Hook up birdhouse camera to WiFi Android

First we go to ICsee pro. Then we plug the “+” icon, and plug “More”. Now there are five options to connect the camera to our network First we are not going to use any of the options. We need to change some settings of the mobile phone first. Okay we turn off the mobile data. And we also turn off the bluetooth. Now we’ll return to the WiFi setting of the camera. So is the mobile phone. This is network setting of the mobile phone. Now we need to manually connect this mobile phone to the camera to the access point. This is the camera’s access point. If we didn’t see this you can turn the WIFI off and then turn it on. It will start new search. Okay, we connect. The password is one two three four five six seven eight nine ten zero. We double check. Now we connect. We need to wait for a while until the connection is stable because you see there’s no WiFi from the camera. So some of the mobile phone will switch back to your home WiFi. If this happens, you need to manually connect this mobile phone to the camera again. Now it’s stable, and we return to ICsee pro. You pick the last option “AP mode” Select Device hotspot Then we take the access point of camera. All right, it’s alive. Then we move the “to” icon. And we choose network. And we choose “routing mode”. This is the WiFi here. We choose our one. Remember the camera doesn’t support 5 GHz. So we need to use 2.4 GHz WiFi. Then we key in the password. Double check. The password needs to be 100% correct. And we click “save”. Confirm. Network is connecting please wait a moment. Now the mobile phone will send the password to the camera. And camera will connect to our network. You just wait. All right, it’s done. And then check. Starting a new search. You see the camera’s access point has already disappeared. Now our mobile phone connects to our home network. Let’s go back to the ICsee pro. Now refresh. You can see on light. Right we can turn on the mobile data and the bluetooth again. And we turn on the full screen. Time is moving. All right, that’s all.

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