it’s called the Super Retina display in about a month here some of you guys will be watching these videos on the iPhone
X went ahead and did a little optimization here and much of it is
packed right up here into this tiny little area at the top of the display we
call this the true depth camera system that doesn’t go away don’t want to take
advantage of the deeper pixels there’s also the proximity sensor the ambient
light sensor the speaker and microphone all packed into this watching you
watching a video let’s go [Music] I don’t know about you but I’m already seeing deeper pixels so this is interesting I’m getting like
this series of postcards they’re all abstract they never come at once they
dribble in like once a week or something this is monsoon number four from INTJ
photo and the mail workers actually have noticed this they’re like you got
another one in the series and I’m like oh okay
and so I’ll put these together with the stuff that I’ve got in the back there
and show these to you next time those of you out there who shoot film have
probably heard the big film news this week there were actually two big news
items one was on ektachrome and if you don’t recall earlier this year I believe
is it CES Kodak announced that they would be bringing ektachrome back this
postcard comes from sp @saudekphotography on tumblr and instagram hi
Ted I am an architectural / urban photographer in New York City and I
recently went to the Empire State Building Observatory for the first time
in many years that I have been here but anyway I made some postcards from my
favorite shots from the ground and immediately thought of you what is your
opinion on watermarks I asked this because it seems to me that people
either love them or hate them honestly not a big fan you know I understand
completely why people want to watermark their images but I’m purist when it
comes to photography and I just anything that is not part of the actual image I
don’t think needs to be on it at all and what really annoys me is when people are
so in love with their logo that they stamp it so big on the photograph it’s
just it’s it’s all a distraction just my opinion SP I love it so it was
announced back in January that Kodak were going to be bringing back
ektachrome in Q4 of 2017 selling this in 35mm and Super 8
formats which is kind of interesting and there was going to be kind of this lab
thing where you could return your film and get it processed for the
8-millimeter I guess this was peta pixel where I saw this but I guess the
plan right now is that there will be a limited release whatever that means of
ektachrome in q4 2017 and then a full-scale production ramp up in 2018 I’m telling you guys if they actually bring back ektachrome and super 8 I’m
ready to fire this up this is a Canon 1014 XLS which at the time was like a
really incredible super 8 video camera this one works I just need to get some
film and shoot on it I could start filming the art of photography in super 8 probably not but I would like to shoot something with it remove
tape and unfold to read got to exercise some care on this one no he literally
means remove the tape I’m tearing it extra careful whoa okay so this is a
card it’s a picture of a car and this is from Shane and when you remove the tape
okay this is pretty funny I swear I did not plan this I just did the little
segment on ektachrome and he actually asked me a question in here
he’s been mainly shooting on 35 millimeter and 120 film formats he’s
collecting old cameras and he asked me in here do you think that with Kodak’s
renewal of ektachrome manufacturing that we may even start seeing the possibility
of these film formats returning even in smaller batches you know I think
anything’s possible I think the trick that all these people are going to have
and we said this on the show before and my friend Dave Bias who works with Ferrania
doing them in small batches it’s such a meticulous process to set up and it
works better in volume but I think personally that anything can be tackled
that’s just an obstacle and so if there are enough people that want to shoot
film someone will figure a way to get film out I think it’s pretty exciting
time for film Shane thanks for the picture and the note and for timing your
ektachrome question might as well talk about the other film news item which is
that Polaroid is back and this is actually kind of exciting Polaroid
obviously the most famous name when it comes to instant film and the company
went bankrupt I think it was in 2001 their CEO went to jail and around
2008 or so they stopped making instant film made knickknacks and they made
picture frames they made that cube thing so after they stopped making film a
company called The Impossible Project kind of took the reins on this and they
bought the last remaining factory that produced Polaroid film and I think they
own the patents on some of the film recipes and such impossible project I think
in all things considering have done a fine job with this I got really tired of
Impossible Project because rather than abandoning films that wouldn’t work they
would sell them as conceptual films like fade to black when the fixer didn’t
work and stuff like that and it burnt me out a little bit on shooting instant
film in general but that aside I think impossible have done an interesting job
of keeping this alive in the interim now the big news is
that Polaroid have actually acquired The Impossible Project and they are going to
