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  1. Hell ye just lost a friend of 14+ years to the tds so i dont got anymore friends from my childhood that i game with or anything kinda sad but i cant put myself in the counsel of the wicked. 28 born in 1991 looking for intellectual normal humans to speak to hmu.

  2. jim is a realist comedian with his own opinion making jokes for people who enjoy dark humour, if you actually knew who he was you wouldnt get an interview with him.

  3. Why would anyone take seriously a guy who self-confesses to jerking off everyday, got an egg shaped dildo stuck up his ass, and drinks like a fish? Not saying there is anything wrong with these things, but he is definitely not the best of us.

  4. This video mentions revealing other bits of the video with Jefferies on your phone, but I don't see those videos on this channel.

  5. אבי ימיני …מעריך את מה שאתה עושה. אהבתי שהקלטת את התחת הזה בטלפון ללא ספק צעד שלא מקצוען. תאמין או לא עוד חשבתי ללכת להופעה שלו כשהגיע לארץ שמח שסגרת לי את הפינה הזאת :). אל תכעס עליו זה סימפטום שמכה בכל ה"גדולים" ברגע שמקור הפרנסה שלך נהיה תלוי בדעות של אחרים אתה "מתיישר" לדעות הנכונות לכאורה. תהיה חזק ותשמור על עצמך.
    אהה ופעם הבאה שאתה בארץ תגיד אשמח לבוא ולהתפרע במופע של הCUNT הזה.

  6. wow this was and eye opener, didn't know this about JJ I used ti like him when he first came on the scene and now i THINK he's a fucking hypocrite liar and yes scumbag, he deserves to be in the USA WITH ALL THe oTEHR CORRUPT islamaphobes, remember when i guy went up on stage and punched him in th e face, now he made money and has security guards so it might be more difficult but I bet he gets punched in the face again or worse, dick head, too funny that he got canned from comedy central

  7. Jfc of course he isnt going to air over an hour of unedited footage.
    Avi didnt even show how his eventual opinion on Muslim immigrstion was contextually false.
    JJ openly says he doesnt like any religions.
    Then makes a bad joke. Boohoo.

  8. Here enlies your problem, and using your own example, drawing a picture of Muhammad is insulting to the followers of Islam, and I get it, and would never personally disrespect others belief's myself, but then you make the mistake of suggesting that JJ will be dealt with, which isn't you necessarily inciting violence, but you're projecting that it's the inevitable outcome, and the problem I have with that is you can't just go around kicking the shit out of people, or worst still, ending peoples lives, over a drawing of Muhammad, the world as a whole is not going to tolerate those acts of agression/violence, think Charlie Hebdo. In saying all of that, I do appreciate you using JJ's names to elevate your own, it's a masterclass in how to get some rub of someone elses celebrity, simple and effective, very well executed. 10/10
    Lastly, you knew you were being set up, you knew JJ was going to spin it in the worst possible light, he's a shock jock/comedian, so this whole rant on how he's done you wrong, when you think about it, something maybe you should try sometime, makes absolutely no sense. If I'm talking in tongues, I'll dumb it down for you, think of it this way, you put yourself in the firing line, knowing you're going to be shot, then complain when you're actually shot??? Maybe the 126k who liked this post can't see past your bullshit, but not me dude, not this aussie kid : I

  9. Taking a page from Tommy's Book ….. wise very wise …. truth always stands on higher ground 😊👍

  10. So my question is what if it was the other way around and Jim new there was a secret camera and avi didn’t🤷‍♂️ and I’ve heard a lot worse than that in shopping centres! To me it just seems like 2 famous people trying to get one up on each other🤷‍♂️

  11. Associating a neonazi with a guy named Avi wearing a kippah… that’s actually super offensive and insulting. Same when they call Ben Shapiro a white suprematist, I’m like “really dude?” Whether it’s being terribly ignorant or grossly disingenuous, which is shocking in both case.

  12. Humanity simply needs to grow up and finally drop all this religion nonsense. How many problems would that eliminate.

  13. Jim Jefferies was clearly mocking far-right racial prejudice of muslims by his comments about dingos eating muslim babies. That's why he put on a stupid voice while he said and said straight after that he was clearly joking. While the joke was in bat taste, and no doubt he regrets it, sometimes comedians take risks to try and make a point, and this time it clearly didn't work. But if you can't see the nuance here of how he was mocking far right racism through a ridiculous comment that makes no sense, then you have no sense of humour or just have a very low IQ and should focus on making sure you manage to breath in and out and wipe your arse properly after you've been to the toilet. Or, you're a manipulative, cynical far right supporter who wants to mischaracterise someone with an opposing view in order to deflect criticism from their own public comments.

