Hawkeye Photography Program

I’m Kaely Pillars. After I graduated from the award-winning Professional Photography program at Hawkeye Community College, I started my businesses Eleanor Kathryn Photography and Cumberland Weddings. At Hawkeye, I specialized in portrait photography, which includes high school seniors, family portraits, pets, newborns, and weddings. You can also choose to specialize in commercial photography where you will learn how to create product and advertising images. Or, you can become a digital tech and learn high-level Photoshop skills like compositing and retouching. As a photo student, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, hundreds of lenses, lights, and even Hasselblad film cameras and a dark room for printing. Don’t think you’ll be stuck in a classroom all day. This is a hands-on learning experience. You will go on field trips, attend professional conventions, and you can also join our amazing photo club. The pinnacle of your photo education is portfolio day, when we bring industry experts here to review and critique your final student portfolio. Hawkeye also offers thousands of dollars in scholarships available only to Professional Photography students. If you’re ready to have a fun, exciting career and make a great salary, contact Hawkeye admissions today!

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  1. John Pavlovich graduated from this program. He went on to be a cameraman for CBS Sports traveling the world – he covered the Olympics, Super Bowls, and was the lead photographer for the Sacramento Kings.

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