Fotografía lifestyle para Instagram – Curso online de Rafaella Bertorini

Hi, I’m Rafaella Bertorini and I specialize in
fashion and portrait photography. My work is on Instagram, where my photos have gotten
thousands of reactions and followers, both on my account
and those of the brands and celebrities that I work with. Everything needed for a great photo
is already in the world around us, even in our daily routines. Today, lifestyle photography
has a huge impact on social media, thanks to its fresh
and spontaneous aesthetic, but many are unaware of
what’s behind each genuine moment there’s extensive planning, you need to know how to direct the model
choose wardrobes and locations, always considering
how the results will look once posted. In this Domestika course,
you’ll capture lifestyle photos that are perfect for making Instagram
your personal brand’s platform. For the course’s project,
you’ll take six different pictures to compose an Instagram grid and we’ll explore
different types of photos you can take. First I’ll tell you about Instagram as a work tool
or as a medium of expression. We’ll look at influences and how to make
a mood board to create a concept and organize everything needed
for our shoot. After, we’ll jump into the session, where you’ll learn
all of my photography tips and tricks for capturing
the perfect moment. With our photos finished,
we’ll edit the material in Lightroom. I’ll teach you the basic tools to tune our photo
and give it a unique touch. Plus, I’ll show you some tools
to create a perfect grid. After this course,
you’ll know all the tricks and secrets for creating
unforgettable photo series ready to generate
as much interaction as possible. To take this course, you just need
to be familiar with Instagram and want to share your best photos
with the whole world. Plus, you need a smartphone or a camera and a computer with Lightroom. Reinvent your social media presence
with the help of lifestyle photography. Lifestyle Photography for Instagram
A course by Rafaella Bertorini Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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