Google Pixel 4 – PRICES LEAKED

So at this point we know everything there’s
to know about Google’s latest offerings, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. We saw hands on videos, review videos, camera
samples, you name it. But there’s one thing about the handsets that
we still have absolutely no clue and it’s the price. But that will change today because the prices
for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL have been leaked by none other than Evan Blass, who has an
amazing track record when it comes to revealing information about unreleased products. So this is what Evan Blass tweeted. These are the Canadian prices and they show
that the 2019 Pixel phones will be slightly expensive there. The base variant starts at 1050 Canadian dollars
for the Pixel 4 and 1200 Canadian for the Pixel 4 XL. If we compare it to last year’s Pixel models,
it’s an increase of 50 canadian dollars which is not a drastic increase but still an increase
nonetheless. But that’s okay I guess since the Pixel 4
will have more RAM, more cameras, soli radar chip, a 90Hz display and more. So an increase of $50 is justified in my opinion
if we compare it to their previous pricing structure. If you are wondering how much it’s gonna cost
in your region provided you don’t live in Canada. I did some conversions keeping the current
currency rates. And here are the prices in the US, UK, Europe,
Australia, and India. Keep in mind that direct currency conversion
is never a good idea in determining the prices because there are multiple factors involved
while companies price thier product in a perticular country. Tax is one of the biggest factors. So these converted prices are not accurate
prices, I did it to give you a basic idea of what to expect from the Pixel 4. But if you’re from Canada then these are the
accurate prices. If you ask me, how much I think they would
price it in the US, I would say expect a $50 increase in the price as well. Pixel 3 and 3 XL was launched at 799 and 899. So it makes sense to expect the Pixel 4 to
be priced at 849 and 949 in the US. Google could surprise everyone and keep the
prices the same as last year but it’s unlikely in my opinion. That said, here’s one thing I don’t like about
today’s leak and it’s the fact that it starts at 64GB of base storage. Come on Google, it’s 2019 when companies like
Samsung are offering 256GB as base storage on their flagships, why can’t you go for at
least 128GB. Considering how much they’re pricing for these
handsets, 64GB is not at all acceptable and that goes to Apple as well. When you consider that Pixel 4 will not have
a MicroSD slot which means you can’t expand the storage either. You’re gonna run out of the storage in no
time. Apps and games are getting heavier, the photo
and video sizes are getting big, 64GB is not going to cut it anymore. So it’s time for Google and Apple as well
to remove that bar. Make 128GB the new standard. That being said, if you want to keep updated
with all the Pixel 4 information then please consider subscribing and as always I’ll see
you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Google Pixel 4 – PRICES LEAKED”

  1. There's no f**** way in the World that Google will sell the pixel 4 XL for $1400… That's more than the iPhone and Note10….😳

  2. 64gb base storage is too low .when my note 10 plus came with 256gb. And the ugly I phone camera and big bezel on the top is just ugly.

  3. 64 is enough rn I feel like next year we’ll need more because the average user don’t really need that much storage

  4. The price is way too close to Samsung. This phone has far less features than the Galaxy flagships, less RAM, less storage, so why would anybody walk into a store and say "Yes instead of spending $1000 on a Note 10 (or maybe even 2 Galaxy s10s at this point), i think I'll spend $1000 on this Pixel cause i want less features."

  5. So, from 64gb to 128gb it charges around 120 dollars. Wow Samsung, how did you put 256gb into the base model of Note 10

  6. But one good thing about pixel is they Unlimited access to Google photos at max quality size of pictures and videos.

  7. Pixel 4 64gb 800 US dollars
    pixel 4 xl 64gb 900 US dollars
    The base storage and batteries are too low for this price
    if you gotta give that much money buy the s11 or buy a one plus 7t and save some

  8. indian pricing 1 billion percent wrong pixel 3 base variant costed around 75000 so above a $1000 for base pixel 3

  9. Even apple increased a camera and new chips and everything still reducing the price for 11. Google going backwards with thick bezels too. Not a great strategy.

