FREE Photoshop Alternatives 2018 (Unreal online photoshop app)

Wish you had Photoshop but don’t have
the budget? No problem. We are going to be looking at two absolutely free
alternatives to Photoshop. We’re going to put them to the test and see if they can
compete with the real deal. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Hey guys Ryan here at Signature Edits
and as mentioned we are looking at two free Photoshop alternatives for you. Both
of these are online image editing pieces of software so it’s really amazing you
can go to or to and you have this
beautiful photoshop lookin window in front of you. We’re going to put it to
the test and see how it compares to actual photoshop, starting with our PSD
files. So the beauty of both of these is you can actually run in photoshop files
and edit them within these programs. So I just drag it in there and we’ll see one,
two, three… and you can see it’s loaded up the photos. Its loaded up the font as
well as all of the files. We’ve got all of our layers here on the side. Our
project is exactly as I saved it in Photoshop which is pretty cool. The
amazing thing about it loading the fonts automatically is unlike Photoshop, where
you have to go and manually add your fonts to font book before you get
started, with this particular piece of software both in photopea and in free
photo tool it will automatically find your fonts 80% of the time. Sometimes
you’ll have to add your own fonts and you can do that super simply and super
easily just by hitting character, and we go up to our font selection here and go
to load font. Then we navigate to wherever our font is that we want to
install. Okay, so let’s actually look at editing inside
of here and compare it to Photoshop. So I’m going to launch Photoshop here drag
it over here so we can reference and you’ll see they look pretty darn similar
we’ve got all the same tools that were used to seeing inside of Photoshop right
in front of us we can go through select our layers edit our text the same way
just double click here text edit test for fun stuff great we can go through
and we can change the spacing so I can go in here and select this open up my
character settings and spacing is slightly different so if I were doing
this inside of Photoshop I wanted to change my spacing I have this little guy
right here that shows me my spacing for everything and this VA I can go 100 and
space things out where with this we have to go tracking then we can take that
down to say 25 you’ll see we’ve decreased our spacing so go – 50 – 150
etc whatever it is you need so you see it’s not much of a difference to be
honest we’ve got our drop shot it shadows in both of them
things are showing up well we can edit our drop shadows just like this so let’s
go in here Ryan and edit the drop shadow we’ve double clicked let’s go through
change the distance maybe the spread make the opacity larger size larger Wow
beautiful good stuff huh now you can see there is a little bit of
a lag but not much at all it’s doing pretty darn good remember it is a online
photo application so what’s really amazing about that is you can access
this from any computer anytime anywhere as long as you have an internet
connection which is pretty cool you can use this on your friends PC or on your
iPad even without having to install Photoshop so that’s a pretty big deal
now let’s move over to do some more complicated edits I’m going to show you
what it’s like to go through here and we’re gonna grab our crop tool yes I
know a crop is not super complicated but bear with me and we’re just gonna hit
this check mark here and bam cropped okay now the difference in Photoshop is
if I go in here I’m gonna do the same thing hide my layers crop tool select
enter and we have this stupid lag where Y is Photoshop working so hard to do a
simple crop I don’t know so what’s interesting is this project in free
photo tool as well as photo pia both do a better job with the crop tool now
going on to into some actual editing here we’re gonna press command z and you
can see that that is actually the exact same here let me hide this so it’s a
little more cynical same keyboard shortcuts as you would have inside a
photoshop which is really handy with the exception of a few that applied to
whatever web browser you’re using so normally if I were in here and I wanted
to resize this photo for example hashtag by a Joseph negombo for photo cred if
you want to check him up I would just hit command T in Photoshop right so I
grabbed this hit command T and I can resize it make it smaller or bigger you
get the picture whereas inside of this if I hit command T I’m opening a new
chrome tab so I’d have to go up to edit o rather edit inside of this program if
we transform and then I can do the same thing from there okay so let’s hop over
to photo PIA because I haven’t made a mess of it quite yet and we’re going to
hide these layers shibam grab our little image layer and we’ll rasterize it
exactly the same as we would in Photoshop and what’s
