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That’s a great picture. (thank you) but did you know you can get a lot more than just a couple of likes for it? join GuruShots – the world’s greatest photography game, have fun, challenge yourself and become a better photographer. get huge exposure and win real prizes. connect with millions of photo enthusiasts around the world GuruShots – the world’s greatest photography game

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  1. GS was never about photography – it works in a way that they let you progress up to a level of the Champion for free. Most of the participants are hooked by that time and are ready to spend some money for extra Swaps and Keys in order to progress further in the "game". GS is changing rules all the time, making it impossible to progress further without buying extra Swaps and Keys. Voting is rigged – you will get at least 50% more votes (for the same photo) if you enter the challenge in the last few hours, but you have to pay for late entering with the Key ($2.99) and there are always a lot of people who are willing to pay for that chance. If you enter at the beginning of the challenge, you have absolutely no chance to win (or even be among the top 100 most of the time) no mater how good you image(s) is, and the only strategy is to swap your early entry photo with another one in the last few hours of the challenge, but for that you need to use at least one Swap ($0.99). You can "earn" free Swaps and Keys ( 1 free Swap every 6th challenge, 1 free Key every 8th challenge you participate in)…There is also a Boost option which enables you to unlock extra exposure of one of your images and gain extra votes, but Boost gets unlocked for free (and at the random times) only if you enter the challenge in the first 24 hours (when the voting is low, so boosted image gets the lowest number of votes) – however, you can unlock Boost at any time by using extra Key…so if you enter late (using one Key), you'll need to unlock the Boost (another Key), and than you will need few Swaps (because the battle is fearsome in the last hour of the challenge), and only than you'll have some chance to win. However, be aware of one thing: 90% of the people who participate in the challenges don't even understand what is the theme of the challenge about, and those are the people who will vote for your images. Also, most of the images on GS are of really bad quality, but you may be surprised what people are voting for – so don't be surprised if some blurry, out of focus, crappy image made by someone's old cellphone gets more votes than your professionally made photo made with expensive equipment. Remember, GuruShots was never about photography, it is all about making profit on people's ego ("Guru of photography" – wow). And if that means something to you, and if you are wiling to give the rights of your images to some shady people so they can do with them whatever they like and you subsequently even pay for it, than go ahead, open up your wallet and join the ride on GuruShots….

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