Galaxy Note10: Camera Reviews

Looks pretty dope to me. This one being in a more typical location in the center gives you sort of the perfect framing for a selfie. It’s a neat show of Samsung’s AR talent. It was a lot more fun using the new AR doodle. This was shot with no gimbal, no rig, just the phone in my hand. With a feature list longer than almost any smartphone and an eight-year legacy of almost nothing but hits. It’s time to change.

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  1. Cameras great, but I like the other features of it like the S pen features and we get an inbuilt screen recorder now 😁😆

  2. I swear Galaxy phone camera systems helped me gain over 10k YouTube subscribers, monthly brand deals, became a local celebrity in my town here in south Florida and signed with a PR marketing firm. #teamsamsung

    iphone 11 pro is a great 📷 better than samsung

  4. 0:32 ahm ahm
    Let me describe this for you
    Note 5 s pen stuck in the hole and the battery draining fast
    Note 7 the C4 mobile ok great
    Now no sd card and the headphone and removeing useful things people love
    You still think you guys great ok im done 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Did they allllllll put everything in one day u know wut i mean or no i mean abouts reviews of everything like s pen camera and others things in one day only

  6. The Galaxy Note10+ camera is amazing, but the video recording was kind of disappointing. Hey Samsung, how about fixing the jittering issue when recording at 60 FPS?

  7. IVE GOT THE NOTE 10+ AND I HATE WHAT SAMSUNG IS DOING WITH SOME FEATURES!! WHY BLOCK SOME FEATURES IN CERTAIN REGIONS AND MAKE THEM AVAILABLE IN OTHERS?? WE ALL PAY THE SAME PREMIUM PRICE AND DESERVE EVERY BIT OF FEATURE AVAILABLE!!! @Samsung 🤬🤬😡😡 Who comes up with those silly ideas anyway?? If you buy an iphone you get same equal features across the continents, think about that..

  8. Oh oh oh. Really it's that great of a camera? It's less than desirable quality. Let's talk about how your compression sucks so bad that the picture quality isn't detailed but just splotches. Or how about the fact that the shutter speed is too slow and the lighting is thrown off a lot of the time. Seriously, needs to be fixed. I have the Note 10+ and infuriated at the fact of how bad the camera quality is. I don't expect DSLR quality but I shouldn't have to buy one for every day pictures. A 1200 phone should have a better camera than this. My S7 had a better camera than this.

  9. Released on the day that deep fusion reviews are going on? Coincidence? I think not! Hopefully samsung brings something that's on par 👍

  10. We appreciate that you watch these reviews, Samsung. We also hope that you've heard our complaints about the soft pictures the front camera takes. Could you please just do-away with this crappy filter/beauty thing your cameras are known for?

  11. Need more balanced colour in every situation & no need face smoothing effect in every photo even face beauty is turned off.

  12. 0:34 its time to lower your 1.000$ no body wants to pay 1000$ anymore 600 to 700$ are ok but 1.000$ too much for a Phone

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