amazing is if you know Photoshop all this makes sense there’s no learning
curve it’s super quick and easy and if you happen to use this before you buy
Photoshop you’ll learn Photoshop at the same time so I think that’s pretty cool
we’re going to press get rid of that text layer I just made go up to our
lasso select and just give a test on how some of this works so let’s go up
pretend we’re gonna lasso out some of this fog you know because I went clearly
a Photoshop expert and hashtag I very very very minimally used Photoshop I’m
not the kind of guy who uses it all the time but I know the basics and that’s it
so I’m gonna hit shift command I to invert my mask okay so that looks the
same as Photoshop would when you hit command C and command V and yes oh
something something really strange just happened I’m not sure I think it’s
because I have a different project open somewhere but let’s try that again let’s
go command C command V and there we go we’ve copied our fog and we can then
move it around now it’s selected I think that’s why it’s looking so odd we’ve
really made a beautiful beautiful this is creative to the to the utmost Hank
now I don’t know exactly what happened probably because I inverted my mask or
did something wrong along the way let’s try this once more
let’s go command C and command V okay there we go now we’ve got our fog masked
out so you can see it works almost exactly the same let’s go over to
something like the quick selection tool and say I wanted to select well I don’t
know this nose right here go in and I’m clicking and dragging and you can see
there’s a little bit of a leg it’s not quite as good as Photoshop would be I’m
just clicking we’ll get there eventually maybe so there are some limitations if
you want to do in-depth editing you’re going to be a little bit frustrated but
hey you’re still using this on the flippin Internet so that’s pretty
amazing now I’m going to exit out of that and simply say I’m not going to use
that for my purposes but what I can try is the Spot Healing Brush and see if
that works a little bit better make my size a little larger and you know at
first I should show you we’re going to go and grab our quick selection tool and
just show you if I wanted to select the nose here it’s really quick really
simple so Photoshop definitely has the went up on that if I want to make noses
larger in Photoshop well that’s the only way to do it you don’t want to do it
inside of here so we’re gonna grab our spot selection tool heal healing brush
and let’s say I want to just do a few test points here and see how it handles
it oh I’ve got to select the right layer first go ahead and it’s loading and you
can see that it took a little while but it does a decent job of intelligently
healing those spots and I’m sure if I was using something a little bit less
weird it would do an even better job now let me show you in Photoshop we’re going
to grab our healing brush where are we look for the band-aid there we go and do
the same thing grab my right layer and I’m gonna have to rasterize it first perfect you can see it moves a little
faster maybe it does a slightly better job but it’s pretty much the same tool
which is pretty incredible for a free program now I’m going to hop over into
one last Photoshop project here we’re gonna refresh both of these and just
show you what I would personally use this guy for and how amazing it is if
you’re using it as a Photoshop alternative for free online it’s awesome
so let me go here and I have a wedding guide pulled up it’s just a client guide
the purpose of pulling this up is to test how many layers we can actually
open it inside of here will it work with a larger project so I’m going to grab
this guide it’s got several hundred layers I’m probably 17 different pages
here and we’ll let it think for a second BAM
so you can see again it’s gone ahead and loaded my fonts which is really amazing
the one font that I don’t believe that it has loaded is going to be up here in
my text yeah you can see that the weddings font it hadn’t loaded I would
just have to find that separately and upload it like I showed you before right
here just hit load fun okay so let’s go back here and let’s just edit a few
things with the exception of this wedding dududu and go through here and
say it’s Ryan’s photography move that around you can see all the tools are the
same as they normally be if I press command a I select my entire page I can
then use my align tools as I would normally in Photoshop BAM and one really
nice of both of these online apps is you can
actually export to PNG with a simple click it’s super quick super simple and
way better than what Photoshop offers which is – again we’re going to open the
same guide it’s loaded and if I want to save as a PNG I have to go file save as
and they have this export quick export as PNG but honestly is it really that
quick when you have to go to file export quick export no that’s that’s just dumb
so anyways we’re gonna go and back here just show you I’m gonna go through edit
