Follow Me on a Photoshoot! 7 Photography Ideas + Poses!

so I decided to recreate some of my
favorite instagramers poses and share with you some looks hey guys it’s Ally
welcome back to my channel today I’m back with an Instagram challenge for you
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let’s try to get this video to 5,000 thumbs up because we worked so hard on
this video and special thank you to my photographer summer and also my mom who
does a great job at taking all these photos like these turned out so well so
without further ado please jump into this video go very first photo is of
Rachel Martino she’s one of my favorite New York fashion bloggers since I didn’t
get a chance to go fruit-picking during the summer I thought why not try
to go apple picking for the Fall picked some lovely fruit from my fruit
terminators it’s still in the bag I’m going to recreate the look in my
backyard for the first photo she’s here picking apples and I feel like that’s
the quintessential fall activity so they have two different baskets and I’m
thinking this one’s a little bit too big right yeah oh these are not even apples
they’re peaches probably put some fabric under it to like prop it up if you look
right behind me I don’t have an apple tree this is a Chinese loquat tree which
is loquat in English and we’re going to throw some apples in the air and with
the help of my lovely assistant summer she’s going to help me take some photos and maybe like turn to the side of it
and look like I’m picking from the tree oh that one yeah so I think I did a
pretty good job I didn’t copy her outfit exactly but just took the inspiration
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second photo is of Jenn Im and she’s sitting on a swing and she’s just
looking out it looks very dreamy I’m sure you don’t need to introduce Jenn Im
me she’s one of my favorite youtubers at fashion bloggers okay we are going to
our next stop which is Bernal Heights it’s a part that the swing at the top
this is so weird it’s like this really creepy angle looks like we’ll just on
the road well how do people do this clearly I’m in hiking a tighter work out and we made it to the top of Bernal
Heights so right behind me to see a 360 view of the entire San Francisco luckily
we got here at a time where nobody is here okay don’t try this at home kids you know the freight of heights right I
didn’t know she’s like crying on the swing it was challenging since the swing is on
an incline so I was super afraid I was gonna fall okay this shot is so challenging because
this building is so fie and I’m so tiny that it’s just like way blown out of
proportion and it’s looking a little fat limited the third Instagram photo is of
@Tezza in front of the Flatiron Building I really like how she took the photo
from a lower angle so I have a more edgy editorial look so I tried to recreate
this in downtown found a similar building called the Phelan building I
think I’m pronouncing that right it was a little bit challenging because my mom
was there and there were so many people walking around it was kind of hectic
surprised that I found a building similar to that without having to fly
all the way into New York next up we are channeling @Weyle, she is standing in
front of the dim sum restaurant where she used to go to when she was little
and there’s this water fountain so currently I’m in Japan town and I think
this is the most similar look and feel I can get so here’s the photo that I’m
trying to recreate honestly I thought there was a water fountain here in Japan
town and this is what we haven’t started I
don’t think that’s a water content but we can try to recreate the luck anyways
I really liked how minimal and just effortless the photo look so I recreated
her outfit by wearing a white flowy top with some white pants and some sandals
and she had the straw bag so I tried to find the most similar one that I had
from ModCloth I tied on a orange scarf to complete the look I love new jeah it’s like one of my
favorite grocery stores in Japan town they have like literally everything like
everything that you want snack wise drink wine ice food they even
have like pre-made sushi I really love the song of style photo where she was at
New York Fashion Week just picking out some stats for herself so I decided well
I don’t really want to go into a store in a over-the-top dress to draw extra
attention to me oh my god I’m the snack heaven there’s so many and
all the matcha flavored foods right really what’s that Oh should we try that
okay guys decide to kind of get inspiration
from that and just grab some snacks or having my favorite Pocky hard candy and
mmm so good best decision I’ve ever made but I know I’m picking up this tea it’s
a Jen my green tea with roasted rice it’s delicious if you’ve never tried it
I would highly recommend it so good the next photo is inspired by Zuri Moray
she’s a SAN francisco-based blogger and also a friend of mine she recently went
on a trip to Russia and she was in this Moscow subway running through in the
super dreamy blue flowy gown so all you have to do is to sit down lay your dress
flat and out and then like just try to sit up as straight as possible be sure
to pull out the dress and Fanning it out so it looks extra flowy all right let’s
take a look at these photos oh especially with the perspective being a
little bit lower it just makes the dress look like it’s endlessly flowy hair okay
I haven’t it can’t even talk today this is really awkward there’s like tons of
people here like from people or tourists to like people taking wedding photos I’m
just hearing my gown you know hanging out enjoying the Sun for the last and final outfit of the day
I wanted to channel @ImJennIm so I found this really kind of beautiful archway
with vines on top and you know in San Francisco there aren’t as many beautiful
just arches so why not just go through this garage door I’m wearing this oversized chunky
cardigan with these black jeans I feel like she would usually reach for if only
I had like an oversized ante and some chunky platform heels
I would probably complete the look and maybe like a half a two don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
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