FREE Photography classes: Basic Photography S1E1 – Why Photography?

hey everybody I’m Giselle Behrens and
this is photoTVnyc thanks for joining so today’s a very exciting day because
we’re gonna be starting our very first module which is basic photography so
basic photography we’re going to be approaching it in a very different way
everybody and every person has a different point of view in life and sees
the world with different eyes and this is how photographers can find their own
internal voice what they want to say and what it is that they want to communicate
Photography is a medium that gives persons a voice, it’s a tool to
communicate. I never drew, well and this is exactly why I looked into photography
to start communicating some ideas and some thoughts I had, or even just how
cool and fun life is so the theme for this week is Why? Why photography?
What is it that you’re looking to say what is it that you want to do with
photography? Are you looking to communicate something? do you want to
perhaps sell a product? do you want to take a photo of your kids? afterwards
what do you do with that photo? do you want to print it out do you want to put
it on your room so you can see it every day, or do want to share it with your
family? in this globalized world all families now live separate, well not all,
but at least in my case, we all live in different places of the world and
photography has been a tool that we’ve used to unite, to bring together our
family and our friends, the importance of this question is that the reason why he
selects photography will help you understand the how you will learn
photography, as there’s no one way to learn it, it’s a personal experience and
each one of us will have a different journey with it and this is why
everybody’s gonna have a very unique way of learning photography with @photoTVnyc we’re gonna be focusing on your why, so right now if you do know your
wife I want you to do one thing grab a piece of paper and a marker and just
fold it in half and you’re gonna write down exactly what you’re looking to do
with photography even if it’s just a vague idea, that’s exactly what I’m gonna
do right now for me it’s teaching I want to teach and this is exactly why I’m
here and if you don’t know exactly what it is
that you’re looking for in photography no worries, most of us don’t anyways, it
took me a few years to find that out just take your time go on your own pace
it’s totally fine, just experiment and when you do have something that you think that you want to do with photography just write it down and
always have it present in a place where you can see it, and then I’m gonna be
sending you some challenges and you’re going to start your own course on
photography coming from within you Bye everybody, thanks for joining
see you on the next one!

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