Homestead Security Upgrade – Solar Powered WiFi Reolink Argus 2 Security Camera

hey everyone my name is Sam and I’m
Angela and we’re Green Acre Homestead we have something a little bit different
today we have an upgrade of our homestead security system for you guys
so we were contacted by a company called Reolink and they wanted us to test out
their wireless security cameras we get a lot of contacts from companies want us
to test something that most of the time we say no to but this was actually
something that we both wanted to check out because of a few reasons one being
our existing system we have here is old how old it’s probably at least a year
and a half two years and it cuts in and out a lot and it’s not really reliable
anymore yeah they are a different name brand I won’t bash that name brand of
the camera necessarily but they were supposed to be ready for outdoor use and
everything and within a couple of weeks the full-color pictures mostly went to
purple haze we still Steve stuff we still got alerts
and everything it just everything was purple so we didn’t have plans to
upgrade our system but when we were contacted by REO link we decided okay
this is a product video we’d be willing to do because there’s benefit to us in
the last couple of years the reason why we actually got our other security
cameras was we had a theft on our homestead somebody in the middle of the
night came in and stole huge our trailers utility trailers which were
also full of all of our lawn equipment so it was kind of a big deal yep that
was a shock for us because we’re out here in the country and you feel like
people in the area are okay and then the last thing you would think is somebody
would be as bold enough to come on your property and take two trailers we don’t
know for sure because obviously we didn’t see it but we figure they put the
small trailer and the big one and then hold them off crazy yeah so tell them why do we need cameras or
why would we want cameras here on our little homestead it becomes really good
job yep what am I trying hey Joanne just
asked me so what do you think are some good reasons to have cameras on a
homestead we definitely like have oh so awkward
thank you back to you Stan well they’re only eight okay
so we’ve tried we’ve tried to shoot this takes our time so we’re just gonna wing
it the reasons we have cameras on our homestead animals kids like where are
the kids I don’t hear any sounds are they still
alive probably but where are they and predators predators and the bars people
and animals it’s very useful in the barn because you can keep an eye on your
animals and you can also check out if it’s time for lambing or kidding season
the biggest benefit for our sheep since we don’t breed our sheep is keep an eye
on the hay and water and then go easy and around our chicken coop because
we’ve had predators in the past and it’s nice to know what you’re dealing with
and so you can catch them on camera and know what to do from there that’s right horrible goofy stage probably
entertaining at least it’s better than you know this is a good camera I got
them for free by the camera so that’s an easier way put this up
there and then I can attach the sorghum so let’s talk about installation there
were a couple of four-letter words that came to my head a couple times but I was
kind of new to him so you know what new to four-letter words no the camera anyway so installation wasn’t too bad
there were a couple of times trying to get the bracket on to the back of the
camera that flight the thread was too small or something that just made it
really difficult it was pretty difficult it could be sausage finger itis but it
could also just be kind of mmm it D system that being said once they’re
installed and put together pretty solid mm-hmm what about the bracket on that
twisting camera that bracket is tall that this well that bracket is all
plastic and I’m actually a little concerned about its durability and
strength given its there it’s attached it’s locked together unless something
hits it it shouldn’t be a problem but I mean well after it’s been in the Sun for
a year or so it seems like it’s gonna degrade the plastic more I could bet
something we’ll have to keep an eye on it cost me treat the plastic though yeah
keep an eye on it as far as video quality for these they’re really really
nice they are there are two settings in the app called fluent which is pretty
much potato cam and then 1080p which is high-definition potato we’ve heard that
before right a potato phone no no hado cam it’s like
you took a picture of the potato it’s that great quality okay just imagine so
the quality is really good in addition to that these cameras also have the
ability where you can listen to the whatever it’s watching so we could
listen to the Sheep eat or do other things that sheep do and the same thing
with the kids if kids are around or people or whatever in addition to that
there’s also a feature where you can talk through the camera like an intercom
but that speaker is just loud enough to really freak someone out thinking that
they’re probably schizophrenic or here a ghost so it’s probably not gonna scare
them away so there is a link to the website below if you want to check out
these cameras we’ll put some links to them on Amazon as well if you’d rather
check them out there and the company also give us a discount code for anyone
to use should you go through their website all that information is down
below in the description thanks for watching if you’re not a subscriber hit
that subscribe button otherwise we’ll see you guys next time
bye bye you

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  1. Big love guys from Shropshire England that's actually pronounced Shrop shur 😜😊 Y'all are so funny whatever you're doing & Angelas face when looking at you Sam sometimes is hilarious. Keep up the good work will be checking the next video out soon as, Atb Chris in England x

  2. Sorry to hear about the theft, but Thanks for the discount code. And as always I will continue to pray for you and your family and progress and safety. Take care.

