Galaxy S20 Ultra: Official Introduction

This is the camera that changes photography. And this is the phone that changes mobile. Introducing Galaxy S20 Ultra. Our camera brings 8K video resolution to photos… And we’ve built a game-changing 5G phone around it. At the heart sits our AI pro-grade camera system, with 9x more pixels than most cameras. That means you can forget about 12MP because with epic 108MP photos… you can now pinch in, and in… Then you can take another photo from that and it will still be pin sharp. And when it comes to zoom, Space Zoom will take you places no mobile has been before. You can now zoom 10x… Or an unbelievable 100x… Dog: Woof Woof! Yeah, For real! For Low Light, we’ve nearly tripled the sensor size, to pull in way more light… …so you can now shoot even more of the night. And when it comes to action… S20 Ultra brings true Action-Cam to mobile. “Hi Bixby, Shoot Super Steady.” Super sophisticated AI balances camera movement to make every frame of video just as smooth as a feature film. So you don’t miss a moment… Single Take’s ridiculously clever AI captures multiple formats at once. Our 8K expertise now comes to mobile.
8K Video Snap will forever change photography. You can grab a 33MP photo from 8K video… and that shot will still be clearer than other cameras. With a 5G phone built around the camera, you can now share all your 8K videos on YouTube. @jennifer94: 8K?! you start uploading 24 hours ago??!!!!! Actually, more like seconds ago. And Hyper-fast 5G means your favourite movies and shows will download in a flash. “Don’t die on me!”. Don’t die brother!” “Don’t you die on me!” No chance. S20 Ultra’s Intelligent Battery management gives you the power to go on and on and on. Thanks to storage going up to 1.5TB, there’s room to store all 750,000 of your favourite photos. “Hi Bixby, Find my Los Angeles photos.” And while these photos are protected with Knox, we’ve added a secure processor that’s dedicated to protecting your pin and password too. Today, our AI pro-grade camera system changes how you capture photos and videos. And we’ve built three game-changing 5G phones around it that change mobile. Introducing Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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  1. Apple: oh f*ck Samsung is beating us
    Also Apple: Introducing the iPhone 12, 12s, and 12s Pro! It has 231 cameras taking up all the space on the back!

  2. Such modest and taciturn brand, they didn't even mentioned that it boasts 6.9in display and that too 120hz. Wow bravo Samsung 👌👏

  3. I haven’t been this excited about a phone in a very long time tbh. And I’ve been a major fan of apple for a long time too.

  4. This is impressive but can phone companies stop making their cameras better not everyone is a freaking photographer. Work on other things

  5. Galaxy S20 Ultra:8k,100X,120HZ…. etc
    iPhone 12 pro max: hold my beer
    Just for fun😎❤

  6. No ones gonna buy iPhones now
    iPhone will take like another 3 years to pass those specs and now they r releasing the iphone 9/SE 2 hahahahahahha soo ironic apple

  7. I don’t care about the camera. If I cared, I’d get a professional camera. Plus the iPhone 11 camera is decent anyway. Having better performance is better than a camera you would probably never use.

  8. The made fountain of apples headphone jack and then the deleted their headphone jack.
    The made fun of the three cam on iPhone 11pro but they added 5

  9. I've had my S9 for over a year now and it's still going strong, I love everything about it. I'll stick with it for now, no reason to spend how ever much this new phone is, when my S9 is still perfect.

  10. I don't get it. Mobile phones shouldn't be about camera. Buy a Canon Camera or a go pro for photography. Not a mobile phone.

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