Guide to Digital Cameras : Digital SLR Cameras

Now let’s talk about digital SLRs. In the
past, film SLRs had several advantages over other cameras. First off, you could change
the lens, and that’s very important because you may want to get a wide angle lens on there.
Or you may want to put a zoom lens, or you want to put a portrait lens on there. And
it gives you more versatility depending on what kind of pictures you’re going to take.
And the same thing’s true with digital SLRs, you can change out the lens. And you can get
generic third party brand lenses, like Tameron and other brands that have specific Canon
or Nikon or Olympus or Pentax mounts, and use those too as well. Another thing that
digital SLRs have, is the ability to use a mirror. So that when you look through the
viewfinder, it will show you exactly what’s going to be in the picture. In the old days
with film cameras would use the range finder type camera, you didn’t see exactly what’s
going to be in the photograph. You may be off a little bit. And in the old days with
film cameras, you know, you might have missed the exact perfect crop. The crop being the
perfect area to do a perfect picture. But the thing is, is since it was difficult developing
film and it had to be done in complete dark and the prints had to be in complete dark
as well too. Generally unless you were a pro, you didn’t develop the pictures yourself.
Now with new digital levels, you could basically develop and crop your pictures in the camera.
So that’s a large or not as critical, for having showing you the perfect scene that
you’re going to be shooting from your viewfinder.

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