things let’s say I want to move this line around clear my selection BAM
and it’s almost 2019 go through so there’s page 1 I’ve edited it let’s grab
an image and import that I don’t know what’s gonna pop up here hopefully it’s
appropriate for this video Japan and well that’s that’s a beautiful
picture of two people perfect any can have imported that perfect I’ll put that
right here we’re going to resize by going edit free transform holding shift
same as I would in Photoshop bing-bang-boom so there is a little bit
of a lag you can see I’m kind of struggling to get it exactly lined up
the way I want it but it works it’s really really quite amazing how well
this works for a completely free Photoshop alternative in Photoshop it
would be the same process of course we go through we edit our text and we’d
have to install the fonts just the same as we would online so that’s not really
an advantage or disadvantage the only big difference you’re going to notice is
that there is next to no lag now that’s because I’m also on a nice computer so
if you’re on a slow computer it might actually wind up being faster to use the
web version of Photoshop I have no idea you’d have to test that yourself but
that’s my hunch if your computer struggles to run Photoshop this might be
a great alternative so we’re gonna go through here grab our image and what do
we have we had a beautiful wedding photo in here Butterbean buddha boom is right
there drag that in here so you’ll notice it’s a little bit
faster but more or less the exact same which is amazing if you’re editing
templates in here if you’re doing basic Photoshop work I would hands-down
recommend you actually try using one of these online tools especially if you’re
only using Photoshop once in a while now when would you want to use the full
version of Photoshop and nothing but Photoshop obviously if this is something
you do full time you get paid to do and you’re using Photoshop all the time to
edit tons of images or do really in-depth edits well then you’re going to
want to use something that responds quickly you don’t have to deal with bugs
or wonder where things are although that being said most things are exactly in
the same place as they would be in Photoshop in both of these programs
you’re still going to find that things interface better so for instance if you
want to edit RAW files Photoshop comes with Adobe raw and you can edit your
photos there or if you’re using Lightroom and you want to export photos
to Photoshop that is really quick and simple whereas otherwise to do that with
these online programs you would have to export to dmg open them in the online
program export back out you get the picture it’s not super simple whereas
here it’s as simple as going up to photo and then edit in we hit Photoshop and
bam it is going to be exported over to Photoshop super quick super simple so
that is kind of a couple reasons you’d want to use the normal version of
Photoshop obviously it’s quicker it’s faster and it’s going to give you better
performance but if you are new to photoshop you’re just learning you’re
considering whether you want to invest in Photoshop well this is a great
alternative to get you started or if you’re just somewhere that you don’t
have access to your normal computer you don’t have Photoshop on the computer
using this can get you out of a pinch and if you’re just editing templates or
doing basic text work this can be fantastic so those are two absolutely
awesome free Photoshop alternatives we’ve got Photo Pia and we have free
photo tool comm between the two I personally find Photo Pia to be a little
bit easier to understand although they are so similar and you can’t go wrong
either way test him see what works best for you so that’s it for today’s
tutorial if this was helpful for you please hit that like button don’t forget
to subscribe and leave me a comment below let me know what you learned what
you think would you use this online program or are you sticking with
Photoshop the top comment is going to receive some free Lightroom presets all
right so I will catch you in the next one

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  1. Really interesting, amazing just how powerful web apps can be. Would be interesting to see your views on Affinity, Gimp, Krita etc

  2. I would drop Photoshop, etc if I could find another program that could save special LARGE FORMAT files like PS. I make signs, and do sizes measured in FEET – not inches! A 4 x 20 foot banner at 200 dpi for example. In sign work, 300 dpi is over kill. I also need to use popular PS PLUGINS, and the ability to save in CYMK format for professional printers who do offset printing.

  3. Excellent Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered – Riddleagan Made Masterpiece Remedy (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off product for learning professional photo editing without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy at very last got cool results with it.

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