Google Pixel Slate review: Just an ok Android tablet

hey everyone I’m Michael Simon and
welcome back to Android confidential and if you’ve been following this series at
all you’ve heard a lot about phones phones phones phones phones phones but
today I want to talk about something a little different
Google’s newest tablet the pixel slate so when we’re talking about tablets we
have basically two wins in the market the iPad pro at the top and the Amazon
fire tablets at the bottom is a couple of them down there and that leaves a
massive space in the middle and that’s where Google comes into play with its
pixel slate the best part of this thing is the display Google calls it a
molecular display I don’t really know what that means it’s like Apple’s liquid
retina stuff it’s it’s just all marketing jargon but whatever it is it
lives up to it mm my 3,000 resolution movies look
awesome Chris bright blacks are even good even
though it’s an LCD it’s just it’s one of the nicest LCDs that this size you’re
gonna get it’s compatible it’s you know if the laptops it’s it’s just it’s a
fantastic display my only real quibbles with the device are the size and the
corners of the screen if a little big it’s actually bigger than Apple’s twelve
point nine inch iPad pro but even beyond that I would have liked a 11 inch or a
ten and a half inch version to make it a little more holdable a little bit more
portable and the corners of the screen they’re right angles which you know it’s
pretty common but after seeing the iPad pro and those rounded corners I would
really like that here too so it’s cool about the slate is Google’s offering it
in a range of processors for different budgets we start with the $600 Celeron
at the very bottom and it goes all the way up to a core i7 for $1600 to the top
I can’t imagine many people are gonna buy that one and I think most people are
gonna settle on the $800 one which is a core m3 which is the sweet spot I think
for performance I tested the thousand-dollar Core i5 one it’s really
nice but it’s probably a bit too much power for what we’re gonna be using
these things for and 800 bucks gotta buy a keyboard so it’s a little bit more
than that but I think that’s a good price I tested it that benchmarking like
14 hours real-world I’d use the hell out of this thing and I got from all the way
from morning to night with benchmarking which battery tests with video with work
with all this stuff and I didn’t have any problem reaching the end of the day
so it the battery is fantastic on this thing but now you’re asking what makes
it an Android review okay it’s a Chromebook but it’s Play Store and
Android apps are front and center on this thing and in tablet mode it’s
unlike anything that chrome produces when you turn it on for the first time
you’re gonna you’re gonna meet this interface that’s not quite chrome and
it’s not really Android either kinda looks like an iPad to be honest here
you’re presented with your apps and you know whatever you’ve installed on a
prior user and everything’s right there there’s no real desktop you’re you’re
taken right to your app drawer as if you have a pixel phone and the app drawer is
open and I really like how it kind of like merges these two worlds we got
Chrome we got Android into kind of coming together it’s really better than
any Android tablet I’ve used it’s a smart interface Google really put some
thought into how we’re gonna use these things as a tablet and what that means
to touch things rather than use a keyboard and how it’s different from
Android on the phone again it’s not full Android if you’re looking for a full
Android tablet you’re not gonna want this thing but you can run all your apps
you can get to the Play Store and it’s a really nice interface now this is all
new for Google and chrome so there are quite a few bugs that I saw when I was
using it specifically in tablet mode Bluetooth just shut off sometimes the
pixel 3 is supposed to unlock it when it’s near it that didn’t really work a
couple of times it just like restarted cuz it felt like it like there are you
know pretty major bugs that I experienced it was it constant they were
random they’re constantly updating these things so they emailed me they’re pretty
confident that they gotta squash all these things and with the next update a
couple updates so we’re talking about six moves six weeks maybe two months and
this will all be ironed out what won’t be ironed out is the transition from
tablet to keyboard Chromebook mode so the pixel of slate is a
Chromebook and the book part is Google’s pixel slate keyboard which cost 200
bucks and you pop it in it becomes a laptop II type thing like the iPad pro
it’s not quite a laptop it’s a little flimsy to use in your lap but it’s great
on a table as soon as you pop it into the dock it becomes a Chromebook and
things change a full screen window becomes a small window and there’s
multitasking this PC style stuff and if you like Chromebooks if you use
Chromebooks is very familiar this is the interface there’s a dock you know some
things are new when they know they’re constantly refining this thing but you
know it’s a Chromebook and now we’re switching from a really true tablet
interface to a PC style interface when you take it out you go right back to
that tablet interface so whatever app is in front becomes full screen and it’s
just it’s it’s mentally confusing I used it for
about three days and I never quite got to the point where I was picking it up
and moving it in one fluid motion I would take out of the dock and something
would come up and I’d say are what am i doing now a smarter way to do it in my
mind would be to bring up the multitasking immediately so you can pick
what you want to do rather than just assuming you want to start with the same
map that you’re in Google’s gonna refine all this and they’ll change it and
they’ll work on it but right now it’s you know going from one mode to the
other it’s a little bit jarring well Google is really trying to do with the
pixel slate is take that mobile Android experience and the PC style Chromebook
experience and just kind of merge them we’ve seen is going on for a little
while now we’ve heard rumors of this mythical operating system that’s gonna
bring everything together and maybe that’s still coming I’m sure it is it’s
not quite there yet if you want an Android tablet this probably isn’t the
one to get there’s a lot of bugs with apps and they’re not quite there with
the integration of the Play Store yet and if you want a Chromebook I don’t
think you really want this one either because it’s tough to use as a laptop
it’s really hard to use in tablet mode you got to buy extra accessories to
really kind of bring out the best parts of it I think the pixel book last year’s
pixel book is still you know where we’re at with this we got a keyboard attached
so it’s a true laptop and if you flip it around you can still use that tablet
mode and at least try it out the pixel slate is a really nice tablet it’s more
of a device from the future though where all this is going chrome and Android and
where we’re gonna get to eventually right now though I don’t really think
it’s worth that kind of money so thanks for watching make sure to check out my
full pixel slate review on PC world you’ll find the link down below while
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all of our pc and android coverage and if you have any comments what do you
guys think of this is it an Android tablet is it a chrome is this the future
let me know down below and I’ll see you next time

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