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Hasib zakaria|worldpress|photographer in bangladesh Walking in a street and I saw a poster Very interesting-looking poster that it says Bangla resolution. That was so excited. I immediately call that I am an ass His name is mr. Magnificent I asked the good person that I am actually mounted educator and I want to hug him and I said, yes Let’s do it in Sydney I started this art exhibition in 2015 The occasion was to celebrate multicultural March we actually Asked for artwork from the Bangladeshi artist living in Australia all over the world and in Bangladesh And it became an open platform for all the artists now We’ve got an exhibition the early exhibition where the artists can build their artwork And they can aim for this resolution The exhibition is a very big improvement from the exhibition I saw last year It shows that the curator is really God is acting to gear I think It’s about pants paintings and photography the photography is a very high professional standards and There it captures everything from the sporting life in Bangladesh to some very very strong individuals You can see their personality in the Masons What was for Oh hands singing Dr. Choi bulam is is a photojournalist and an activist it took that opportunity and Started to smooth Rajala has a very long long long friendship with purposeful Patella is an old Sanskrit word. Which means? seed of life and in all the days it was supposed to be Under a banyan tree or a shaded place where old folks gathered with their children And they appreciate the knowledge the knowledge of life The concept is education without boundaries No mental bound We started producing photographers who not only take photographs, but who are socially responsible we did support as As far as possible and we pushed our students To the limits when we push we keep on pushing at the end they come up with things Bangladesh’s is not a big camera. It’s a small country with economic limitations and another Thing in in such a country and producing gaming really that high needs lot of effort Here World Press Photo and other friends come in With with funds with health with expertise and Now that we are in this we’re in a common platform We can exchange our thoughts expertise success stories failure stories and learn from each other so With the help of this collaboration. We we are developing. For example, we are developing a library We are developing the classroom facilities So we want to produce Our own history of photography. We want to show the world. Look this is what we are doing and this is important

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