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  1. The smaller Pixel looks like a damn iPhone 4. I would still consider buying simply to have stock Android running on my phone. But lack of wireless charging and no headphone jack is a no go for me. Not to mention that mediocre 2700Mah battery.

  2. Ugly design LG and htc made, worse OLED quality than Samsung, well stock android is great but not when the hardware is this dull.

  3. Ugliest phone of 2017. They just curved the display as a marketing feature. The no headphone jack trend is just stupid. I was planning on buying this phone, not anymore.

  4. To say a screen is bad because it shows you accurate colors, doesn't make you look like a professional. It seems "washed out" compared to a Samsung AMOLED because Samsung uses oversaturated colors, making the image unrealistic. So, the screen is not bad, the screen is great, but you have other expectations from it (to show you more saturated colors that, I repeat, are not natural).

  5. Just wondering cause I ain't really a pro, but could they not tweak the dull display with a software update? Or is that something that has to physically be done to the screen? Lol

  6. So your screen complaint is that the colors are correct for once instead of suffering from Best Buy TV syndrome with blue pumped to the max? Sorry, but it's hard to take that "criticism" seriously, it's like saying IPS displays are great for their colors. The side by side of the 2 and 2XL really shows how hyper vivid the screen on the 2 is compared to the 2XL having more comfortable, real colors, especially when viewing them on my own sRGB display.

  7. Watching this review, I'm quite sure you are not aware that Google isn't using the old color profile anymore. That's why the screen appears a bit dull. They switched to sRGB and thus, the high contrast colors are no more.

  8. I did go into a Verizon store, I did check out the display, I didn't c what the hell ur talking about with the screen. Looked very nice to me. If u want the best screen display and hardware get the note 8. If u want great software, butter smooth UI, best camera, get the Pixel 2 XL.

  9. It's funny how people reacted on the color production of the screen. It's dull because google use SRGB to make the color more natural specially on capturing images, on the other hand people want more vivid then suddenly complain the camera taken look to much vivid or unnatural.

  10. Finally someone addressing d screen on YouTube.. Always looked washed out in initial hands on vids.. but nobody confirmed. Thanks 4 a well balanced review 🍻👌

  11. I think the screen was MADE to look natural. Not over saturated, do they have an option to switch that off or on like on the nexus 6P?

  12. I am fairly certain that the reason the screen gives a shift in color during angles (which no one in the world is looking at their phone from an angle during regular usage) is due to Google's implementation of being able to view the display while wearing polarized sunglasses.

    Maybe do some actual research before you make a mediocre review.

  13. It would've been nice to say that the blue colour shift was due to the polarisation of the phone and that the default screen is set to sRGB and you can disable it in developer settings…

  14. I was excited for the new Pixel 2/ 2 XL phone, but now I’m uneasy because the screen quality. I have a iPhone 6s I don’t know if the Pixel 2/2 XL screen be better than it or not. I’ve been think of switching to android because how crappy IOS 11 runs on older Apple products I have.

  15. I don't get it…if certain phone manufacturers are trying to achieve "bezel less" phones why do people expect fucking manufacturer to follow it's footsteps blindly ? I mean come on ! It's not that important as long as you are getting those amazing front facing speakers.

  16. Yeah if you go into retail store and look at one you can see how dull the color look on the pixel 2 xl it looks terrible it's a deal breaker for me I mean I get it's tune to be SRGB but there should be an option to make the color pop more hopefully if they get enough complaints they will come out with an update to fix it

  17. Hold on; of course it looks washed out, the new pixel uses the SRGB color space, but you can turn that off in settings.

  18. Too bad they're both fugly. If those designs were used by some chinese brand, people would state that every single time, but since it's made by Google, it's somehow labeled as 'industrial' and 'modern'. F* off. Reminds me of iPhones, when Apple fans go 'meh' on Oneplus 5 and Huawei P10 (in gray), but go 'wow' as soon as the device has got that Apple logo on it.

