Food Photography Hacks – Hack It: EP79

If you like taking food photos, here are some
hacks used by the pros! Now food stops steaming pretty quickly as
it cools down, so here’s a simple hack to get that steamy delicious shot! So are you need is some cotton balls, and
some water, and you just gonna put the cotton balls in the water and then throw it in the
microwave for just one minute. So now that my cotton balls are nice and steamy, I’m just going to turn my plate around and then put all the cotton balls behind the food
just like this. Please be careful because it’s really bloody
hot. Freaking hot! So as you can see, the steam is coming out
already. It looks like it’s coming out from the food
but it’s not! It’s coming from the cotton balls! So I think the pictures turned out pretty
good, considering we’ve got a plate of stone cold noodles. Let me know what you think. Or not, if it’s something nasty don’t… just… You shut up, we tried our best okay! Now if you want to get nice looking beads
of water on your fruits and vegetables, a really simple hack is to actually use a spray
bottle, and some glycerin! So all you need to do is add some glycerin
to some water, just a few drops will be fine. Give it a good shake. I’ve got two tomatoes here, so I’m going to
spray one tomato with the glycerin and one with just the plain water so that you guys
can see the difference! So as you can see, the tomato with the glycerin
has nicer beads of water and the one without the glycerin a lot of the droplets
have slid down already. So what glycerin does it actually attracts
the water and forms the little beadies and keeps in all in place. So that’s what the glycerin does, pretty simple
right? When you want to shoot ice cream, you’ll find
that the ice cream melts really really fast. I’m going to show you how the pros make ice
cream not melt. That’s because they use fake ice cream! That’s right friends, fake ice cream. So first thing you need is four cups of corn
flour. And then I’m going to put one and a half cups
of conditioner. So after you’ve done that, just mix it up. It smells great, and it feels freaking awesome. Conditioner flavoured ice cream, do not eat
this people! It’s starting to look like ice cream now, so now I’m going to do three flavoured ice creams. I’ve put them in three different bowls so
that the colours don’t all mix up together. I’ve got red, so you only need a tiny bit
because you want it to be pink, not red. Mix that in. And my green. And finally, yellow. Alright, now i’ve got my three colours ready
to go. Okay, so I’m just going to make three scoops,
I don’t want it too big because that’s a pretty small cone. And it’s going to look like that. It really looks like ice cream, like I’m tempted
to eat it. And I’m going to put my ice cream in first. Now I’m going to put my pink ice cream in. Same thing with the yellow. And it looks like that with all the pink bits
in it, so annoying! Alright so this is what it looks like at the
end. And this my friends, is never going to melt
and it’s gonna always look delicious. Make sure you don’t eat it, or someone else
doesn’t know what you’re doing and they eat it. That’s not going to go down very pretty. So vegetables can look really really dull
in photos, especially if they’re kind of overcooked like these ones. So I’m going to teach you what the professionals
do and what they do is they actually use, hairspray! So what it does it creates like a nice sheen
on the vegetables, so I’m going to spray one side, and leave the other side so that you
guys can see the difference. And as… Ooh, woah that’s strong! Okay, so… Jeez, it’s lingering. As you can see, one plate of the vegetables
look super fresh and super crisp and shiny and the other one looks really dull and wrinkly. This is the one with the hairspray, and this
is the one without. So obviously this is just for photos, so please do not eat the vegetables that you sprayed okay? Because there’s poison and shit in there,
who knows? I don’t know what’s in it. What is in hairspray? Stuff, I’m not going to read it now but anyway,
moving on! Okay, so when pouring milk into cereal, you’ve probably only got about one to two minutes before the cereal gets really really soggy. So what the pros do they actually use elmer’s
glue instead of milk. Add a little bit of water. So I’ve stirred the water into the elmer’s
glue and the consistency should look something like this. I’m going to pour the elmer’s glue in this
one and the milk in this one so that you guys can see the difference. The bowl with the real milk looks a lot more soggy and the one with the elmer’s glue looks a lot more fresh. So bviously I would go with this one because
it looks better in camera. Agreed? Yes. So those are some pro tips but what if you
want to actually eat the food after when you’re sitting at a restaurant? Well, I’ve got some tricks for you guys too! Okay, so infront of me I have a beautiful
bowl of salad. Now, I want to take a picture of it right? Usually most people would take a picture at
eye level, which I will do right now. So instead of taking a photo at eye level
and with the whole bowl in the whole shot with lots of negative space around it, try
bringing your camera lower, and then closer. Okay, so that you fill up the whole frame. That way, the food is going to look a lot
more delicious. With the two different photos, which one looks
better? I bet you there will be some people that say
I like the first one better, well, you know what? In the professionals eyes, the second one
looks better! Now if you want to get a wider shot of your
whole bowl, best thing to do it to actually fill the negative space with the props that
you have on the table. Imagine that I’m at a restaurant, and the
table looks like this. Okay, I’ve got a special little napkin right
here. Place it however you like. I’m gonna put the bowl here, salt and pepper, and then cutleries. So I’m just going to adjust it so it all looks
better. I’m going to go ahead, I’m going to take a
picture. Even though it’s a wider shot, you can see
that all the things are pushed to the edges so that it actually fills the whole frame and this is what it’s going to make a great shot. So say you’re at a cafe with a good friend
and you want to take a picture of your drink. So what Im going to do is I’m going to do
the same thing and I’m going to set up a little table right here, just pretend that I’m at a cafe. So when you take a picture of your drink on it’s own it can kind of look something like this. A little bit boring right? So instead of that, why not ask your friend
to be the hand model and pour the drink for you while you take the picture. So when you get your friend to help you out, it looks a lot more interesting, it’s a lot more fun, yes. And that is it for this episode. Now if you didn’t already know, I’ve started
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