  10. Apple and google won’t change that until 2020 at the earliest. I still remember how long they kept the stupid 16gb as the base model….

  11. Holy shit google is out of their mind 1k us dollars for 128 gb xl device this is waaayyyy too much not only that but the hardware is shit too

  12. If flagship smartphones were kittens in a window and I was looking to get a pet, the pixel phones would be the kitty litter trays. I don't even look at them twice because they are so aesthetically unappealing. For me, looks are the first selling point for a smartphone, followed by screen, then camera. Google is a stickler for creating eye-sores.

  13. These guys are having a laugh with that ugly crap and low storage/non expandable memory. 😐 google and apple can both fuck off. Why are phones ugly this year. Samsung with that stupid punch hole. Apple has notch and pixel has a forehead. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  14. In terms of the storage Google provides Google drive which means you get 3 TB of cloud storage for 3 years so as many pictures as you want provided you have a stable contraction can be stored on there

  15. Why are people saying it's more expensive than the iPhone ? How is it tho lmfao? Are you comparing it to the iPhone 11 which was outdated before the release

  16. Well my pixel 3 has 64 and used half of it and pixel doesn't have picture storage so it's all on the photos app

  17. The Pixel 4 will FLOP so hard omggg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ … need to drop the starting MSRP to like $699 USD … the point is to sell morrrrre phones.

  18. They don't care about 64G because they have Google 1 drive. Just like Samsung didn't care for the headphone jack to boost Buds sales.

  19. I bought Android for years just because it could do most of the things iPhone could but for half the price. Not for its latest bells and whistles, tricks, gimmicks and definitely not going for flagships. If I wanted that, I'd go for iPhone. But I both can't afford it and don't feel the pressing need to have some super dooper features. All I want from the phone is decent battery life, basic set of apps that are working properly and that I wouldn't need to fret over, decent screen and camera.
    Pixel 4? Hard pass. Its price and features aren't in my field of interest. I think I am sticking with Motorola. Sorry Google, next time focus on the basics- you got camera right, maybe even the screen. Now it's on to battery life and storage.

  20. I'm an android fan, but iphone 11 = $699, pixel 4 = $1049. And pixel isn't even the best android phone with oneplus 7t priced at $599 and 7 pro at $699. I'm sorry but the pixel 4 is a nah from me.

  21. Thanks for the update. I'm headed over to Samsung's website to buy a 512GB Galaxy S10+ for $1050 before they are gone. Google and Apple can go ahead with their gouging marketing strategy without me. No hard feelings, guys.

  22. 64gb………. If you need that many games and apps on your phone that 64gb is not enough then maybe you should sit the phone down for awhile and start enjoying life over your phone

  23. Man, these leaks make this phone feel like it didn't have any value at all. I bet Google even leaked it by itself or people won't care about it. πŸ™„

  24. Why the heck are people complaining. The prices are great. The Pixel 4 will come with a slightly higher price than last year's iPhone XR. And the XR wasn't Apple's premium phone and came with an LCD display.

  25. No wide angle lens, no fingerprint sensor, 64gb starting storage and now price increase.. I was looking forward to this phone but no thanks Google

  26. $899 US dollars for the 128gig model doesn't seem that bad. I'll trade in my pixel 3XL and it'll probably be about $600 or $500 after trade in…..

  27. The prices will drop they always do after a short time. Problem is im using a Nexus 6P still, which has been very reliable, but it's on its last leg after 3 years and I need a new phone. These prices though are giving me anxiety. Maybe carrying around a portable charger for a bit waiting for the price to drop is worth it.

  28. the pixel 3xl was launched for rupees 92000 in india (128gb)…u guys get it way cheaper than us in india.pixel 4xl will be launch at least for rs 95k in india.

  29. Price is too high, Base model should at least come with 128Gb. Even apple has reduced their prices this year, seems Google didn't learn anything from poor pixel 3 sales

  30. Dude what the actual fuck. Software & hardware are better than the previous versions. Design is uglier but arguable. Increased price? = No thanks.

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