100 Replies to “Guess Where We’re Going?! | MOM VLOG”

  1. 🗣🗣TAAAABIITHA!! Love her!! ❤
    Also please tell Ms.Ziya to make sure her baby is appropriately dressed for the trip. Don't think the diaper is going to cut it in the snow!😂😂❤

  2. Raven, I have 5 children. 2 older than you. You are mature beyond your years. I always watch like…"she's only 25???"….Very impressive! Love the quality time you guys give Ziya! ❤ Oh and by the way (I'm from Michigan), they're called snowpants. 😊 A snowsuit is when the coat and pants are all connected as one. She's gonna love the snow. As long as she's really bundled up cuz Ziya is not gonna be bothered with being cold and we know this! 😂😂😂

  3. @ravenelyse I've been watching your mom's videos. On helping me how to grow my YouTube. I love your vlogs. And your mom is awesome. YouTube has helped me so much and so many ways you can't even imagine and I plan on making it my career, but I'm not only trying to make that could my career out. I'll be doing other things as well. Not just YouTube. I really hope to be successful.

  4. hi I am knew to your channel if this is possible for you to answer this question on a vlogs for me i was wondering who is Ziya dad if you are not wanting to answer this it is fine because i don't have a dad in my life too

  5. Do you wear high waisted jeans that cover your belly button? We have similar body types and I S T R U G G L E to find jeans that are high enough and long enough for my legs. In need of suggestions 😩

  6. Thanks so much Raven for the hook up with HelloFresh…. I was so sad after I got my meal plan set up and found out that they don't deliver it where I live😢

  7. I just absolutely love ziya she is such a good kid. She go be fly in her new gear. And i love your snow coat raven i want one now just like it. 😁

  8. My mom did the same thing you’re doing raven. Taking trips and experiencing new things! My mom took me to China, London, Paris etc before I was 18 I’m 26 now. When I tell you it made me sooo humble because seeing kids my age at the time working in sweatshops and not getting a proper education made me be super appreciative! I hope your new adventure is filled with love and joy!

  9. Love the content thus far Raven. The quality of your videos just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work✌🏾❤️🌞

  10. So I never had a North Face coat either I'm not really that type of woman however I did go to Macy's and I found some North Face boots they're really warm there waterproof they're fuzzy inside and they they're over there high-waisted so they're above the ankle but a little below the calf if you get my drift I would recommend those they have them in Black they have them in gray and purple I might have the black ones but I love them and they're so comfortable just a recommendation love you guys💋💋💋

  11. Excited if it’s Colorado … excited if it’s not …. just excited n it ain’t even my trip 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

  12. Anxiety??? Omg she is so young! I think traveling is a great idea and great way to learn. This will be fun. I will be tuned in.

  13. I recently went to Canada and had to buy ski clothing! I got my jacket from Zulily, pants from Amazon and boots from Northface! All affordable and veryyyyyy warm!!!!

  14. Ziya gets new coat
    Toddler looks at TV

    “Mommy can you buy me that coat?!”

    blank stares at her because she LITERALLY has about 5 GOT DAMN coats

  15. I’m trying to figure out if Ziya is sassy, sulky, moody or a pretty little combo. 😂😂😂 Her sitting with her baby across her lap is so adorable. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Can we talk about how Raven is such an amazing mom? Their bond is so strong, and she spends so much time helping Ziya to learn and be independent.

  17. Hey raven do you keep your kitten locked in one room while you’re out or do you let him roam around friendly within the house?

  18. I definitely see the pros of this new intro, but I like the previous one more because (yes got used to it) but also it ends nicely. The new music fades towards the end almost too abruptly so it doesn’t really feel “complete.” Idk if that even made sense. Maybe with the old into you could switch some photos showing your influencer side

  19. ommgggggggggggg you guys come to killeen when i'm not there!!!!!im so saddd
    – actually just realized i was in killeen cause my mom was gonna go to this event😭😭😭😭

  20. To be honest you are the best person to sponsor because you explain it and really convinces me to get everything you sponsor. 🙂🙃

  21. After an unsuccessful grocery and eating out budget, I took up the Hello Fresh subscription offer. I’ll keep you updated

  22. Hey mama! Just an FYI Ziya's chest clip on her carseat should be even with her armpits so that in an accident her organs aren't severed and it should be tight enough that you can't pinch the straps so she doesn't fly out in an accident. Just wanted to share so little miss Ziya is as safe as possible in case you didn't know. ♥️♥️♥️

  23. Our daughters are the same age. How do you manage getting her in and out of her car seat with your nail length? I have honestly opted to just forgo the nail salon until she and my son (16 months old) are in booster seats. :/ BTW I am definitely looking forward to your new series because my daughter loves Ziya.

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