Fotocomposición artística – Curso online de Carlos Herrejón

Hi, I’m Carlos Herrejón,
publicist and visual artist. I specialize in surrealist
composite photos, that I sell as limited edition pieces. Currently, I design album covers
and I do artistic portrait commissions. In 2017 I was a finalist
in the World Photographic Cup, finishing in the top 10
in the commercial category. Painting and art
have been my biggest influences, since I found the foundations
for my work in these. Concepts are the heart of campaigns, since the images for selling ideas
or products come from them. The greatest challenge of publicists is to narrate complete stories
in a single image. With my experience in this industry,
I work strategically to create artistic compositions
that not only communicate but that are also able to
convey emotion. Photography compositing allows me
to apply the principles of painting in a more controlled way. Thanks to this, I’ve been able
to create a lot of concepts for my artistic and commercial pieces. In this Domestika course,
you’ll learn an effective system to create artistic concepts that you’ll apply to
a photography compositing project. As a final project,
you’ll create a themed composite photo that you can use artistically,
commercially or for an ad. First, I’ll show you
my conceptualization process, based on brainstorming
and key questions. Then we’ll look at
some narrative elements like physical and temporal context,
that we’ll apply to the concept, to make our sketch. In the production phase,
I’ll tell you how to make the most of the elements available and I’ll give you some tips
to make the shoot easier. With our photos ready,
we’ll choose the best ones and bring them to life
with post-production. In Photoshop, we’ll prepare,
clean and cut images, continuing with light and shadow,
and lastly, I’ll teach you to apply a few finishes that you can use
in your final composition. After this course, you’ll have
the pre and post-production tools needed to create creative concepts
with a clear narrative. To take this course,
you don’t need prior knowledge, just the desire to communicate
through memorable images. This course is for
photographers, art directors or those interested in
creating creative concepts that can be turned into
aesthetic images. Artistic Photography Compositing
A course by Carlos Herrejón Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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