Hanbok (Korean Traditional Dress) Rental and Photoshoot in the Palace

Hi, 안녕하세요, my friends all over the
world! I’m in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace subway
station. As I told you in the last video, today I will
visit the palaces in Seoul with my friend in Korean traditional dress, Hanbok. We need to rent the hanbok first. There are many hanbok rental shops near Gyeongbokgung
Palace, the most famous palace in Seoul. Today, we are going to go to my friend Melanie’s
favorite rental shop to rent hanbok. We could see many people wearing hanbok on
the way to the shop. These days, it’s all the rage for both foreigners
and Koreans to wear hanbok and take nice pictures. Arrived at the rental shop. The building is also hanok, a traditional
Korean house. In Korean, Korea is ‘Hankook’, Korean
clothes is ‘Hanbok’ and Korean style house is ‘Hanok’. Easy, right? You can choose between two styles of hanbok:
very traditional and a bit modern designed. We chose this modern-style hanbok. I didn’t wear Hanbok on this day, but they
have Hanbok for men and children as well like this. You can get hair styling services that match
Hanbok and borrow shoes if you need them. Okay. Now she’s ready! We decided to take pictures at Changgyeonggung
and Changdeokgung Palace. Why didn’t we go to Gyeongbokgung Palace? Because of this. Gyeongbokgung Palace is so crowded and it’s
hard to take nice pictures because other people are always in the background. If you’re wondering which palace to go to,
you can refer to this video: guide to 5 Palaces in Seoul As you can see, Changgyeonggung Palace is
much quieter. It’s great to take pictures. We’ll take the first shot in front of the
antique building over there. We’ll take a few more shots at the next building
here. You can make a frame-like composition by using
the doors that are open and facing each other. This is my favorite place in Changgyeonggung
Palace, a pond called ‘Chundangji’. If you visit Changgyeonggung Palace in spring
and autumn, make sure to drop by and take beautiful pictures here! How do you like this place? Isn’t it a really attractive place? Let’s move to the white greenhouse we talked
about in the last video and take some pictures. The greenhouse has a simple background of
white and green colors. To get a bright feeling, I’ve intentionally
increased the exposure and got these pictures. Now, we have to hurry up before the gate to
Changdeokgung Palace closes. Melanie, run! We arrived at Changdeokgung Palace five minutes
before the connection was closed! These are the buildings that the kings used
to rest and study. These buildings reminded me of the frame composition
again. This is the main building of the Changdeokgung
Palace called Injeongjeon. Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace,
and Gyeonghuigung Palace also have these main buildings, and there are so many columns surrounding
them. There are not many people on the pillar side,
so it’s better to take pictures, too. I wish you to take different and fresh pictures
with the columns. I hope you enjoyed your photo trip with us
today. Try to wear hanbok and take nice and pretty
pictures, too! If you need any help with your travel plan
in Korea, please leave a question in the comments and I’ll be pleased to help you. See you in the next video! 안녕!

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