  19. I went to Verizon and played with the XL  played the same youtube video on it right next to my s8+.  screen was great on the XL, didn't see any low washed out videos on it.

  20. Can you guys inform yourself on what IP67 actually means? You're description "you won't want to skip it across a lake, but it'll survive a rain storm or a dunk in the sink" is ambiguous at best. Why not actually explain what IP67 means instead of giving this description which is left to interpretation. IP67 means it can survive at a 1 meter depth for 30 minutes, your description makes it sound more fragile. You could skip it across a lake, as long as its near the shallow areas.

  21. So many Samsonites complaining about a more accurate screen, just because they've gotten used to the oversaturated crap that Samsung feeds them year after year.

    You kids enjoy your blown out colors. That shit is not for me.

  22. Hmm. I heard the P-OLED screen was easier to view with polarized lenses. I wonder if that has anything to do with that blueing effect.

  23. Well as we all know apple phones are years behind. so obviously not buying an iPhone. Feel for that bullshit once. Samsung has a really ugly Android reskin. LG, HTC, Nokia, etc don't have the lifespan of the other manufacturers. Google is the only brand left. Also I have Project Fi so Pixel XL 2 it is. Also if you don't like the colors of the screen download the app twilight. It also allows you to dime your screen more. That's the one thing that I don't understand with phone reviews and stuff is when they say this phone has a brighter display than another. Idc about the brightness. Tell how dark it gets. I think the only thing I'll be disappointed with with the pixel 2 xl is that I can't remap the squeeze to screenshot or something, I believe it might be a little too big but I'll have to get my hands on it to know. Also the price. Why do this game have to cost money.

  24. So the colors of the screen are washed out like the filter applied to this video? So its safe to say we would all prob like it then.

  25. If you guys don't see how bad the screen is, watch this video with the Pixel 2 XL and the Note 8 side by side at full brightness https://youtu.be/ERSUDinbmdE. It's night and day

  26. To be honest iPhone 8 plus camera is better on video, selfies and portrait photos. Normal photos also there is not much difference like last year.

  27. For the price no SD card no 8gb of RAM – NO HEADPHONE JACK – internal memory should be at least 128 gb – grade is a F !!!!

  28. How much of the color shift issues I read about is due to Polarized screen? I would love it if screen is still clearly visible through Polarized lenses

  29. Excellent review Alex, with honesty. You have gone a long way to restoring some of my faith back into AndroidCentral as a tech news site, as opposed to an Amazon Clearinghouse.

    Today is October 20th & my Pixel 2 arrives today. I'm looking very forward to it. In all honesty, I would have gone with the XL if they had put a dual camera on it (preferably with telephoto as opposed to super wide). I'm now glad that they didn't so that I didn't. Looking very forward to some one handed ease of use.

    You always do great video reviews, thanks Alex.

  30. you'd think reviewers would mention that you don't even get earphones included with the phone especially considering the price

  31. I don't get how they call it "little phone" and "miniature pixel", this is not a small phone. It is smaller than the XL but still not a small phone.

  32. Funny how people are whining about the screen being sRGB instead of an overly saturated mess like the S8. It's like whining that HDR isn't as vivid as a plasma display with saturation cranked up.

  33. Yes, on software. No, on hardware. The screen on the XL is horrible, and the bezel on the 5" is ridiculously large (circa 2013).
    Really wanted to get the 2 XL, but that display is a deal breaker. Unless they recall them and re-release, can't justify the price for that horrible screen.

  34. There are several documented problems with the screen.

    1. Screen burn in after only 10 days. – inexcusable on a 1k phone.
    2. Dull colors and poor calibration – all the reds look dull.
    3. Lack of brightness.
    4. Graininess on white or grey screen.
    5. Uneven coloring on different parts of screen.
    6. Blue tint when you tilt.

    In sum, the screen sucks and is NOT acceptable for $1,000, I am so disappointed and am glad the Google Play site was sold out – otherwise I would have the phone right now.

