Hi guys it’s Q and today I’m taking over the Vlog because I’m in America! I’m actually here in San Francisco because Google actually sent us. To attend their Made By Google event which is happening tomorrow. And in simple terms, that event is basically the launch of their new products and updates on any like software or hardware. So tomorrow I’m going for the event and I get to try their new products first-hand. Fauzi, this is for you. Okay, so I’m here at the event location. I have my tag on – TheSmartLocal.com And basically this is the event, #MadebyGoogle, which is an annual event where they release their new products and show their new gadgets. I’m rambling about all this stuff but honestly, I’m the least tech savvy person in TSL. To be honest here, I’m gonna be very clueless. But you guys are with me right? Google just announced that they’ll be releasing a bunch of products. My mind is blown! Okay for someone who’s not really tech savvy, and who’s not really into tech right, I’m sold. I honestly want every single product but, I no money! The other thing is they actually have an in-built stabilization (function), which means like I would actually invest in that phone instead of a camera Because right now I’m holding a camera and it hurts my arm so much. And it’s really heavy. Oh, Rebecca is here! She’s trying to scare me. So what do you think about the Google (products)? What do I think? I think it’s bloody awesome! What will you get? Absolutely, I would buy… If you had to choose one item. I’m gonna say the phone, because I actually need a new phone. Me too. I hate my phone, it’s… It’s the end of the reveal and the announcement and I really think this was a very interesting experience, and I really liked it. So I can’t wait for the products to be in Singapore. Okay! Hey guys! So the Google event ended for the day, And I have maybe two to three hours before I head for dinner with the Google team. But basically I’m here at Pier 39, which is known to be very famous and touristy, in a sense. I’ve been wanting to come here the most because of the seals. The fat, chubby seals. I’m just gonna show you guys what’s there to see. Let’s go! Okay guys, so right now it’s a very exciting thing to do. I’m at the Google store at the headquarters at Mountain View. There’s only two Google stores in the world. One in USA, and the other one is in Dublin. Now I’m gonna go shopping! Oh my gosh, I want a YouTube shirt! Would people think it’s cool to wear a Google cap? I think I might get this… How much is it? Oh, $3.50 only! Buy, buy, buy… When you’re Singaporean and you look at this, You gotta get it. It’s only $8.49. When there’s a sale, get it! It’s only USD$16.99. Hmm… I might get it. And I feel like I’m gonna get a hoodie – and show it off to all the TSL people. Haha! you guys don’t have a YouTube hoodie. I have it! Take a photo of you guys? One, two, three… Make me look skinny. So right now, I’m at Battery Godfrey which is a viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge over there. And as you all know, San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, So what better way to end this vlog than with this view? My framing is set. Let’s go! What the… Like Gimbal! It’s damn stable, you don’t even see the jerks. Can’t believe it… For real. Hi! Wah… Woah, work that fence, man! Tah-dah! Eh, nice eh! Oh my god! I’m so blown! Away! So, I need you to ask some questions, okay? Okay Google, where is the nearest kopitiam (coffee shop)? Oh, beauty! You see, ‘kopitiam’ is not a word that is usually recognised. Where is TheSmartLocal? Beautiful! You are a smart local. Basically it’s Google search, but for camera. Okay, okay… Alright, so I need you to take a picture. Ooh! Okay, okay… Wait, so I can do this on anything? We have a cat! Oh! Ragdoll! Damn… See? This is damn legit eh! So if you see an animal, and you wanna know what breed it is, you can actually just take a picture and Google Lens will do the job for you! Lovely. So that was the team’s first impression of the Google Pixel 2XL. If you guys want the phone yourselves, you can actually get it from 15 November onwards. Exclusively at Singtel. Shoutout to Google once again for sending us over to San Francisco, and making my first time in America so amazing!

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