HOT NEWS !!! The Moment Pro Camera App Brings DSLR like Controls to iOS and Android

moment is launching their moment pro
camera app with what they are calling the DSLR like shooting experience moment
is known primarily for their quality add-on lens system for mobile phones
that gives you the ability to greatly expand the range of looks you can
capture with your mobile they also have phone cases and other great mobile
photography accessories to help make your mobile photography experience more
fun and powerful the moment pro camera app is designed to take that mission to
the next level allowing you to take advantage of not only their accessories
on their own but also the tools on your phone in one place to fully optimize the
capabilities their accessories afford you moment pro camera app highlight
features full manual controls DSLR like half press plus full press shutter
functionality raw JPEG TIFF high fanned HEV C photo video file types dual lens
control for phones with dual cameras live histogram split focus and exposure
Auto video stabilization if you download it try it out and decide it’s not for
you just remove the app and you’ve not wasted any money if you do like what
they are offering they have some additional pro features you can unlock
in the app which will cost you $2.99 on heõs and $1.99 on android devices

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