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  1. pretty thick and ugly.. better then a lot of computers these days though but chrome os is shitty it can not do anything but it might be right for some people 

  2. 1. Mac user here. For 15 years, so not one of the fucking stupid latecomer fanboy of today.

    2. You really need to employ more actually talented people like Mathias Duarte, and less untalented people with so-called "credentials/skills/experience" to industrially design and craft devices that are acceptable to the current, inevitable paradigm set by Apple. I almost switched to a Nexus, seeing how Lollipop is objectively far better and better looking than iOS, but then the ugly Galaxy S6 and Nexus 6 came out, and doing a simple update was still a fucking stupid hassle.

    3. As well as talented marketers, the black approach is a good idea, but that's nowhere near the masterfully crafted Apple ads, (overpriced) offers and website, as well as arguments that make sense if you're going against the macbook and the air, like the fact that the Chrome Pixel has more than two C plugs, a clickable trackpad, a thin mechanical keyboard, a touchable screen and a fast charging interface.

  3. they bought a macbookpro then sprayed dark metallic color then curved google . voila! 😉 I still get a macbookpro and use firefox as my browser . still search stuffs in google.com ofcourse!

  4. If I wouldn't already buy a cheap Chromebook, why would I waste even more money on an overly expensive Chromebook that still can't do anything that Windows can do? Sure, Google Docs is kinda integrated into Chrome OS, but I think we can all agree that Office is better in almost every way, with the exception of collaboration. Hey Google, Chrome OS is not Windows Phone. People don't avoid Chrome OS because of its lack of high end hardware; they avoid it because Chrome OS is just bad. Windows Phone on the other hand suffers from a lack of high end devices.

  5. Oh man I want one of these so badly, even the first gen but they're so pricey and I can't justify it.

    Also, song name?!?! It's so good!

  6. i dont get USB-C What if people wanna connec to tv and watch movie and wanna charge?.. is it a splitter like USB-C to charge and HDMI Port?

  7. First time apple will not make his own shit. So user will can have the benefit that all cables are working with all devices, no matter which brand. Wow, we need to got to 2015 to reach this;-(

  8. For developers and photographers using FF cameras (Nikon D750, Canon 5D, Sony Alpha 7 series) the screen and aspect ratio of this Google Chrome book Pixel are fantastic.

    Very useful – love it.

  9. Can I write music on it, will it read my GarageBand? Can I run my business on it?  Can I create my websites on it, say updating my DreamWeaver sites?

    NOTE: I can not buy it, while it is advertised for sale, and even in the USA we can not buy it, why are they promoting it, if it is not for sale?!

  10. If only the Pixel was more affordable, I bet many of us would be rocking them. I'd upgrade from my acer C720P in a heart beat.

  11. I love Google and Chrome since I was 14. I own a Nexus 5, a Nexus 7 and use almost only the Chrome Browser on my Linux Machine. BUT I NEED A CHROMEBOOK IN GERMANY! Please folks of the holy Google Sales Center! Allow us to buy the Chomebook in the German Play Store and let us be a Part of the Googliness! 😀 

  12. I am 40 oldfashioned and just love Hewlett Packard and the ELITEBOOK 6930p. yeah the best ever build. Made 2009 late that year batt. is still leaving me with over 2 hrs. life. I also have a few more HP Computers, business models just got to get!! the 6930p with its rugged aluminum and almost sement-like chassis I can stand on it if it were a bathroomscale. the world with all us morons and sad 2 say, some animals will die in the nearest future, and guess what; the psychos with unlimited access to money, the CEO s and the bankers a total of approx; 80-100 people not having anything but money, may have already left earth. can anyone believe this..? top of the baked sears chocolate cakes, and a Twinky these ALIENLIKE people, are leaving the rest of us to join and meet ALIENS.. Am I nuts? that is only my business, my father is a knights templar and for us to survive we need to really care about everyone, first ourselfs for some qualitytime with our brain. the need to care has never been more of a priority, it is essential for survival…..   if someone was offended because of the words I am truly sorry. only because I love  people. and mother earth..do some research think, HARD talk to your families and just think nothing of me but a messenger. LOVE  UNITY and HAPPINESS!!! bye bye then!

  13. Lovely! When will be be available in the UK? Nothing on the Google website gives an idea, there isn't even a "Keep me in formed" email field. If the Pixel had a stylus for sketching on cloud based vector drawing apps, life would be even better.

  14. this just seems too beautiful and amazing to be true.
    like another one of Google's annual Early April Fools pranks… just like how they fooled so many of us last year with a freakin chain of "new products"

  15. Still using an old typewriter-style keyboard?
    Come on, you're Google and we're 2015, you should put a matrix keyboard on this beauty.
    Throw in dvorak for good measure (bepo for the french version) and I'm sold!

  16. I never understand what's the point of Chrome Book ..?
    What's Chrome in Windows & iMac is for ..?
    Also what about File Manger, Video player ??
    If I missed something than add to my list …

  17. What's the music?  I've hunted and can't identify it.

    … impressed with Chrome OS. Like to get a Pixel some time.  From zero to two Chromebooks in my house recently.

  18. Now, I just have to worry about the highly doubtable possibility of seeing this beast on my desk, as I trawl through the vast indexes of the Internet.

  19. i think design nice, specification great, but chrome os suck
    its better if use android os and have table mode

    and im pretty sure googlers use macbook for daily 😀

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  24. Google should focus more on local file managing and storage as well… Especially at this price point you do expect at least 128GB SSD, but 256GB would be even better. People will always use local storage as well so the whole idea of "cloud only" is foolish. Yes cloud is very important already and is becoming more and more important, but I don't see certain things disappearing because of it. Storing music and movies etc on your device would be nice and simply not possible with Chromebooks for now… I understand the basic Chromebooks at low price to have just 32GB storage its perfectly fine but for this price there must be more storage thats just how it is. Why would you get Chromebook for 1300 bucks when you can get Mac or Windows equivalent that simply does everything Chromebook does and more? Makes no sense for this price.

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