  3. I have a Xvim h.264 4 camera wired system with 1tb of storage space… and 2 50 pound mutts that hate visitors Nothing has been stolen in 12 years

  4. Sam, I hope the security system works out well for you guys and I'd be interested to see a update video in a few months or maybe a year. . Have a blessed day guys.

  5. I love how you enjoy each other.

    Had to laugh at myself. During the installation I though you were mounting a viewing screen next to the camera. I thought that’s dumb, why not just look. THEN I saw it was solar. Now it made sense!!

    Saw Dougs video on the nifty tool you made him. Way cool!! 👍👍

  6. Oh their bold alright. It's truly shocking at the audacity. I live in Blue Springs MO and it happens to mowing and landscaping co. I know of a company their trailer with a bobcat was stolen off a job site in our smallish a neighborhood.
    What these alarm co needs are cameras with facial recognition on the news we keep seeing "DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON BLA BLA CALL THE TIPS HOT LINE" cameras are not the total answer the thieves know it. I hope the best for you guys…

  7. You should have high mounted 360 degree cameras as well (color w/sound/night vision)….that cant not be reached by thieves and sound alarms(we have several driveway sound alarms place in hidden areas and the receiver is inside our home with cameras views receiver) placed in most important places will tip you off and place thieves on notice that you are alerted and don't forget large security warning signs with reflection.

  8. How's the connection of cable wire to back of camera on sheep shed going to hold up to rain getting in the connection? Maybe move camera to inside the 4×4 post.

  9. The only problem I foresee is water getting into it where you plugged it it into the cameras from the solar panels is exposed to the elements and water can get in might want to recycle something to cover it with

  10. looks like a pretty good system … and good viewfinder resolution is always a bonus … because how do you catch a thief if all you have is height and what color parka he/she is wearing …. i do see a flaw on the camera though ….but it all could depend if you want your camera to be unknown to "predators" (human or otherwise) …that blue light is a dead giveaway that someone is watching and will warrant said predator to smack it down with a baseball bat hopefully you have blind intruders or at least unwise ones ….just sayin… nothing alittle duct tape cant fix ..right ?

  11. Thank you for sharing. I myself will be painting the camera black or what ever similar color we attach it too so that way they aren’t easily seen by thieves. Thank you and so sorry this happened to you.

  12. Love to watch you two, glad you have a new security system set up. Well Sam get ready for all the orders on the new PB stores. I would of never thought that was what it was for(hahaha🤔😀). Have a great day.🌈🤗🐸🌈

  13. I am interested but concerned, it looked like they needed 'hoods' to keep water off the connection of the usb to the camera in that one shot, maybe they should design a unit umbrella to shed water and snow. I will go look at it as I need to be able to see my property both when home and remotely and am actively considering a purchase. Thanks for the video. Would love a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month update video on how these do for you.

  14. Better idea sam , a little security is better than none . See how they work out and do another review at a later date . Important to say exactly if , they are really good , adequate , or total garbage . Hope all the companies that want tubers to do reviews realize that the true views of their products may not be music to their ears . Have you ever viewed , Wild Wonderful Off Grid . They have a system that warns which camera , ie , a b c d etc . Has been tripped . They are hilarious just as yourselves are . Anyway . When you do your reviews , ahem , no four letter words . Of the cussing genre , such as , * * * * or * * * * even * * * * , keep up the excellent work and tutorials guys , love to see your good humour and dry wit . A joy to view your channel.

  15. What kind of predators do you get ? you two make me giggle at your antics before the camera. You work so well together .

  16. The ONE IMPORTANT thing to remember when installing security cameras is
    ALWAYS place them very high.
    Because if you can reach them without a ladder then so can a would be criminal.
    They can stand back study the placement, range etc, come in under the system or cover themselves while they disable the camera.
    Most perps work in teams so by the time the motion alerts hit your phone they're almost done stealing or vandalizing

  17. Y’all are too cute !! Hope this camera system works well for you !! And Sam — love the peanut butter stir stick you made for Doug @ Diyfferent !❤️. Patent it and sell it to all the stores where they sell natural pb ! Amazon too !!

  18. You two are a riot……..too fun! I love the idea of the cams for our five acres but mostly for around the home and outside building and the machinery! The camera feed quality looks excellent! I would be concerned about snow and rain as it rains so much here in the PNW. Great video guys and yes, you two are very entertaining as well as you get along well and that's always enjoyable to watch.
    Have a great day and week!

