1. U made me feel really good with your OCD video, now everything is you driving and being mean.

    Was the whole OCD thing a lie to exploit fame?

    I truly want to know.

    Some of us rly hurt and feel very sick everyday.

  2. I mean I understand the comedic thing and you being “wet” but OCD is real for a lot of us. it just makes me think it was fake:(

  3. lmfaooo bitch you just made me almost spit my root beer out lmaooooo i'm at work trying not to scream rn!!! Talking about , "you should review this pussy bitch".

  4. For some reason I thought in beginning you were gonna say “hey guys I’m about to beat this bitch up” idk if that’s just me or…

  5. I hate how judgy she was. Sugar babies sometimes don’t have other options, and they aren’t always about sex. Sometimes they are really transactions between two people for whatever they need. They aren’t always money. It’s a set up for a fantasy that someone is paying to have. She just kinda assumed the worst out of the situation. I wish people would learn more about the sugar life.

    BTW I am NOT a sugar baby or daddy or mamma. Just someone with info :3

  6. Funny thing is, I m sure those millenials who allow her to bitch slap them every way she wants in real life, are real tough guys online.

  7. i would losee my shit if an uber driver was this rude. that girl was very nice. wish i could keep calm like her….. haha no im an aries

  8. I think I’m addicted to this girls YouTube cause she’s beautiful and her personality so sick I love it too bad she’s in Cali n not Connecticut:(,,,,

  9. If I was with my friend i would hav bin like hahahah bitc*😂😂😂 and when she put done the window I almost died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. you should be paying me to tell you this…. wait u never heard of honey….. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHH this channel is acid

  11. When she started burping. Client: alright that’s I a bit disgusting but I can hold in. burp ok I’m not gonna say anything just gonna put my window down. burp EW what is she doing cmon you can do this name don’t be rude don’t be rude! burp yea windshields go all the way down omg what is wrong with her! burps weirdly yea I’m done

  12. Ok so I thought /assumed these were fake but now I'm struggling to find any evidence that these are faked, DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THESE ARE REAL OR NOT?

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