Google Pixel 4: What we love about the new device

This is the new Google Pixel 4 and here are three reasons why it’s awesome The most incredible feature about the Pixel 4
is how you control it through its Motion Sense feature you can skip songs, silence alarms or
shush those pesky callers and make them talk to the hand Then there is the dual camera setup with dual exposure control
and an 8 megapixel wide selfie lens on the front Both allow you to take incredible portraits
and beautiful landscapes anytime Say you want to take a photo of your buddy at the beach
and it’s mega sunny, no problem And if something captures your eye in the distance
and beautiful landscapes anytime you can zoom all the way in with the
Super Res Zoom feature so you don’t miss a thing The most cutting edge feature about the new Pixel 4
is the improved Night Sight functionality without using one of these you can capture the night sky in incredible detail
it’s really amazing And if you need to get things done
Google is here to help Hey Google, what’s next on my calendar Next up you have a meeting in 5 minutes Ok gotta go

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