Headshots & Portrait Photography : Headshots & Portrait Photography: Posing

We have good framing of Caitlin in our frame,
and that’s about perfect for a head shot. We want to show the length of her hair. We
want to show the color of her hair. We want to also show her face, and not much more than
that, but within that frame, the next thing that we’ll really deal with, is posing, and
the poses for a head shot, for a head shot for an acting or a modeling portfolio. The
posing is going to be very subtle. We’re not going to be doing radically weird things.
They’re primarily looking to see what she looks like, in her facial expressions, and
her character, so the kinds of poses that we’ll deal with, are just subtle things like.
That’s a pretty good framing for a head shot, and that’s certainly adequate, but it would
be a little bit more interesting if we can just shift her shoulders a little bit. Caitlin,
why don’t you rotate just a hair toward yes, so one shoulder is a little bit front. Now,
bring your head around to the front. Very good, and just a little slight tilt. Good,
excellent. Now, let’s see what you’ve got inside that smile. That’s a pretty good shot
right off,right off the top. Now, typically in a head shot section like this, I’ll shoot
off two or three frames, just to help get things rolling. Let’s rotate the other way
around, a little bit. Good. Toss your hair back a little. Nice. Tilt your head that way.
Good. Look right in the camera. Excellent, nice, beautiful. That’s a nice shot right
there, too, and I’ll just continue doing this, until we have something that we know that
she’s going to like.

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  1. THAT was hilarious… It's like he couldn't hide it any longer and it just exploded into full effect at the end of the video.

  2. you can use whatever you want that gets you the results you want, but i'm wondering how much control your getting with that camera, if any.

  3. you ever used a camera? i can take good portraits even with a toy camera…you do not need a 10.000 dollar cam for portraits. data storage = expensive!

  4. of the digital file or of the video file? mh i do not know how old the video really is…of course a full frame format is best for retuch but if customers usually buy a photo in 4x6cm they will not see a big difference…this is not portrait technique, it is passport/business shot technique. in germany, business photos are required to get a job, i know in other countrys you need no photos like that…for portrait full frame chips surely is the better choice.

  5. i was talking about the picture file itself. but thats interesting that you need a business shot in germany i never knew that…. and your right for those types of photos it doesn't make much of a difference. I guess I'm just used to working on projects where the files have to be big and i have to get really precise control. but that is not needed in every instance.

  6. Agreed, with that camera it's modest. A modest 3.2 megapixels which for a modeling headshot would be unacceptable. Kaitlin is an actress and she needed images web based submissions, her agent's (TAG agency) web and print portfolios, and for 8×10 handouts at casting sessions.

    This was a simple how to for amateurs wanting to learn and they are not likely to have professional level cameras. I used the prosumer Olympus as it's more like what they may have access to.

  7. I'd like to comment on something he said. As a photographer and an actress, you need 2 head shots………..one for theater and one for film. Theatrical is more serious…film there is more smile. And NO straight up in the face shots! Always to an angle of some sort.

  8. If you got a hair cut and your hair ended up way shorter than you thought it would be and your headshot your hair is longer can you still use the headshot?

  9. everyone needs to lighten up on their neg comments…photogs always think their way is the best. give me a break. if this guy is happy w/ the results, how can it be wrong? digital has made photography a joke anyway – everyone thinks they are a photog b/c they can push a button and see an image on their camera.

  10. @GroffinTiffin Digital has revolutionized the photography industry. If we were still using film for cinematography and photography both industries would be a minuscule portion then what they are today.

  11. @danlguitars 3.2? Most entry level DSLRs are atleast 10-12, even my Suedo DSLR nikon P90 has 12MP The lowest I have seen is 6.2.

  12. Her agent needed a shot to go on the agencies website. File size and high resolution not only not required, it is not allowed. The photo would end up being about 4×5" maximum on her own page at 72dpi. When doing modeling or fashion, yes larger and sharper and higher resolution is necessary. Use a Hassie if you can afford the $70K. But that's total overkill for this purpose to serve 1) a specific acting headshot need in the digital age and 2) basic simple training for amateurs.

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