Freaky 5 – UFOs Caught on Camera

[SCREAMING] MUSIC] “What is out there, beyond our world?” [MUSIC] Each and every day, we may just be closer
to finding out. UFOs, an acronym for “unidentified flying
objects,” are an aerial phenomenon that has increasingly piqued the interests of many
people, a term that has become mostly associated with traditional alien flying saucers, all
because of people begging to find the answer to this question. [EXPLOSION] It was May of 1947 in the small town of Roswell,
New Mexico during a terrible thunderstorm when a large unidentified object fell from
the sky, seemingly out of nowhere. [EXPLOSION] Around three weeks later, a rancher was driving
with his son through their ranch-land, which was located about 75 miles from the main part
of Roswell, where he came across something literally outlandish in nature. He described it as looking like “a large
area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, and rather rough paper, and
sticks.” He collected the materials and brought them
to the Sheriff, who was also bewildered at what he saw. After making contact with multiple high officials,
a newspaper article was published on July 8, famously stating that Roswell intelligence
“has come into the possession of a Flying Saucer.” Although, what followed shortly after left
a lot of people scratching their heads. The next day, a new article was published,
with the United States government quickly retracting their flying saucer claim, stating
that the wreckage was actually from a weather balloon. Why would a weather balloon have alien bodies
inside of it, as claimed by the newspaper? For decades, the incident at Roswell was now
a story filled with conspiracy, but ultimately won over by skeptics. However, things changed in 1994, when an official
statement from the U.S. Air Force admitted that the weather balloon assertion was false. The wreckage was actually a piece of equipment
from a previously classified military project known as Project Mogul, which was used to
spy on the Soviets, and the bodies that were recovered from the site were simply parachute-test
dummies. The Air Force claims that a cover up story
was the best way to keep the details of their covert operation from being leaked. You would think that this explanation would
put the story to rest, but in fact, it actually raised more questions than before. For a lot of people, things just didn’t
add up. Why would the United States government make
the claim of a “flying saucer,” knowing full well that it would spark huge interest
with the public and bring people over to Roswell, an area where very classified operations are
taking place, during a very sensitive time of the Cold War? The first atomic bomb was tested only two
hours away from Roswell along with German V-2 rockets. In other words, this area of the United States
was a common place for military testing, and an area intended to be out of sight from the
American public. People claimed that making the flying saucer
story as a cover-up only to quickly retract it does not make any sense, as it contradicts
the ambitions of the military. Despite the information that has been presented,
the famous Roswell incident continues to be an icon for the theory of alien life. [MUSIC] “Full speed ahead, go the warships of Uncle
Sam, who remember Pearl Harbor as their battle cry.” The Battle of Los Angeles in World War II
is considered by some people to be the earliest documented example of alien invasion. It was only two months after Pearl Harbor,
when on the night of February 24, 1942, the coasts of California received reports of a
potential Japanese attack. After hours of monitoring the area, military
radars picked up a possible enemy unit located about 120 miles away from Los Angeles. Around an hour later, chaos ensued, searchlights
speared the sky, sirens roared throughout the city, and anti-aircraft artillery began
endlessly firing upwards the moment an unidentified orange and glowing aircraft came in sight. The battle had lasted over an hour, and by
the time it was finished, over 1,400 rounds of ammunition were fired. The battle ended with five deaths and minimal
injuries. It appeared as if this was the first attack
on the continental United States, but the following morning things got very confusing;
there was no enemy attack. In fact, the people that died were killed
as a result of friendly fire, car accidents, and heart attacks. Although, speculation of the event began to
form when the military could not keep a consistent story. The Western Defense Command in San Francisco
stated that the attack was caused by “unidentified planes” that flew in the area. Though this was quickly countered by the Navy,
which said that the event was caused by a simple case of “war nerves,” which elevated
the situation to a much more alarming degree. Just like in Roswell, the military concluded
that the flying object in question was only a weather balloon, but this claim did not
bring closure to a lot of people. Despite the object being fired at over 1000
times, it was not punctured once, and continue to drift gracefully south towards Long Beach. It was never seen again. More rumors began to spread when a photo of
the event was published in the newspaper just a day after the battle, clearing depicting
an alien spacecraft. The Los Angeles times states that the photo
was doctored before publishing, which was a common practice at the time for enhancing
black and white images. Though, people have disputed this, saying
that the shape of the aircraft can still be visibly seen in the original untouched photo. Nonetheless, conflicting information from
