For the love if it with Jonathan Bielaski | Portrait photography | Phase One

I’m Jon Bielaski and we’re at
Steam Whistle Brewing today. We’re shooting an environmental portrait
for my “For the love of it” project. We go and do environmental portraits of
individuels who love what they do. It’s all about their passion, their love for
it and what keeps them going day to day. We’re shooting the Head Brew Master at
Steam Whistle and it’s amazing because he’s passionate about what he does. We haven’t had the opportunity to get into this environment before and he should bring
the extra essence we need to this photo. My name is Marek Mikunda and I am Brew Master
at Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto. The first beer I made was when I was 18 years
old and brewing turned out to be my desire in life. Today we’re using the Phase One camera system. We’re using an IQ180 which is
an 80 megapixel camera back. The big advantage and why
I use it on environmental portraits and definitely on location is the
fact that it can capture all minute details of the environment.
The other big thing about using the IQ180 and and the Phase One system is
that when we’re in industrial environments or out and about
it has got the ruggedness and durability to actually stand up to the environments. For example today we’re in
kettles that are boiling, it’s super hot upstairs where we’re doing
the shoot, there is steam all over the place. The back can handle the
humidity, the temperature and all that type of stuff. Working with the Phase One camera system means that we can capture everything
like we used to with film. We can capture it in camera allowing me to spend
as little time in post-production as possible. So it actually speeds up my workflow,
it increases the quality of my images and it gives me a huge dynamic range to work
with so we can capture the details in the shadows and in the highlights.
Good smile – 1, 2, 3! Everybody has a story as long as you listen
to them and people that are passionate about what they do and passionate about their careers
will have no problem telling you so my favorite thing about this project is finding
the people, learning about them, going into their environment and
creating amazing imagery. That’s it!

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