  14. 6:18 you know it was you who brought up a dingo ate my baby, and you have the nerve to mock him for making jokes about kids being killed?! youre as bad as each other, the difference is jim has a platform built on satire against the human derogated tropes of the world we live in. you do not, it sounds more like thats what your upset about… i you knew he couldnt honour the agreement you verbally put forward you should never have gone, instead you sacrificed your values and went anyways to trap him or call him out. of which nothing has come of it, and all youve done is show your values are negotiable and your a troll.

    you aint got a leg to stand on

  15. Not watching the video you both were bashing islam and had a fall out. You plot but Allah is the best of planners. Not gna reply to anyone.

  16. I just shared this video in the comment sections of several of Jim Jefferies tweets so his own fans can see what a POS he really is. You have my full support from Canada and as a professional DJ/MC I know how to create buzz over here for you bro! Contact me if you ever need help from Canada! Cheers!

  17. Fake News are working for people who want fake news. To them fake news is what they want to consume. Like flat earthers. Truth doesn't matter. To them truth is a matter of majority.

  18. Fuck me, I commended you in another video not realising that you were a religious and racist bigot? I can't comprehend how a guy from a religious background as yours, with the history of the Jewish people being treated so terribly, hating another religious group as much you hate Islam. Absolutely abhorrent the way you blame everything on Islam yet ignore and deny the crimes committed by Israeli Zionists!! There isn't a place on Earth for you and your ilk.

  19. Avi, great job!!!
    The left protects their own but one day they pay for what they’ve done with the lives of their children’s children, their pain will be more numerous than the stars in the sky!

  20. He's literally a piece of shit. NEVER TRUSTED ANY MEDIA EVER, since they made up a horrific INCORRECT story on Major Television and all over front pages of Melbourne biggest newspapers like Herald Sun. I know tons of people who take the media as gospel. As a 40 yr old it terrifies me for my grandchildren. I'm glad I came across your channel.

  21. It’s call entertainment people!! Comedians take the piss out off everything and everyone!! That’s how they make a living. Everything we see in the media gets filtered, edited and miss used. It’s funny when the wheels turned and now you get offended.

  22. In the War one tribes person will try to settle a dispute by informing coalition of the other being an enemy. Your selling the same shit here avi. It's weird because you think your a dragon slayer. Jim's no Dragon though and your no better. In sport that's called retaliation. Red Card.

  23. "When you import this culture what do you think's gonna happen Australia is gonna end up the same shithole that they came from., that they were escaping." So… is there some context I'm missing that makes that statement okay? Your hidden camera didn't show what led you to say that.

  24. Do any of you dumb cunts realise Jim is not an activist or a politician, he's a fucking comedian ofc some shit jim says is not going to be true its his material so he can get people to laugh that's the point of comedy…. i rest my case. Love your shows Jim

  25. It's a shame you peddle lies and bullshit about climate change, on Australia's policies on immigration, you and i would agree 100 %.
    We should NEVER have brought in Lebanese in the 70s, they are one of the largest criminal groups in the country at the moment, and we should definitely NOT be bringing in muslims or other people from the middle east ,except people from Israel. Dutton was absolutely right, the Lebanese experiment was a huge mistake !!

  26. Seriously?

    That's the best you've got …

    What a waste of 7 mins. You are the perfect illustration of the Dunning Kruger effect.

  27. there is a big difference between satire IE the jokes about islam, and wanting an entine group of people out of the country because of their religious beliefs. One of them is comedy, the other is actual racism….

  28. I don´t really get the comments here. Sure, it´s dishonest of Jim to edit the video like that (even though I don´t think he edits these himself), but this video "exposing" Jim Jefferies still does nothing to defend Avi Yeminis racist position on immigration. A comedian doing anti-religious jokes is nothing new, they may have been a bit edgy, but sitting there and pretending to be offended does nothing more than to help racist pricks like Avi Yemini extenuate such bigoted values. gross

  29. This video is complete and utter bollocks he has nothing on Jim and people are like oh you've got so much evidence I mean my friend your manipulating your own audience with this video I mean this is just ridiculous AND BTW Jim doesn't edit the fucking videos does he he probably has no control over that and also your just a racist bro that's all I got to say on this shit

  30. If you believe in God then you have to believe we live in a spiritual world. The Left/Liberals/Democrats are (perhaps unknowing to them) being lead by the spirit of the anti-christ. The spirit of the anti-christ is a spirit that apposes Israel and Christians. There are essentially two teams on Earth now and a bunch of confused people in between who don't understand what's going on. These people who work against Israel by promoting her enemies are working for Satan, for the spirit of the anti-christ, but they don't know it, they think they are right in their actions and they have no idea that they belong to the devil, they think their actions have no consequence.

  31. when you type in "avi yemini jim jefferies" this is the 6th or 7th result behind Jim Jeffries official channel and some other BS

    Sue theses guys… If the covington kid won, you can too!

  32. i duuno dude i feel like he's trying to bring on humor and smiles towards the world and you're like..i unno pushing a negative point or religion on ppl? confusing but i'm with humor n comedy and fun. not your overly sensitive life, religion and ideologies…

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