multiple sources have yet to bring a definitive answer that satisfies the public. Bob Lazar is referred by many people to be
the cosmic whistleblower, with his claims essentially being what formed the popularity
behind Area 51. Bob claims that he began working at secret
underground military lab known as S-4 back in the late 1980s. This lab was located near Papoose Lake, about
80 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. In May of 1989, Bob appeared on KLAS-TV under
the pseudonym “Dennis” and came forward with his story. He claimed that he was hired to work at S-4
to reverse-engineer what he believed to be extraterrestrial technology, stating that
one of the crafts that he worked on was a reactor that was impossible to touch when
activated and was powered by something known as Element 115. To put things in perspective, Bob was talking
about an element, in the 1980s, that hadn’t been discovered until 2003. Bob also made claims that he worked on crafts
that could be described as none other than flying saucers. About two months before his television interview,
Bob started to take his friends out near Papoose lake, claiming that testing for these extraterrestrial
aircrafts were often scheduled for Wednesday nights. He recorded these trips on his video camera,
which do in fact show circular lights flying in the sky. Many people have found Bob’s claims to be
very convincing and feel that his multiple run-ins with the FBI have further elevated
his credibility. Although, some are also quite skeptical and
have found what they perceive to be inconsistencies. While Element 115 was officially discovered
in 2003, it was presumed to have existed back in the 1980s, so Bob talking about this element
at the time would not be too out of the ordinary. People have also claimed that his description
of the element prior to its discovery is inaccurate. Element 115 decays in less than a second,
making it impossible for use. Although, Bob has stated that isotopes of
the element that allow it to be used are possible to make, but we simply just do not have the
technology to do so. The samples of Element 115 that he worked
with at the lab came directly from the extraterrestrial source. The strange circumstances which surround Bob
Lazar make him, to many people, the most credible source when it comes to contact with alien
life. “Look at that thing!” “It’s rotating.” During the first and second week of November
2004, about 100 miles away from San Diego, California, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
an event occurred that not even highly experienced military officers, who were operating the
most advanced air force technology to date, could explain. Sightings were reported over 100 times, but
the most famous encounter occurred on the 14th, when the supercarrier USS Nimitz and
missile cruiser USS Princeton were performing a combat training exercise. It was 2:00 in the afternoon. Two fighter jets were told to discontinue
their training routines and to prepare for a real-world mission. The USS Princeton’s radar had detected unidentified
flying objects at over 80,000 feet, an altitude way too high for jets to conventionally fly. The objects were reported to move at very
fast speeds, and the oceans nearby began to move vigorously. One of the objects managed to get as low as
50 feet above the ocean. Commander David Favor saw the object firsthand,
and described as being about 40 feet long, white, and in the shape of a Tic Tac. One of the pilots patrolling the area that
day was able to get the incident on video. The actual story of the incident itself was
not made public until December of 2017 when the infrared footage was released. In September of 2019, the United States Navy
officially acknowledged that the recording captured what is considered “real unidentified
phenomena.” This UFO sighting may just be the closest
piece of evidence we have to an aircraft not made by humans. “Take a look at this!” “Oh my god!” Arguably one of the most debated events in
UFO history is the famous Phoenix Lights, witnessed by tens of thousands of people. [RADIO MUSIC] Although primarily seen in Phoenix Arizona,
the incident was also witnessed in some parts of Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora. It was during the late evening of March 13,
1997 when two series of bright round lights began floating and soaring over the city,
while formed in the shape of a V. Civilians stared at the night sky in utter confusion,
grabbing their video cameras to capture what they knew was going to become a significant
part of history. “I got the camera–oh! Now that one went out to the left.” “–to the east.” “–to the east.” Some witnesses claimed to see actual aircraft
behind the lights, while others claimed that the aircraft was the light itself. The lights eventually flew away from the city,
while the stationary ones just disappeared, leaving people behind absolutely baffled about
what they just saw. The United States Air Force soon came forward
with an explanation, stating that the lights were a result of a set of flares released
by an A-10 Warthog aircraft for a training routine. This explanation received a lot of controversy
among witnesses, stating that there was no way that the flares could keep such a consistent
formation for hours on end. Even the Arizona governor himself, described
the lights as “otherworldly.” Even today, there are still people who firmly
believe that extraterrestrial contact was in fact made on that night. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, subscribing goes
a long way, just like the Phoenix lights.

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