  19. Excellent. I've been researching cameras for our remote cabin I'm building and barn. Glad I found this channel. You guys are fun. Steep in the Woods connected me up with you.

  20. You two are delightful. I wish I personally knew more people with your attitudes. I’m looking for a security system. Will be checking out the link on Amazon.

  21. Potato cam 🥔 🎥 Lol. 🤣🤣🤣. U 2 crack me up. Sausage fingeritis. Lol I used this term a lot. I was away for almost 3 weeks two weeks of that was on the Norwegian bliss I just got back yesterday and that’s the term I was giving it for my fingers with my wedding ring

  22. Had to check out the peanut butter stiring stick maker 😏 your videos are very entertaining and while I'm tied to the couch do to a cold I watched over 80 of your videos. You guys came along a long way, especially the chaos in the shed would have overwhelmed me. Great job👍Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  23. I know how it feels to be robbed…. We were robbed 2 days after our sons wedding, because we took home their gift box full of cash, and someone assumed that we still had it… What they didn’t know, that our son and his bride went on their honeymoon a week later, and that’s why they deposited the money into the bank on Monday ( we were robbed on Tuesday)…. I know it was my nephew and his friends, because I was at my brothers house all of 5 min., to give him something, and I had to go home right away, because my friend, who came to the wedding, was coming for a coffee before she was leaving for home…. My nephew came running and did everything he could to make me stay longer, that even his mom was puzzled about it… He never did that before, and usually when I visit, I stay at least for an hour…. I wasn’t home for 25 min., and all my daughters jewelry and some cash, laptops and desk computer were gone… Even toaster oven was gone… In 25 min…. Many of our relatives and friends were robbed that year on Sundays, while they were in church… Then my nephew had really bad accident, head on collision… The other driver had only some bones broken, but my nephew lost all his memory…. He only remembers bits and pieces, complete invalid…. For us it’s really devastating to watch a young man in his 20s not knowing how to drive or live on his own…. Otherwise he’s completely healthy….. But all robberies have had stopped after his accident… Accident was 7 years ago…. He completely tells the truth about everything, and he told me last month that he remembered something about organizing to take some things from my house, but he said he could not remember what…. And we know which young men were in his gang, because when he saw them after the accident, he would scream to send them away, because they were bad people… Doctors told his parents that he doesn’t remember why they are bad people, he just has a feeling about them… After that none of his, so called friends, never came to visit him again… Probably were afraid for him to remember what they all did…. We found one of our computers in the Pawnshop a year later, but police never told us who pawned it…. The feeling of the intrusion and privacy violation stayed with me for well over the year… I was just so grateful that my daughter didn’t come home early from college that day…. Who knows what they would have done when they were to be caught…. They were so in a hurry to leave, that they’ve left the spring knife with which they opened our door, on my bed… We think that my nephew called them that I was driving home… I think they were on bikes, because I saw 3 bikes passing me by from my house direction..l We gave it to the police, but we never heard anything about the robbery from the police…. I used to live in a country with 600 feet long driveway…. We had those sensors on the post, when car enters our driveway it would beep inside the house….

  24. I checked out the link for the product. Looks good! I especially like the solar feature. I also went ahead and purchased the mixing stick and a bar of Angela’s 🧼

  25. Sam, you made not only Angela laugh at the new four letter words I was laughing as well. Your a gem. Both of you are great together. What lovely sheep 🐑

  26. Security cameras are a must. Especially out where you guys are. We have the Nest system only because we have other options on there like our thermostats & such. Plus 2 of our neighbors have the same systems & we now have invited  each other onto our apps & we can all access each other's outdoor cameras & essentially covering our entire cull de sac. Hoping all is well guys, also hoping you NEVER have to experience getting robbed again, & Dirty Jersey out!!!

  27. I think you'd be better off with the patented ROT357 security system kit. It includes a 150 lb rottweiler and a 4 inch barrel Ruger .357 Magnum revolver. Or you could go with the related kit, the DOB40CAL. That one includes a Doberman Pinscher and a Smith and Wesson M&P .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

  28. cams are ok…enhance cam with a nice german sheppard (or other) guard dog…they WILL take care of any intrudes, 2 legged or otherwise!! 🙂

  29. Things you need, but don't ever want to use. We have some camera's too. Different company. We find the broadcast range isn't very far with them. But they have come in handy already because they record when the sense motion.

  30. I'm confused. Those look like they would be easy to steal? Shouldn't you have put them up high on your house under the eves at the corners?

  31. You guys crack me up! You should place a warning or something at the beginning of your funny video's. I almost spewed hot chocolate out my nose when he said he used a few 4 letter words that he wasn't familiar with! LOL

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