Holly Couldn’t Be Prouder of RJ’s Stunning Photoshoot Pictures | For Peete’s Sake | OWN

Well, here we have the
pictures that we did the other day and [INAUDIBLE] and so– Oh, my god. This is what we have. That’s you. Are you kidding
me with that photo? So that’s our lead picture. You modeled it like
an absolute champion. [MUSIC PLAYING] There is that one. Oh, my god. It’s over. Are you [BLEEP]– excuse me. Are you kidding me? Look at that. I look like I’m
somewhere in Paris. Makes me want to be
a professional model. I’m just speechless. I was not expecting this. You’re dope, RJ. Thank you. I know. You look so amazing. You think you know your
kid and his limitations and then, bam, he
just surprises you. I want to hear your
experience from inside. That’s why I called
it The Ambassador. So RJ, what are you
excited about now? I’m excited about getting my
license, getting my debit card, learning how to save it up
and put more money on it. Try to be old. Try to learn how to be an adult. That’s great. So– And I’m learning
how to rap now. I have one song called
“Get Broke ’til You Choke.” I like that. Are you writing your own stuff? Yeah, I do. Nice. So you’ve gone from being
nonverbal to rapping. Yeah. That’s a hell of transition. To all the kids with
autism out there, you can do anything you want to. One of the most gratifying
moments about being a mom is when your kids exceed
your expectations. Well done, man.
You rocked it. -I can’t even.
-Thank you. The Ambassador.

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