Gypsophila Photography – how to get creative macro photos of tiny flowers!

Hi guys, I’m Ben from Adaptalux and
welcome to another flower photography tutorial today I’m here in the kitchen
and I’m gonna be getting really close up with some Gypsophila so stick around
and I’ll see you in just a sec gypsophila then a really interesting
little plant with really small flowers this is gonna be a really interesting
shoot because of how small those flowers actually are I’ve got a big vase full of
them here and you can see exactly how many there are and how small they are
and it’s because of that size that we’re going to have a challenge usually say
with our clematis which if you’ve not seen it already I’ll link it up in the
top corner that was a really interesting shoot because the flower was so large
and it have really big petals we could get down inside that flower with our
macro lens and capture the details of individual parts of it with these we’re
going to have to get really really close even to just get a single flower at a
decent size within the frame so I’m going to get started setting up some
lighting I’m going to get lighting arms up inside here and we’re going to
explore these flowers and see what we can get these flowers are absolutely lovely
they’re really really tiny and they have a very very strong scent to them so
they’re really nice to have around in your house I’m not actually going to
take them out of our little vase here what I’m going to do instead is I’m
going to go freehand with the camera and I’m going to use the Adaptalux Studio
to get our lighting up close into into the bouquet and around all of these
different stems to move the lighting to exactly where we want it both in the
foreground and in the background so the very first thing that I’m going to do is
bring some lighting in I’ve got my Adaptalux Studio control pod set here
on the mini tripod so that I can bring it up nice and high with these
adjustable legs that extend out as well so I can lock this into position and
have quite a lot of height on there to reach up to the top of our vase and then
obviously we’ve got the lighting arms as well which then plug into the front of
the control pod and I can bring these into two position inside this little
bouquet of flowers and I can bring some around the outside as well so we
essentially have one lighting arm lighting our foreground and then one
lighting arm lighting our background now you can do
this both where they’re the colored lighting arms you’ll see that I’ve got a
blue here right now but we can also use the white lighting arms with color
filters so I’ve got a good selection of of color filters here ready to go and to
the name of the game is simply to experiment with these little white
flowers adding a little bit of color if you’re feeling creative or just using
the white lighting arms and maybe some diffusers if you want to get nice
representative shots of this big cluster of white and green the first thing that I’ve been trying is
to get a shot of a single one of these flowers now they’re really really small
they maybe take up a sixth of the frame if that and so our background is really
really important what I’ve done here is add some colored lights to the
background which gives us some really nice out-of-focus bokeh effects on the
rest of the flowers behind the one that we’re shooting the use of colors and the
choice of those colors is entirely up to you it’s down to your preference and
creativity I’ve used green and blue I think it gives it quite an underwater-y
look if not particularly realistic but it’s really interesting to get that
separation between the white flower and the colorful background without that
that the main flowers go to blend in with all of the other white flowers
behind it and it’s not going to stand out we catch the eye next I’m going to
try and find a few flowers in a similar position so I can get a little bunch of
flowers and then think about the background in a similar way maybe using
some color filters I’m having a lot of fun playing around
with these flowers moving my lighting around and finding different interesting
compositions and there are so many compositions when you’ve got something
quite as complex and detailed as these little branches are you can go exploring
for little little individual clumps of flowers grab a shot from the front but
you also need to think about your background at the same time especially
when it comes to your lighting if you want your backgrounds to be quite
colorful and light you need to put a quite a lot of light into that
background on these white flowers if you if you’re shooting straight through and
you only have you know a couple of stalks and maybe a couple of flowers in
there the background ends up quite dark so you need to make sure to expose and
light your foreground with your background in mind if you’re wanting
more lights in your background you’re going to have to put less light on your
foreground and then expose for that so that the background then becomes
brighter obviously you can add more lights and change the brightnesses of
all of these lights individually as well and that really is the joy of continuous
lighting like this you can see exactly what you’re doing as you’re building
your scene as you’re moving your lighting around there’s no guesswork
like that would be for say using some flash guns and placing those around you
know exactly what balance of light is going to happen because you can see it
with your own eyes the colors that I’ve been using a varied but I’ve really
enjoyed using this pink color filter on a white lighting up it creates this nice
summery feel in the background of your shot and and really complements the
white flowers obviously using different colors and different color filters is
entirely down to you and your preferences and what kind of feel and
style of image you want to come out with at the end but I do recommend changing
your color filters around experimenting with all of these
different colors and options that are available you don’t know what things
that are going to turn out like until you try it so with that said I’m going
to try a few more different angles on these flowers move around just a little
bit more and let’s see what we can come up with I’ve had a lot of fun exploring and
shooting these little flowers and they are really really little that very very
small and they’re so numerous as well I’ve got lots of shots of all sorts of
different angles with different things in the background no two shots have been
the same simply because me moving just a couple of centimetres has changed the
composition of the shot entirely because the background has changed it as well
playing around with the colors and the lighting has been really fun as well
adding in different color filters and different colored lighting arms for
entirely different feels and vibes to these shots from underwater looking
landscapes to nice bright pinks and yellows and oranges that’s not to say it
hasn’t been without its difficulties though getting it in as close as we need
to to get these tiny little flowers means that our depth of field is really
really shallow as it is with most macro that means we can really only get a
single flower and usually not even an entire single flower in focus at once
shooting on a narrow aperture really helps with that but getting the lighting
into the places that you want can be really tricky unless you’ve got
something flexible like our lighting arms with the lighting arms I found it
really easy to bring all of our lights in underneath and around the back of
some of our flowers so that the light is actually shining through the petals
similar to how we did with our clematis now I’ve had a lot of fun in shooting
these flowers but let me know what you think to today’s shoot and the results
that I’ve got and whether or not you’d do something differently put it down in
the comments under the video and while you’re there if you enjoyed the video
give it a like if you want to see more flower photography and macro photography
tutorials in the future make sure to subscribe so we know to make some more
if you’ve got some suggestions on what kinds of flowers and other subjects
you’d like to see me shoot in the future make sure to
put that in the comments as well until then though guys thank you very much for
watching I’ll see you next time

13 Replies to “Gypsophila Photography – how to get creative macro photos of tiny flowers!”

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  2. Thanks Ben. I'm really enjoying these flower videos. I'd like to see what you can do with a dahlia and the Adaptalux

  3. Would be interesting to see what focus stacking would do to it. Getting the whole single flower sharp and the background with the boka look. Keep the macro work going.

  4. Great video Ben. I especially liked the green and blue effect at the 8:32 mark. Would love to see more flower macro videos.

  5. Beautiful flower shots. Like the blue and green combo and the pink and white. Very interesting flowers when you get close up. What about glow in dark colors? Maybe add some of your colorful backgrounds. Thank you!

  6. I am so going to have a play with this… what is that little light holder adaptor called? I need one of these in my life 🙂

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