GoPro MAX: Most Stable Camera Ever? MAX HyperSmooth + Horizon Leveling

What’s up everyone Abe Kislevitz here
and today we are doing a GoPro MAX horizon leveling and stabilization demo
in Hero Mode. So hero mode is a setting where you can film out of one lens or
the other just like a traditional GoPro. We have different lens options, we have
MAX HyperSmooth, and new in GoPro MAX is a toggle for horizon leveling right
inside of the camera. I’ve built this little contraption to show you both
horizon leveling and MAX HyperSmooth in action through the lenses of GoPro MAX –
and I’ve got a GoPro on my head to show you all the crazy and shaky ways I’m
moving the camera if you couldn’t tell through the video from MAX. We’ll see
just how smooth the footage is with MAX HyperSmooth and horizon leveling
built right inside the camera. One of my favorite aspects of filming with GoPro
MAX versus a traditional GoPro is that when you turn on MAX HyperSmooth or
horizon leveling, there’s actually no loss in field of view, even at the widest
lens which is MAX SuperView. Let’s do a little running test shall we Here’s a little mind
trip – so what I’ve done is I’ve put the camera in the vertical orientation so
the camera is sideways. I’ve locked the orientation in the camera, turned horizon
leveling on, and now if I turn the camera horizontal it’s still filming in the
vertical orientation. So what you could do is you can mount the camera in the
standard horizontal position without any sort of vertical mounts but still be
filming in this vertical orientation for things like Instagram stories. So there
you have it: horizon leveling in the GoPro MAX which is very cool!

100 Replies to “GoPro MAX: Most Stable Camera Ever? MAX HyperSmooth + Horizon Leveling”

  1. Hi, does anybody know whether there will be a "smart follow" option in the mobile or desktop workflow soon? E.g. setting a snowboarder or skateboarder the focus shall follow? Instead of putting in a million of key frames?

  2. Everyone thinks this stabilisation is so amazing, but it was the French company Parrot who pioneered this accellerometer based stabilisation back when they released the Parrot Bebop drone in 2014.. The drone used a 180 degree FOV fisheye lens and cropped within this view based on information received from the XYZ sensors.. You could turn the drone upside down and the view on your smartphone from the drone was still right-way-up and fully stabilised.. Take a look at this video recorded in 2014 with the Parrot drone, WITHOUT the use of a gimbal, using ONLY the fisheye lens –

  3. Hi! How long can you record with this camera? Can record with the charger connected? Will MAX be good on motorcycle rides?

  4. 600euro for stabilization)))) I better use 100 usd camera with 100 +usd stab. And where is the wind absorption? 1:50

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  6. I love your creative way to demonstrate the amazing horizon leveling feature of the GoPro Max! Well done! Even though this camera doesn’t have 120fps or 4K, this horizon leveling feature makes it a game changer for kitesurfers who want to use a line mount. In my video I review that feature, but your demo with the plastic box is brillant!

  7. Wow, this is truly impressive. GoPro is not fucking around when it comes to stabilization. To think of this even compared to like the GoPro 3 is mind-blowing. Awesome test and awesome product 🙌🏻

  8. Hi! Thank you very much for your review! But-but I want to see the helmet with the camera and running, can you do it? Thanks in advance!

  9. Awesome test and review man! Its crazy how good the max is, its just like they use tech that out of this world! too bad i already have too many cameras including the insta360 one x too, which is such a amazing little camera! but lately ive been using it as a dashcam😅

  10. These cameras are getting close, give me 4K hero mode and take my money. Guessing we are a couple of versions away. For now, I'm loving the Hero 8.

  11. Thanks for the awesome video. You pretty much sold it right there. I though I saw somewhere that this option is not available in the 360bmode,is that right?

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