Google Pixel 4 – Retail Box Reveals Some Surprises

The launch event of the Pixel 4 is less than
24 hours away and as expected we’re getting leaks of the handset from every corner of
the internet. In particular, a Redditor got to play with
the Pixel 4 for hours and he shared some really interesting information about the motion sense
and also the face unlock. First up, he shared this video showcasing
how the soli powered motion sense is going to work with Spotify streaming platform. He mentioned that it works flawlessly and
the important thing is it works even when the screen is off. He also noted that the face unlock requires
a double-tap or power button to activate which is understandable why it’s an option since
it would be annoying if it accidentally unlocks all the time. He further said that it’s the best handset
that Google has ever made but also mentioned that if you have the Pixel 3 already then
you won’t notice much of a difference whether that’s the camera quality or the overall experience. But he did note that the extra 2 gigs of RAM
really does make a difference. So the retail box of the Pixel 4 has been
leaked as well. And it’s just like the Pixel 3a packaging
with the phone upside down, resting on a wooden surface. The box, though clearly mentions what you’re
going to get inside the box. So it will be an 18W USB-C power adapter,
charging cable, and Quick Switch Adapter. There are no headphones inside the box, though
and there are no dongles either. And that really sucks. Google is charging almost 1000 dollars for
this phone and yet they can’t give free headphones in the box. Even Apple the company which is known for
giving you less for more money provides free headphones with their new iPhones, and Google
can’t. Honestly, it’s about time that Google should
realize that they’re not on the same level as Apple in the smartphone hardware game. Apple can get away with providing less because
they’re so popular. Pixel phones on the other hand barely have
any market share. So Google stop ripping people off, 64GB as
base storage with no micro card slot and now no headphones either? Honestly, Google has lost the plot. The Google Nexus used to represent the best-value
Android phones on the market. The Nexus 5, was one of the best Google phones
ever which cost just $350 at launch. Now we’re looking at the Pixel phones costing
almost $1000 and provide hardware which when you compare to other $1000 phones is laughable. If Google ever really wants to compete against
the likes of Apple and Samsung then they have to stop thinking that they’re the best because
they’re not, they’ve to stop thinking they’re popular and there’s huge demand for their
phones because there’s not. Either provide better hardware than the competition
for the same price or cut back on the specs and features as they’re doing currently right
now but price them accordingly. Don’t sell your handsets for $1000 with the
specs of 2017, it’s not acceptable anymore which will surely reflect in the market share
of Pixel phones as usual. Anyway, do let me know what do you think about
this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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  1. google is so lost, they are (and have been) so far behind companies like sammy and even apple is so many ways. no wonder their devices sell so poorly, and this is coming from someone who started with the Galaxy Nexus and ended with the Pixel 2 XL. last year and this year leaves much to be desired.

  2. Hopefully the reality check of diminished sales will bring them to their senses…hell Apple came out with a $699 phone. PRICE MATTERS GOOGLE, especially for the specs you are providing.

  3. "pixels are not popular in anyway" yet here you are… Making video after video after video about pixel phones. This video has 40k views in less than 7 hours. Try again saggy panties.

    "The Nexus used to represent the best value on the market." Yes..Because it used to lack everything that Flagship phones had. It was aimed for budget. Pixels aren't aimed for budget… They are aim for high-end. Oi vey…

    "They need to stop thinking they are popular" Meanwhile the website crashes every fucking launch from massive pre-orders…..

  4. Google is taking advantage of the fact that Huawei is mostly out of the game in western countries so why not try their luck… If I'm not mistaken, Google's only competitor is One+.

  5. Motion sensor!! even my 2014 Samsung S4 can change the songs and pictures with the same Google Gesture. Not to mention expect camera this phone is always overhyped. And yes 64GB onboard storage is far less in today's world.

  6. 3a doubled Pixel sales this year. Moreover, millions of 3a sold in just 2 months that 3 flagship took whole year. So Pixel is Popular AF 🔥 if Google priced it right. I won’t be surprised to see 4a sold out within few minutes

  7. Got note 10 plus at $ 450 in a sweet trade deal of my S10.And iPhone 11 in $ 300 another exchange deal of my XR. Is their any need for Pixel now? 😄😄😃😃😀

  8. Hope Google has a another trick up it's sleeve with this phone otherwise I'll looking at another phone. Don't really care for waving at my phone. I actually touching my screen. Lol

  9. You sound like with a iPhone…It will help you win the lottery … The Pixel 4 will be just the same as a iPhone… Just different platforms…. IPhone $999 for 64GB… Pixel 4 $799…$200 difference…🤔

  10. I am happy to announce that the Galaxy S9+ that I am currently using has finally received the night mode update!!! I also receive the QR Code scanner aswell!! I'm keeping this phone for a much longer time. Probably until the 2020 iPhones launches. Only because it will finally have USBC charging and a promotion display!!!

