Galaxy S10+, P30 Pro, Pixel 3 XL e iPhone XS desafiam Sony A6400 em comparativo de câmeras

The Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 Plus brag about being the best smartphones on the market when it comes to photos. And that is why we are here with them, in a comparison agains the Google Pixel 3 XL And its popular Night Sight feature, and the iPhone XS and its amazing video recording habilities. Which one of them offers the best set for pictures, videos and the best audio system and display to watch videos Or read the news at TudoCelular or even a book? That’s what you’ll find out now with me. It’s worth remembering that the pictures shown in this video were submitted to blind polls, And you can check out all of the details, besides other imagens, at the link on the description. And an important info: this time, we used a mirrorless camera, the Sony A6400 Equipped with the lens 16-50 mm from the kit And also a beautiful SIGMA 16 mm 1.4 lens, which is being used to record this video. And who is also my actual crush, look at the blur effect on the background. This way you can have a reference about which smartphone is closer to a professional camera in terms of picture quality. And let’s get down to business! We start with a selfie in Portrait Mode. Particularly, I found the P30 Pro closer to the qualify Sony offers, but the overall favorite was the Pixel 3 XL Because of the image with beautiful saturation and sharpness. If I had to choose one of the four captures to publish on a social media, I would certainly chose Google’s. And speaking of social networks, we always try to make everyone fit in a photo and that’s where the wide lenses come in, which in this comparative you only find in the two Asian models, the P30 and the S10. Despite the distortions we see in this type of capture, if the idea is to have the largest possible content, so, the S10 gets the crown. What about Portrait Mode with the main camera? In this scenario, we realize how far apart smartphones are from making perfect cutouts to blur the background. While the SONY camera manages to trim each hair string, the four smartphones miss out at some point The preference here was for the iPhone XS, followed by the Galaxy S10 Plus. If you have a strong light source behind the photographed object or model, you’ll probably get better results with the S10 Plus or the P30 Pro. At least when you do not want to overflow the exposure in the background, as in the Pixel or a dark image, like the iPhone. Here we give the victory to the S10 Plus, for the best balance in colors. Going to the HDR mode we see once again that high saturation is really much appreciated since the images with more vivid colors had the highest votes, as is the case of Pixel and the iPhone, with Apple taking the lead here. Let’s say you want to take a close picture of a flower, an insect or your own eye. From what we see here the telephoto lens of the P30 Pro is by far the best option, with the level of sharpness far superior to its rivals. It is worth noting that the S10 Plus came in second, thanks to greater color fidelity and without applying the wax puppet effect that we saw in past generations. But what if the idea is the opposite, instead of shooting something very close, we were look for a distant image? Once again the Chinese smartphone proved to be far superior to its rivals, with all the captures in 10x, the P30 was the one that presented by far the best image, and without forgetting that it still offers a 50x zoom mode. Time for another big challenge, night shots. In our first capture, using the automatic mode, excluding the iPhone, that presented the noisiest image and with warm colors, the others were close, with a small advantage for the S10 plus – who earned the crown. The S10 Plus also delivers the best in night portrait mode, followed by the Pixel 3 XL. You can see that the Samsung smartphone is the closest to the result presented by the Sony professional camera. Before we check out the night mode in action, it is worth checking out a selfie shot in low light. This is when, after the daytime portrait mode, we realize again how much superior the mirrorless camera is in front of the smartphones. Pixel takes the best pic, followed by the P30. And the proof that Huawei did a good job on night shots is in our test, in which the P30 Pro takes the best pic surprassing the S10 Plus and even Google’s famous magical night mode. The S10 Plus came in second, showing that Samsung is also on the right track by not investing in heavy pixel saturation. Very well, to have the final verdict we also made video captures to compare the cameras in this question. In captures with the front camera the iPhone XS shows that it is still the king, with a clarity and fluidity superior to the rivals, but Samsung has evolved well and finished in second. When we remove the quality external lighting, all of them present excessive noise, but the Pixel at least works on the exposition to present a clearer picture, the S10, again comes in second. The main camera stabilization and focus system, in addition to the overall picture quality, give the S10 Plus the victory, showing that Samsung’s updates to the software have improved the set. In night recording it is followed by the P30 Pro. On screen quality the P30 Pro accompanies the S10 Plus in the curvature, what can bother with reflections under strong light. But the quality of the two in comparison to the western rivals is indisputable, with the Chinese model gaining an extra point by betting on the centralized notch, which taking less space on the screen. In the audio question all offer good solutions. While the bezels of the Pixel 3 XL are a disadvantage in the screen aspect, they offer a powerful front stereo sound, but not as engaging as the S10 Plus, despite the position of the speakers. And both Samsung and Apple model offer superior headphones. Overall, in this scenario, win for the S10 Plus. In a quick review we can put it as follows, Galaxy S10 Plus is the king in the overall set. With balance in the cameras for photos and video recording, good audio system and quality screen that makes us to forgive that weird hole for the selfie camera. The Huawei P30 Pro comes next with an exceptional macro mode and zoom mode, which leaves anyone with the jaw dropped. Considering that the two Asian models are now officially sold in Brazil for a lower value than Apple’s rival, which was third in our comparison, if you’re an Apple fan, it might be worth waiting for the releases this year if you want to have something cutting-edge in multimedia, since the iPhone XS is clearly outdated in front of rivals. And we can say the same of the Pixel 3 XL. Once again we remind you that all the details of this comparison are in the text box that you access in the description. And of course we want to know what you think of the result, so, comment below which of the four smartphones do you prefer and for what reason. I’m Wesley Moraes for, I’m staying here, a big hug and see you in the next videos.

10 Replies to “Galaxy S10+, P30 Pro, Pixel 3 XL e iPhone XS desafiam Sony A6400 em comparativo de câmeras”

  1. E aí, concorda que o Galaxy S10 Plus tem o melhor conjunto? Acha que um smartphone líder do DxOMark já é capaz de substituir uma câmera profissional para a maioria dos usuários?

  2. Tendo conhecimento de tratamento de imagem… P30 samba no quesito de fotos com melhores resoluções em comparação e fidelidade ao S10+, qualquer aplicativo de tratamento rápido como Ligthroom faz perceber a tamanha diferença, já sobre vídeos, ainda acho que o P30 se da bem. Então levaria o P30 Pro nessa.

    Resolução das fotos do S10+ é 4000 x 3000 pixel

    Em quanto o P30 Pro é 7303 x 5477 pixel

  3. Gente a Sony a6100 não é perfeita! Para de tentar comparar os cell com eles! Inclusive as fotos da mirrorles precisam de tratamento em alcance dinâmico!

  4. Comparação ridícula em questão de votação. Claro que os fãs de suas marcas vão dar como vitoriosos, os aparelhos que gostam, e não comparação técnica. Tenho aparelhos da samsung, mas tecnicamente, o p30 pro se saiu melhor em quase todas as comparações, por questões de nitidez, saturação e balanço de branco. O pessoal acha que a foto mais colorida é a melhor e nem sempre é assim.

  5. Foi uma sacada muito boa comparar as câmeras entre si, mas tendo como referência a Alpha A6400. Parabéns pelo vídeo.

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