    In addition, the phone is super fragile. The colored button on the side is plastic instead of metal and you can easily scratch the paint off. If the paint on the fingerprint sensor gets scratched, the sensor stops working. And you can bend the phone with ease at the antennae line.

    In addition (this is a matter of opinion of course), but the design and colors also suck IMO. It just does not compare to the Note 8, IPhone X and Essential phone in design.

    Scratch and bend test. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVKnt7H4zVc

    Google – step your hardware game up.

  35. Awesome review I learned way more from your review than I've learned from any of the other reviews I found I just subscribed!

  36. Why they made such a oldschool screen on Pixel 2… Make same screenbezels like Pixel XL would be better for Pixel 2. But no…

  37. The screen is one of the most important things you interact with on a phone, but it isn't the only one. Software, one can argue, is the most important and interacted with more, as it functions in the background without direct use. That said, yes – a real shame the screen isn't a Samsung screen.

    It would be helpful if these reviews pointed out that Google phones are the only phones that run on Project Fi, which really should be any Android user's wireless service. It's the secret weapon. Also, reviewers should explore and comment on networking – both LTE and WiFi, since they cover the range of connected activity, and can make or break any smart phone experience. As it is, this review touches all the usual bases but doesn't dig too deep.

  38. I'd go for the small one any time..we've seen it for years..'phablets' promise much, but seldom deliver. At the end of the day it's still a phone, and 5 inch is the perfect size for any hand, and more importantly.. jeans or pants pocket..my ten cents

  39. I have a Pixel 2XL. Great camera. Takes some of the best photos I have ever taken. Portrait mode works really well. Video stabilization is so good. Screen issues are overblown to the point of ridiculousness. Yes there is a bluish tint when angling the screen away but only noticeable when you have a whitish background. I only look at the screen straight on so if it shifts at an angle, doesn't bother me at all. If you have images or video on the screen, you can't see any blue shift. Screen burn in or image retention, again not an issue since it isn't visible unless you have a completely white background and even then you have to stare at the screen to see anything. The update was released to correct the color saturation. Now it can be over saturated just like a Samsung. Do you really need or want maker supplied earphones? I use bluetooth Sony MDR-XB950 headphones and Mpow Swift earphones. Don't need wired ear or headphones. I liked wireless charging on my Nexus 4 and 6 but I only had one charging pod and it would only be in one place in the house. Anywhere else, I would have to plug it in. So not a deal breaker. I like the usb-c with its quick charging and insert anyway into the port better. I have Google Music to access my music library and Google photos to store all of my photos and videos. I have unlimited LTE data with T-Mobile and as long as I have battery power or somewhere to plug in I can listen to or watch as music and video as I want on a beautiful screen.

  40. Coming back to real color and it the over blue…. that camera… that battery… that stock Android is awrsome… xl is the way to go.. who looks at there screen on angle and with the update gave the option for dynamic range.

  41. I want a bigger screen Like the Nexus 6. I just got the Pixel XL 2 and the screen is to small. Nexus 6 was the best Phone Google came out with. I only upgraded because they are not supporting security on the Nexus 6. But yes a big screen like the Nexus 6 and huge battery and fast ASS processor. Those are my wish list. I will trade my phone in for that.

  42. its shitt phone .phone is damm slow only after 2 weeks . fingerprint is slow . apps take 5 to 10 Seconds to launch

  43. Please tell me if this phone has photo face tag in gallery like Galaxy s5 and Note 4 if yes I will return my Galaxy S9+ right the way

  44. Sure the pixel 2 xl lacks wireless charging, a headphone jack, and has that plastic coating but it also has front firing speakers, no notch like the 3 xl, that amazing camera, the updates from Google, and a bigger screen.
    In my opinion, the pixel 2 xl is the phone for me and I'm glad I waited a while to see how the phone has aged before purchasing one and I have to say not bad at all.

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