start making film under the name Polaroid once again they have a new
camera called the OneStep 2 it sounds like a dance move along with the dancing camera
Polaroid has decided to start a subdivision of its company called
Polaroid originals which will be making film for these cameras that will be
known as i-type and the it’s interesting that the I and i-type stands for
incredible I guess it’s no longer impossible this is possibly the ugliest
camera in the world very shining this is my Polaroid sx-70 and this is a camera
that I bought probably around 2005 ish when you could still get film for these
the original film the time zero was still available times zero had this
emulsion that would take a while to set and so you could actually do these
effects whether you go back over it with a spoon or you could heat it up and you
can get things to swirl around and people like to do that times zero was
actually really good film and the sx-70 was a great camera you’ve got two
controls on here you’ve got manual focus you’ve got this contrast dial which is
basically setting the exposure to either underexpose or overexpose and then you
can press the shutter button and everything’s done with the little
crosshair circle rangefinder thing in the viewfinder when I bought mine and I
bought it used it had a black covering on it and the black leatherette and it
was coming apart it was really disgusting you pick it up and you’d have
black goo on your hands and stuff so I knew any of the replacement so I found
a guy on eBay that made these skins that you get for your Polaroid that would you
know in various finishes you get the tan or you could get the black leather and
then they have this option for this cowboy gold and I could not resist and I
think I may not be able to resist actually removing this and starting over
not one of my finer design choices next up we have some zine these come to us
from Zanda Mylonis who says thanks for the feature a few months ago it’s right
he sent zines and before thought you may be interested in our new stuff from
postcode patriot art collective thanks for the zines Zanda – very cool next up
is this wonderful book called click and this comes to us from Dale Bolin and
Dale writes each year for the past 25 years my girlfriend’s employer has
organized the photo contest open to its employees cash prizes are awarded for
the winners in each category and more interesting is that the company publishes
this multi hundred page book of submissions then in celebration of Saint
Jordi’s day the company distributes the book and a rose to each of its thousands
of employees around the world 2 interesting notes in here Dale says that
the company is Grifols SA which is a Spanish headquartered health care
company and Saint Jordi is the patron saint of the region of Spain Barcelona
where Grifols is located to celebrate St Jordi’s Day people exchange roses
and books Dale thank you for sharing the book with all of us love it folks the
day of reckoning has come for me this is a book that has come to us from I’m a
try and pronounce this correctly Synnøve now the reason I’m calling this the
day of reckoning is Synnøve G Solberg has been a big fan of the show for a
long time we have exchanged comments on social media probably sounding like an
idiot trying to pronounce your name and I’m really sorry about that but I am
excited about this this book is about myself years and years with chronic
fatigue syndrome has put a book with photos I have taken ups and downs of
sorrows and happy moments the good thing about CFS is that you can stay on the
sofa edit photos create projects order prints and books when I feel up to it I
get out with my camera I love to feel the flow when ideas and inspiration come
to mind I feel like a complete fool that I cannot pronounce your name correctly
but thank you for sharing this this is really amazing there’s some wonderful
work in here and I love hearing stories when people have instances where art or
photography have introduced a sort of therapy into their lives and I think
that shows the real power behind all the stuff that we do this is absolutely
gorgeous thank you next up is this package which comes to us from Stansilov
who is a Ukrainian photographer so this is a grey world by Stansilov
Guly this is very interesting Stansilov said I was born in a small town in
Ukraine during my childhood and teens I was surrounded by people who are not
interested at fighting for their dreams because of social judgments and fear and
risk anyway he goes on over time to say that he’d studied become a banker moved
to London and in seeing the world and the diversity exists he writes and
suddenly I understood that I wasn’t wrong with the world is diverse
I failed my final exams on purpose and moved to Riga Latvia and sometimes I
go to Israel because the people are amazing there is no right or wrong time
for chasing personal desires because it’s what’s inside the heart that’s true
even against all odds fear weakness or people no dreams should be abandoned
because it’s worth fighting failing and succeeding Stansilov this is a
beautiful book beautiful words and thank you for sharing this with everyone okay
we are making a dent in this mail situation in the other room if you guys
want to send something in to share my address is in the show description right
now I got to clean this up hit the like button or subscribe or something go
watch another video

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