Hi! My name is…

hi my name is Irving and I’m like all things creative I’m a creative person I’m a creative thinker I’m a crazy girl so what I do all day is I work the graphic designer in my own company called free card that’s my nickname and that’s my brand name everything freaky everything artsy everything cool that me in my spare time I take photos and create that into wonderful postcards that are for sale online you can go and check it out what else do I do in my free time I draw I draw all things crazy kinds or even on place I draw in my sketchbook I draw a lot of different things published my first book for graffiti artists you can see there are blank walls ideal for graffiti art so you can buy this book and you can straight on practice your skill that it would be on the street that’s it about a little bit about me check out other videos on the channel so you can get put on creative studio

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