorless camera This lens is designed and optimized for the
aps-c mirrorless camera so cameras like the a6000 all the way to today’s 6500 it
will even work great on the upcoming a6400 now this lens provides a super wide
field of view and it’s the perfect lens to have in your kit for capturing those
creative and expansive shots of the world around you as implied by the name
this captures a unique circular image giving you an impressive 190 degree
field of view horizontally vertically and diagonally now this is great for
shooting travel landscape astrophotography extreme sports and it’s
even fun photographing your pets or your kids composing your image using a
circular fisheye could be tricky at first but keep at it it’s a really
exciting lens to use and it’s super wide field-of-view provides you with so much
in the scene that watch out either you or your tripod may enter the photograph
as well even though this lens is designed for the crop sensor mirrorless
cameras you can still mount this onto a full-frame sony camera like the a7 r3
now if you’re gonna shoot in the full frame format the lens will produce a
smaller image circle so I recommend going into the menu and switching to the
super 35 millimeter crop mode for shooting stills or 4k video as I mentioned previously the circular fisheye is going to capture a
circular image in the middle of the frame and it’s gonna be black on the
left and a right hand side now if you’re looking to have the image cover the
entire frame you can simply crop the image the aspect ratio that you desire
and voila you have an ultra wide photo now the Altura Photo six point five
millimeter lens is fully manual which means that you’re in control of the
amount of light that passes through the lens as well as the focus now when
shooting outdoors in good light focus is not something to fuss about because you
have great depth of field and shooting in
manual is what makes this lens extremely fun to work with
now the lens features a focus ring that moves smoothly and has markings for when
the subject matter is near or far from the lens now this lens allows you to
focus as close as 8.4 inches from your subject matter that allows you to get
those dynamic shots that you’ve always been looking for now when you’re
focusing this close to your subject matter focus is going to be more
critical and I recommend using this helpful focus assist feature on your
camera which is the focus magnification now you can use this either through your
viewfinder or through the LCD on the back of the camera and this is going to
allow you to pinpoint the actual point of focus that you’re looking for the
outer photos six point five millimeter lens features an aperture range of a
fast f2 to f-22 now the ring moves smoothly it’s d clicked which will allow
you to quickly and easily increase or decrease the amount of light that passes
through the lens now the lens features six elements in
five groups for excellent sharpness and clarity each individual element has
multi-layer coating to help improve color and contrast and to help reduce
flare and ghosting in backlit bright situations now it’s fast maximum
aperture of F to makes this well suited for shooting indoors or in low-light
situations just like the Altura Photo 8mm fisheye this has a
durable all-metal build it has a metal rear lens mount for a secure fit to your
Sony camera and one of the great features is its physical size now it’s
just about two inches in length weighs under a pound at 10.58 ounces which
makes this the perfect match for your Sony mirrorless camera compact and
lightweight this lens is small enough to keep in your bag at all times for when
you want to capture that unique perspective of your subject matter Altura Photo also provides you with a custom fitted case to protect and store
your new lens so if you’ve been looking to explore a different style of
photography definitely check out the six point five millimeter circular fisheye
from Altura Photo the images it produces will capture
imagination and show it to the world

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  1. I like to use this lens to photograph fish eyes. The 6400 is out already. I’ll be getting mine this Wednesday. Can’t wait…

  2. Hi Adam. I looked for it in Amazon and looks like they don't carry it yet. I want to use it with my A7iii. Do you guys make one for the full frame? I just looked at your website and couldn't find it either. What's the price?

  3. Where you guys been at. Hope all is well and your making videos soon. Did the transformers get you? I’ll call inspector gadget soon, I just got to see if penny is available.

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