Free Software To Edit CR3 Raw Photos From The Canon M50

I was watching on a Cody Wanner videos and I realized that in almost every one of his videos he introduces himself talks about what he’s doing since something like my name is Cody Wanner I’m an Action-oriented person and it made me realize that I don’t actually do something like that In fact, if you just watch one of my videos, you don’t really know who I am or what I do Anyway, what we’re talking about today is actually a software that you can edit your photos with now a bit of backstory I started with the Nikon d3300 and I used to shoot raw with that camera Because I could use the Nikon XD or whatever was the Nikon Software in order to edit my law photos, but when I’m switched over to Canon I could never find something. That was really that good for editing while photos I liked using the Nikon software and I thought it walked wholly well But I didn’t have anything like that for my Canon and I couldn’t import my co2 files into my Nikon programs So I was kind of stuck and then I started shooting in JPEGs and since then for the past Pretty much two and a half years. I pretty much exclusively shot JPEGs any edited photos. I’ve done have been edited JPEG photos but recently I haven’t been very happy with the quality of those JPEGs Especially putting them through something like Snapseed. They always seem a little bit soft They never seem as nice of quality as a lot of the other thumbnails around the YouTube community But I never found something that I either didn’t have to pay a large sum of money right out or pay a subscription to a program that I’m not really gonna be using that much and so I’ve been looking on the internet and I finally found something and it’s the Canon digital Professional software the digital professional for I tried to use this off when I first got the m50 But it didn’t support the CR 3 files But now in this latest such to find a CR 3 editor I realized that Canyon is now updated the digital professional for So that we can now edit the CR 3 files. Now, of course, this is not something like Lightroom basically a wall photo processor it’s not really a Top-down amazing editor, but it will allow you to get that extra latitude out of your wall photos And I really wanted to help get this out that you can now edit Wall photos without having to pay for Lightroom or another program and you don’t have to do it online It’s something you can download on your computer now first of all What you want to do is you want to go on to your search engine and type in Ken and digital photo professional for? download and you want to click on canons official website to the download page and then at what I had to do is I had to enter in the serial number of my m50 you will find that on the Bottom of your camera you enter that in and then download the file and then just put it on your computer it’s as simple as that and then when you put your memory card, or if you have them in a folder you just Activate photo Professional for you go find that folder and you just search for the photo You want to edit click on it? Hit the edit tab it opens up where you can edit that photo and it’s just simple as that now I haven’t played overhung with this much and I don’t Know exactly what you can do with it if you guys know any good tutorials on how to use this software Let me know down in the comment section or if you know how to use it Please like make a video showing how you really do good edits with the photo professional software also if you have any suggestions for alternatives to the software There are either flee or cheap or even good ones that you have to pay for. Let me know I want to find something that’s like really good for editing photos because as I get more into Instagram and YouTube I’m seeing that I need to be doing a better job with my photos not just my videos So let me know. What would be another good software. I know Adobe. I know it’ll be a good software You don’t have to tell me you you can tell me Adobe But you don’t have to but if you’re just someone like me who just wants to get that extra latitude out of those votos then Download the Canon digital professional it’s not actually free you actually paid for it Basically, it’s included in the cost of the camera. You already should own this and Now that it supports the cr3 files. It’s really worth it to get in. I mean unless you’re using Lightroom already which Yeah, totally fine. I have no problem with it. I just don’t want to pay for it. At least not right now I really hope that someone found this video helpful If you did, please give me a like subscribe to the channel for more content like this and hopefully better content than this I’ll see you all in the next video You

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  1. I believe Affinity Photo is a great photo editor if you want to edit your Craw3 photos. I have a stand-alone Lightroom editor but need to use Adobe DNG converter or use the Lightroom DNG converter to see my raw files. But saying that the Canon colour is second to none. So will stay with my Canon M50 for the foreseeable future.
    Great videos from you. Keep sending them!

  2. Hey, Canon DPP is good, I agree. However if you are more familiar with other "professional" product, try convert CR3 to DNG and than you can use Lightroom, (older, no bullshit) version, or, GIMP, this little thing is quite powerful, require a bit of knowledge but GIMP is an open source tool and community is amazing, give it a shot! Cheers.

  3. Surprising that you are photography you tuber and don’t know about canon DPP..DPP started supporting CR3 on day one when they released m50…I always have used canon DPP to get the true Canon colours JPG from canon raw using DPP

  4. ACDsee Photo Studio is a great inexpensive alternative to Photoshop and is under $100 , I actually found out about this from Fstoppers

  5. Hi ! I am a long time subscriber of your channel . I first came across your videos while searching for videos on canon m50. For the last 2 years I have been shooting with the canon 200d and then ( now ) the canon m50 . (Btw I really like your vlogs , broll styles) . So when today I saw your video title that you have made a video on free software to edit cr3 raw files from canon m50 I was really excited . But then I saw the video and you were telling about canon DPP. I was dissappointed. The thing is I have seen what DPP can do. And it is nowhere near as good as lightroom on pc . But to your question about other free software to edit raw photos of canon m50 for free I have an answer. For past 2 years I have been exclusively editing my photos in the android app photoshop express. I know it is not as same as a desktop lightroom , but I think it comes close second if you consider the fact it is by adobe , it is completely free , not even ads , and it can edit raw files. You can also convert your cr3 raw files to DNG using the free adobe software Adobe DNG Convertor. There is an ios version of photoshop express too , but I havent used it since I am an android user so I cannot comment on the ios version of the app. But you should really try this app. Especially on a large scree like a tablet. Probably make a video about it too…😉

  6. I've been using Davinci resolve to color grade my raw photo's because I realized I don't do much photo's so keeping a adobe cloud membership active wasn't very optimal for me, it might not be that great for final touch ups but color grading gives me a lot of room to play around with.