  11. Yeah there aren't headphones, but they always offer about $50 for people to pick an item from the store. Which is a pretty good deal. I got both a Google mini and a Pixel Stand the past couple rounds.

  12. I've got my Note 10 Plus 5G for 950$ new, sealed, almost 2 months ago, that has 4x more the storage of Pixel 4, 2x the RAM, and better everything…

  13. Google I was expecting a change this year with Huawei gone but I see why Huawei was banned cause u just can't make s***t.

  14. You spoke sense till you said the Pixel 4 is shipping with 2017 specs. That's plain dumb. A 90Hz display and SD 855 is not 2017…

  15. Hey guyz if you want song on Google pixel 4 then Check On Youtube = Mdn Zunors.. Tomorrow… SONG ON GOOGLE PIXEL4

  16. Pixel isn't even out yet and it's already a disappointment. Gestures? A 2014 gimmick that makes you look like an idiot and not even an ultra wide angle camera despite a giant ugly camera square.

  17. You're just talking here for one side! I've been using Pixel phone with storage 64 gb and 3 years later still there's no need of storage so.. I think there's no need to include sd card slots.. and more over your just makin people bad about the pixel phone… And in don't think there's any competition going on here with apple or any other phone manufacturing companies.. and from other videos I feel your hate for pixel..

  18. U r right why somone pay 1000$ for Android phone when can buy apple and other great flagships except who u r dieheart fan of pixel camera and stock experience

  19. I'm Indian but i live in Kuwait
    In Kuwait the pixel and pixel 2 were a FAIL
    So when the pixel 3 was announced Most stores didn't even put the phone in the display to check it out Cuz no one cared about it and the only pixel 3 you could buy was the XL
    Kuwait Is mostly all about sammy and apple and a little bit of Huawei
    Who knows if the pixel 4 generates hype with that Soli radar Chip and 90HZ🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  20. The main drawback is that they will launch pixel 4 with high price tag for even 64GB variant but eventually they will reduce the price drastically as compared to others especially apple which won't give you the best value at the end. You'll see huge price difference within couple of months in india but not sure about other markets. So better they don't try fly high.
    Anyone agrees ?

  21. Sal I saw your videos being advertised on Some illegal web sites.
    Hope you are not the one choosing to advertise them there (Cracked Games Apps Software sites)

  22. I sheeps are forced to eat whatever the company shits out. That’s not the same for android users. Pixel 4 won’t sell as well as other flagships IMO.

  23. Pixel phones have always been lacking in terms of design and performance. There's no problem with its camera and software but damn, the storage, the processor and the built is just so trashy. Imagine integrating Pixel's software in a device like Oneplus, I think it would be the best phone ever….

  24. Hahaha well said !!! You delivered stinging slaps to Google’s face one after another. Other tech reviewers should follow your footsteps and be more direct and honest rather than fearing backlash. Bravo 👏🏻

  25. This guy sounds super bitter and ignorant.. I'm sure you have a lot of earbuds or headphones sitting around your house.. maybe use you airpods.??

  26. Mark my words fell take notes next year will be the year of tech with the Google pixel 5xl in the PlayStation 5 got a pixel 3XL last year along with the PS4 pro 1tb not upgrading this year

  27. I get your point re the headphones, im pissed off by it too.. but dont justify Apple pulling the same shit.

    Its crap from both of them

  28. Everybody on here is backwards as hell. Y'all complain about a 64 gig pixel but yet you pay $1,100 for a 64 gig iPhone 11 pro. Lol I'm sleep 😴😴😴😂😂

  29. Google is failed to take advantage of their brand name. They can easily give competition to Samsung & Apple bcoz they are equal popular as a brand forget about chinese companies like mi oppo vivo. Those are not brands but Google's average looks , hardware & pricing isn't best even not good.

  30. Not cool that google doesn’t have enough supplies of the pixel 4XL with 128 on so orange color available for people why is that?

  31. New pixel just sucks, i hope it will have bad sales so they rethink everything. First of all it needs at least 128gb base storage and obviously bigger battery, pixel 4 2800mah lmao wtf most phones nowadays going from 3500mah to more than 4000mah, 18W charger… most non apple companies going for 25-65W charging, no wide angle camera, no earbuds included in the box and even dongle is not included, only 6gb ram while others going from 8gb to 12gb. Also i heard but might be wrong that there is no super important feature and that is finger print scanner… smh if its true then this is the worst phone of 2019 and basically worst google phone and worst android phone ever. And to charge nearly $1000 lmao plus those designs are terrible. This phone lacks a lot and price is ridiculous, its as if they want to get terrible sales

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