Guide to Digital Cameras : Battery Types for Digital Cameras

Type of battery is also important too. Some
people like the idea of being able to get AA batteries, because in an emergency situation,
they can pick up some alkaline batteries at the store and, if their batteries are dead,
and then they can replace them, and continue onward. But with AA batteries, I’ve discovered
that it takes the maximum amount of voltage to power up a camera, so in just a week’s
time, if you use rechargeable batteries, even without using the camera, the batteries will
come below that voltage level in order to start the camera. So the best thing to do
is when you need to go and shoot the camera, then you need to charge up the batteries right
beforehand, that way the batteries will last the rated life. And, it’s always good to have
a set of backup batteries, but like I said, even without using AA batteries that are rechargeable,
they will run down because it requires a significant amount of voltage which is close to the top
end voltage of those batteries and all it has to do is go down a little bit, and the
camera won’t operate.

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