  7. Great news thanks so much Job. Very happy to learn about this. I pay loads of money for software 😯

  8. Take a look at the affinity photo. I do have to convert the canon m50 files to dng. I use a converter from adobe(free). Affinity photo gives you 30 days to try out and doesnt cost that much. Its the nr 1 software i have used in around 2 years:) No renting.

  9. Affinity is a very good editor, cost me a one of payment of GBP30, about USD50 and that includes all the updates .The latest update regretfully does not allow CR3 editing but have to transfer to DNG as above. If you do use it please go on help forum and ask them why, if enough people ask……. They do have a fantastic video learning tool, about 100 youtube video giving precise guidelines. DPP does have a PDF manual , about 150 pages you can download the DPP user manual here:

  10. I've been meaning to try Darktable which I heard about in a Linux podcast (though its available on Windows and Mac too) but I think I'll need to watch a couple of tutorials to get the idea how to drive it. Still, hard to argue with Free and open source. Doubt there will be CR3 support though since it's cannon's own format. Perhaps there is a CR3 to something usable converter out there somewhere.

  11. Take a look at JChristina’s YT channel, he did a series of videos called “life after adobe”, where he goes into alternative software for Lightroom, Illustrator, Premier etc. including free editors such as Darktable, Asee Dee see, Afinity softwares suite, and more. A lot more than I can recall. Also Riley Brandt does tutorials for Darktable as a YT series. Good luck and keep up the great work!

  12. This is sort of unrelated to this video but it’s something I was wondering about. What settings do you use for uploading your m50 footage onto YouTube – I’m thinking specifically about target and maximum bitrate. I’ve noticed a couple places in my videos where the YouTube compression has messed the image up a little. Do you have any advice on how to counteract the compression from YouTube?

  13. Thanks for reminding us about the Canon online stuff. I guess I should take another look at my manual too!
    Your soundtrack cracked me up the way it goes dead silent every time Adobe is mentioned! Sums it up so well.
    I hated when Adobe started renting software by the month –that doesn't work well for a tight budget or infrequent use. I use Corel's Paintshop Pro sometimes as a Photoshop substitute –it seems targeted to photographers better. Best Buy often sells last-year's versions for about $30 when new ones come out, usually each year. For video editing Corel also has VideoStudio for a similar price, but I hear Davinci Resolve is top-notch & free for non-commercial use. Lot's of other good suggestions in the comments here, thanks for sharing.

  14. I couldn't figure out how to open Raw files of my newer Canon cameras (5D3,75D4 and M50) on my 2006 Mac Pro 1,1. I used DNG converter but the version that work with El Capitan won't support Raw files from M50 and 5D4. You have inspired me to use the DPP which works very well on my vintage Mac Pro. Thanks.

  15. Check out the DARKROOM app to edit CR3 and RAW files. I’ve been using it for a while and I like it.

  16. Glad you found something. I've been using Lightroom from day one and was very happy when they released the cc version and mobile app. It is a monthly fee but I feel totally worth it for features, especially to sync with my phone. Years ago I used acdsee for managing photos and I think they offer editing now in the more recent versions. I'm not sure if they have raw support though.

  17. Is it worth going for the canon RP when you already have the m50. Just to make you tube videos? Is it worth it?

  18. The CanonUSA youtube channel has a couple of good ones that helped me get started: "Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4: Editing Images", and "Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4: Using DPP to fix common problems". You linked the European DPP, but I'm assuming it's the same as the version I got from Canon USA. There's also a channel, ChristopherKblog, which has a big playlist of DPP tutorials (Canon DPP English), I've never actually watched any of them as the CanonUSA ones were enough for me but thought I'd let you know about it.

    Mostly I use DPP to convert my raw photos and making basic adjustments. It also has a stamp tool to remove minor blemishes. But for bigger edits like adding things in or removing objects, I either convert the raw to .tiff using DPP or convert to .dng with Adobe's DNG converter and then throw it into GIMP for those edits. GIMP is free and for some reason I've never had problems using it. Maybe it's because I didn't use Photoshop long enough to get use to any other way of doing things. You can use GIMP to add a watermark or logo, which is not something you can do with DPP.

    I also use Darktable (it's like a free version of lightroom). It's quite powerful and a lot harder to learn than DPP. I'm still in the process of learning it.

  19. I recently purchased Luminar 3 and ON1 which are both very easy to use after a few minutes and cost around 100 euros (once for good) and I edit any RAW or jpg photos in very good conditions.
    You can buy ON1 in confidence and you have many videos on YouTube to help and inspire you.
    Try it freely and tell me. 👍😉

  20. I'm using OS Lion. DPP doesn't support anything that old… 🙁 I might have to try to get lightroom just to open up my cr3 files.

  21. Hey! Liked your content. More success to your channel. May I ask what software you're using whenever you edit your content using the M50? And do you know any software for smartphones to edit content from M50? Because, most of the software video editing for smartphones doesn't support footage from M50. Would love to hear from you soon. 🙂

  22. Been watching your videos since purchasing the M50 (actually it was due to your channel that I bought the M50) and learning a lot! Out of interest what do you use to edit your video?

  23. I convert to tiff using canons dpp and found that it keeps all the clarity of the raw file . I was getting crappy conversions using DNG and edit with affinity photo .

  24. I have always used DPP, since my 5D. On Canon web. site there is a tutorial to download that shows how to use it. Also official Canon UTUBE vids. Cannot believe that you have been shooting JPegs all this time. My problem now is downloading from camera 4K to PC.

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