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  1. its not a panda paint job, its a penguin. the black is his head, the white is him stomach and the orange is his beak.

  2. I am really disappointed with google I thought it might be a better phone but unfortunately not. Yeah i know they have the Potrait mode with out dual camera but i am 100% sure that it will not work like Samsung or apples dual camera and firstly they criticised apple for removing headphone jack now they removed it too. And the display looks like a iphone 10 clone which every thing apple pro showed. If the iPhone 10 got delayed i will be getting note 8.

  3. 2:39, yes, that’s the kick, right there. People have been using these DxO scores while in reality, putting scores on a camera is utter bullshit.

  4. I kinda disagree…I think they are pretty good phones. In India they are really expensive, but in USA & other markets they can be a great option.

  5. Why can't google make good looking phones? I mean the bezels on pixel 2 just makes me puke… Nokia 3 looks better than these

  6. The Pixel phones are whack.  Google still can't include headphones while Apple, Samsung and LG do. The hypocrisy of Google is hilarious giving Apple shade about the 3.5mm jack last then to just gloss over it on their own presentation this year. They have seriously become conceited since the Nexus line ended.

  7. I have a hard time accepting that they removed the 3,5mm jack after last years presentation.

    I also dislike the big top/bottom bezels on the non-XL. If people want the 5" phone I'm sure that they want a smaller phone, not one that is made much bigger by the bezels. Sure it's got stereo speakers, but the XLs top/bottom speakers are on a much smaller area.

    I'm leaning towards the v30.

    LG: "So everyone are removing the 3,5 mm jack that everyone loves? Let's keep it and slap a quad dac on it"

    I'm sure the Pixel camera is excellent, just as last year. And yes, I'm sure that portrait mode is good – but where is my wide angle camera? And the v30 camera software that makes it FUN to record video and take pictures. Having the very, very best might not be as important as having fun? Hard to quantify on a spec sheet though 🙂

  8. I would buy the pixel over the pixel 2 only for the headphones. The headphone jack is just too old to be replaced according to me. And has been as a standard since a decade

  9. I can’t believe all the people complaining about the missing headphone jack. You’re buying a top of the line new phone but you still use some old ass corded headphone? Get some wireless headphones brah. If you try to tell me you’re an audiophile, well the usb-c port delivers higher quality audio.

  10. I can't tell if the pixelBook is supposed to be a tablet or laptop. seems to heavy to be better than a Surface Pro. I thought the Pixel C was a cooler piece of tech for the detachable screen.

  11. I can't tell if the pixelBook is supposed to be a tablet or laptop. seems to heavy to be better than a Surface Pro. I thought the Pixel C was a cooler piece of tech for the detachable screen

  12. I really liked how my Pixel XL has aged. Unlike the Note 4 that I had before updates really make things better (at least they don't make it worse). So I can happily watt for the pixel 3 😎

  13. Larger pixel 2 front display is nice, but for the regular size, the front reminds me of a cheap boost mobile phone.

  14. To be honest, I'm more interested in the Pixelbook. It looks so damn good. Hopefully this release will slash the prices of the previous Pixel chromebook so that I can buy it and slap a linux distro on it.A friend of mine has one and man it feels like it was machined by angels.

  15. It looks promising would love to get my hands on it but I'm not gonna lie I think the first Pixel back was better looking this one looks hideous other than that this phone looks amazing especially the XL

  16. Are the speakers even good? Haven't heard they advertise them. It would be disappointing if it's front facing with low quality Samsung audio

  17. I want the white back of the small pixel with the nice screen of the big pixel. Imo google wants me to decide between nice back or nice front which is a very strange thing. But thats probably just me.

  18. @3:20 LOL look at those bezels. Google is bringing back 2010 while competing with infinity displays and edged displays of 2017. Lmfao

  19. Mr mobile as always your reviews as well as your first impressions videos are awesome I just picked up the iPhone 8 plus wasn’t really interested in the “10” and then google offeres the pixel 2 xl!!! Front firing stereo speakers r a must for me second is great battery life and third is onboard storage I’m happy with my iPhone but I’ve always been an Android guy keep up the great reviews and always stay mobile……on a side note I’m a huge Star Trek fan myself discovery is awesome an I just wanted to know your thoughts on the Orville I like it it’s had some great episodes so far …..keep up the great work!!!!

  20. So now everyone has copied apples implementation for the dual cameras (portrait mode) and here you have google who just copied the feature and and the naming. Hmmm. If it was the other way, I’m sure all hell would break loose. Not to mention the pixel decrease. Some people are so delusional. Also not to mention the huge bezels on the pixel book, wtf, again, if Apple did that…

  21. I could only get the black Pixel 2 XL but….dbrand bro! Dbrand got skins that'll make it look like the panda looking Pixel 2 XL.

  22. Why did they remove headphone jack & sd card? Man, as they say bad habits are acquired quick, they followed apple, but apple is done now, no longer are they voice of tech. They need 2 bring back sd card & headphone jack back, after all thats why we buy alternative to apple 😊

  23. what the hell were google thinking about that ugliest blue color of all time they've should have left black and white only instead !!!

  24. Let's fight to preserve the headphone jack!

  25. I think they blew it with the regular one. Also I'm assuming no amoled. Still looks nice but not all it could've been.

  26. no headphone jack, not really interested. i use headphones all the time at work, and often while charging. and no, i'm not buying bluetooth headphones cause i got headphones already.

  27. Is the work between a pixel phone and a chromebook compareable to an iphone with MacBook?
    Like i get that the apple ecosystem is pretty much the best if youre fully integrated but is it atleast a bit like it?

  28. I wonder why they can't have a USB-c jack on each end so users can decide where to put their charger and USB-c headphones to their personal preference.

  29. Can’t believe he didn’t mention that the pixelbook can access Google’s Android play store. I think the pixelbook is more that a novelty this time, but then again that’s just my opinion

  30. Ugliest phone of 2017. They just curved the display as a marketing feature. The no headphone jack trend is just stupid. I was planning on buying this phone, not anymore.

  31. I don't get why people are so obsessed with water-proofing on phones. Who are these people out there that are constantly exposing their phone to water? 10 years ago when phones weren't water-proof at all, what did you do??…you kept your phone dry. So just keep doing that. It's not that hard. When the first iPhone came out nobody said "it's cool but it aint water-proof".

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