I have seen a lot of beginner photographers the interested one learn the manual settings and become comfortable within months or a year … but even after a lot fo years, they do not tend to be comfortable using the flash… they feel… if they use flash they are bound to get bad photos i am going to share with you 3 basic tips… using which you can improve your flash photography…. when we use flash what are the major problems we face..? the face usually over powers the original colours which are created by the ambient light the colours are suppressed and in the photos, we tend to make it obvious that we have used the flash the 2nd disadvantage is… it’s shadows Whenever we use flash we tend to create harsh shadows if we try to fix the two issues we will be improving the photo quality Let me tell you , before anything else its a misunderstanding that ISO should always be very low to make sure we get great pictures Actually, this cannot be applied in all situations Let me tell you for an instance…. we usually keep ISO too low when we use flash in TTL (ETTL in Canon) mode In TTL mode , Camera communicated with flash with no manual intervention When we keep very low ISO, Camera feels that there is very less light and the same is communicated to the flash..! and the flash is going to throw a very powerful light and this light is so powerful that it will over power the ambient light We usually use widest possible aperture in portrait photography Shutter speed depends on the situation Anyways we cannot use a shutter speed more than 1/200 in most flashes.. So, we wil eventually have to deal with ISO Instead of keeping low ISO like 100 – 200 we will have a scope to increase the ISO once we do that, the communication that goes out from the camera which will be going to flash changes entirely Camera will tell the flash that it has enough light on the object and flash will be able to use lesser power not only there is an increase in exposure with higher ISO but also, the power of the flash is decreased… and the impact on ambient light is less So, how much can we increase the ISO? Always keep 2 things in mind 1. Your Camera’s ISO performance You may take it upto ISO 800 And you an go upto ISO 3200 or more in some 2. Set your ISO in a way that the ambient light, colours of the object/place are visible before you even switch on your flash Once you have set ISO considering ISO performance of your camera and ambient light then, switch on your flash and click the shutter… For demo purpose, this teddy bear shall be the prop… I made sure i pull up all curtains and make it dark Now, either I have to boost ISO drastically or use a flash 1st photo- let me take using minimal ISO before I click 2nd photo I will boost the ISO to an extent that .. I will start seeing the object and ambience So, when we compare the images 1st image where ISO is minimal 2nd image where ISO was boosted we have harsh shadows in the 1st photo we have minimal shadows in the 2nd photo Even when you zoom and see your main object carefully, you can see slight difference … Let us go to the 3rd point This is a flash diffuser and if you are under the impression that this will make your job easy to create beautiful light then, you are wrong..! This is however a local diffuser, even branded diffusers like Mag-Bounce/Sphere/mod and other companies they may be better than the local diffusers but all these accessories are not very ideal for flash photography The area of flash where the light is emitted its this big when we put a diffuser over it light may get diffused to some extent but.. there is minimal difference between the area of the flash itself and diffuser Just imagine you are bouncing it on a wall the light which is emitted from a small source is reflected to the wall Entire wall becomes the source of light and always keep in mind large source of light always gives you beautiful pictures I will compare pictures which i have used for demonstration. I had put some colourful light around the object just to see how the colours are captured in the frame I clicked 1 photo by bouncing it on the wall…. and clicked the 2nd one with a diffuser If we look carefully the 1st image is more colourful and softer than the 2nd image….. Depending on the situation we need to figure out which is the best direction to face the flash If you neither have walls around nor the ceiling in that case we can definitely use a diffuser


  1. आपके वीडियो न भाई साहब!

    सच में सबसे अलग…..एकदम अनोखी जानकारी देते हो आप…..आपकी वीडियो देखकर लगता है कि जो सीक्रेट चीजें आप बताते हो उसके पीछे आपका खुद का एक्सपेरिमेंट है और आप बाकी लोगो की तरह अपने सीक्रेट छुपाने के बजाय उन्हें पब्लिकली शेयर कर देते हो।

    I really like it. And I also appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot Sir ji.

  2. I hv buy a sony 6000 it is good or bad please reply?? And I hv understand much more by watching your videos thanks you

  3. Hi I want to mention that recently I've bought a godox external flash worth 8k. The shop also sold me envie rechargeable batteries and charger. While taking the first shot with flash I see it takes around 1 to 2 full minute or more for the flash to get ready for the next shot. Assuming this to be the flaw of the batteries please advice the brand and specs of batteries to use for the best experience. Thanks in advance.

  4. main apke channel par naya or accha bata rahe hai aap .
    Flash photography par koi series banaiye to accha legaga

    maine kai youtube videos main dekha hai ki
    godex tt685 ek accha flash hai ..
    woh wireless par bhi kam karta use lekar ek alag alag video seires banaiye
    manual setting kya rahengi flash ki
    main nikon user

  5. Being just a starter I've not yet invested in an external flash and use the inbuilt flash. As such I cannot rotate the fixed flash to bounce light off walls. As a "jugaad" I stick a 'post-it' paper infront of the flash. Works pretty well but could you suggest some more tips or diffuser please.

  6. Hi
    I buy canon 1300d for home use need a good but cheap flasher for good photos and also need 55mm above lens for some outdoor family functions please suggest

  7. These are basics what to do when the ceiling is black specially in night clubs and lot of lounges or the ceiling is too high to bounce the light thats when the flash photography gets very tricky and i don't see any videos explaining this issue in detail

  8. Sir agr desh ke liye bhi kuch krna chahte ho to rajeev bhai dixit ji ke upr bhi ek video jarur banao
    Aapse request h sir

  9. Hello sir i am so confused for flash
    Ki agr hamri flash 1/32 ya 1/64 ha to hamara exposure kitna jana chiye agar 0 exposure pe click kiya to pic overexposed ho jayegi to is me correct exposure kese pata kare is par ek video bana do please

  10. Bohot hi acha explanation tha sir … kya app thoda pro flash photography k liye ek video share kr sakte hai ager sir plzz… aur ager HSS FLASH photography k bare main agar ek video mil jati toh apke tarafse bohot help hojata .. thnkew sir and sir apka explanation best hai maine bohot videos dekhe but apki tarah har koi explanation nhi de pata

  11. if you keep your ISO in minimal value than automatically it indicates that there is more amount of light .. u are confused in this line what you have told..
    jyada light me koi iso ko kyu badhayega kam light me na badhayega ..

  12. Love you Bhai . Ap ne mera Flash wala masla hal ker dia. Mere pas flash tha nagar use kerna nahi ata tha. Kai bar use kia magar photo jal gya.Now I can take good photos with Flash. Love and Blessings for u from Pakistan.

  13. Sir studio mai portrait photography ke liye koun sa flash use karu…abhi mai 1 godox 685 (with umbrella) use kar raha hu…utna bright photo nehi araha hai TTL mode mey….camera setting mey bhi shayed kuch galti ho sakta hai…😔😔

  14. What type of shot will we get if we shoot with flash at low f values like f/11 or more at 1/200 aperture. Will it be like HSS but without blur background.

  15. Sir canon 1500D me kon sa Flesh chalta hai mene digitak 003 Flesh Bhi Lag aaya or simplx ka Bhi lag aaya canon 1500D me ek point nhi aata h is liye…..
    Replay me….

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